ITT: Manga where best girl won

angry faggots not welcome


ichigo 100%

I'm happy that this is the first reply

Medaka box



Aren't these the brothers in that romcom series where everyone misunderstands everything and has Love Master~ in it?

>angry faggots not welcome
Isn't that the true aim of this thread though?

so sweet, I'm happy with that end


I'm really happy this is the first answer. She carried that horrible mess by herself.

I just finished this a couple months ago.
Their interactions with one another warmed my heart to pieces and I'm glad how it turned out between the two. I wish I could see more.

Yeah she carried the fuck out of it, but the overall quality of the writing went up over time too. Reviewers who trashed the first volume (ch1-8) actually turned around and gave the subsequent ones full scores because the characters rapidly got fleshed out, the story didn't waste any time bullshitting around, and Botan is just that good. It's an amusing sight.
The weakest parts of it were the generic and bland as fuck main girl and the crossdressing requiring you to suppress your disbelief completely.


Realistically, who's she going to lose to tho?

That's what happens when a dyke is in charge.

God bless Botan, we do not deserve her.

Gyaru in it to win it.





Fuck your 3DPD shit. Yokkyun should have won.

My man.

No, it's the manga about the guy who loses the use of his right arm and learns to love again.

Literally about to post this. Best idiot, best Jitsu.
Also that was a 10/10 marriage proposal.


It's admirable how hard she tries but at this point, it's just sad to see.

Best boys won

Incorrect, Alium is widely acknowledged to be best girl.
Dumpire was still the one that should have won of course since it was written that way. Nothing wrong with dumpire either, she's great.
Alium is just better.

I think that's a shallow way of looking at it. Ookami was a fantastic manga in its own right. It was paced really well, never languished in pointless drama, and the characters were all complex, multifaceted, unpredictable yet consistent - not JUST Botan. Was Botan the best part of it? By all means, yes. But the bully character who ends up crossdressing, the sister, Keitarou, and Aoi - they were all genuine and nuanced in their own right. There's no competition here. Aoi had engaging personal drama too, she just wasn't as good of a fit with MC as Botan was, so Botan endears herself to us much more.

The first volume was undeniably the weakest part of the manga, but at the same time, without that sort of setup, we wouldn't fully appreciate the ways these characters defy convention. Without expectation, you can't break them. When we first meet Botan, our immediate impression is "Oh, it's the tomboy best friend who ends up cockblocking the MC and being an annoying tsundere." But no, she's actually just a genuinely protective and proactive person. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, she apologizes to MC, and they build a strong friendship on mutual interests. There's that little follow through there, when we see that Botan actually becomes protective of Keitarou as well, taking offense on his behalf when he gets insulted. Now that's strong, consistent characterization that's so rare in this sort of manga.

Botan wasn't good in spite of the story, she's an integral part of it and that's what makes her so great. Take Botan's funny banter and charm out of the manga, and you've still got an above average romance that's told extremely well.

how can one girl win so hard?

Because the other loses even harder.


Alium was so good he reused her design in his new thing and called it a guy.


>That rollercoaster during the last 5 chapters
>The amount of realisation about the stuff especially with the anime OP's
>The message of the last chapter
>I don't remember Traumerei having words
I didn't expect these feels to hit so hard.


Dose this count? I don't read much of romance and shoujo.

> tfw the horror was good but MUH DICK

I can't really imagine Botan's hair as orange, always thought it was dark blue or black



any day now

This surprisingly. How did this shitty fan-service series succeed where Usagi Drop faild so hard?


>Alium is widely acknowledged to be best girl.
I liked the Purewolf best myself.