What am I in for?

What am I in for?

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A clusterfuck

Clusterfuck a la Another or Flamenco?


I wouldn't compare it to either of those.

I need to rewatch this.

A bleak future of hating yourself.

Chocolate qt girl

A really, really good and enjoyable show.

Childhood peace vs. shit getting real in the future. Also dimensional warfare.

And a great OP I should add

Inconsistent animation, some edge, decent soundtrack, but otherwise a fun ride

God tier animation

Crispin Freeman in your bedroom.


GOAT soundtrack


Not ein apparently

Annoying kids
Slow-moving story with a few high points, including the conclusion
Good music
Good fights
Gross-looking CG establishing shots of the MC's house

Bog standard shounenshit

Watching the MC get cucked by his future self.

A good time!

I remember seeing this in an anime screening room at a convention back when it was first airing. Getting into a long friendly conversation about Quantum Physics and the show with some cool rando-bros still remains one of my favorite con memories. I hope those dudes are doing well. Oddly the most fun people I ever met at a con.

man i love the char design.