Shinmai Maou no Testament Volume 12 cover revealed!

Best girl Mio on the cover!
Mio and Basara got a ring, do i need to say anything more?
The best girl won in the end, hell yeah!

Man, the past covers looked normal compared to this.
This is already full blown porn.

Yes how is this allowed?

But it is a harem end, everyone won

No, it seems like only Mio won. She is the only one who actually married Basara. The other girls are just cum dumpsters.

Nothing unusual for an ecchi light novel

Legal wife, I guess.
It's not like he stops dicking the rest.

This is quite far away from the OP.

Oh! yea what happen to this?

4 volumes out, ongoing but on hiatus for a while.

there is this new manga of the HxH guy it is good?

Is Basara the Top Harem King right now?

Look at that symbolism, holy shit.

No, that would be Issei from dxd.

Haven't checked it, just bringing up this series since apparently the nitroplus artists seem to be fairly popular to illustrate ecchi, Lns: Ookuma, Nishii and Namaniku ATK.

This guy looks like a chad

Ise fucked more but the author or editor, whoever is responsible, will never let us see it this graphic.
So I'll give Basara a pass.

Got more illustrations?

How can anyone unironically like this? Other than beta nips I mean.

The MC dont look a beta fagoot.

I don't like this cover.

Because Mio looks like a mindbroken whore? I can understand.

What the fuck happened to mio? She just looks like some mindbroken slut you'd find on the front of a doujin

>Queen's Gate artist
>I recognize the loli butts
Picked up.

The volume 9 cover had a new form for Basara that was never used in the novels. Take this cover with a grain of salt.

the breasts are comical

I know, this is hillarious. She looks like the biggest whore ever. She is even riding the sword by the looks of it, like WTF?

what the hell is wrong with mios leg

>Legal wife, I guess.
There is nothing stopping the other girls from wearing rings too.

Do we know the plot of Volume 12 yet?

Is this the last volume?

From what I'm seeing on the cover Mio looks like the biggest cumdumpster here

Nah, Seina has 8 wives and close to 20 mistresses at this point.

Ikr? what a slut

Yuki is the only good thing this franchise gave us.


What the fuck is up with her tits?? Since when did they grow that gigantic, this is insane.

>entire volume devoted to his Alice expy from QG
The madman Niθ created another best girl.

Maybe Seven Seas will license them after they release the True Tenchi novels.

>full blown porn
Do you live in a monastery?

The same thing is going on with Yuki's leg here:If's it's not front and center I guess Okuma puts less detail into it so it doesn't distract from what he wants focus on. Either that or for the cover there might be some size restrictions that probably aren't there for other illustrations and he prefers doing it like that instead of cutting anything out?

>The other girls are just cum dumpsters.
Well that's depressing

All the other girls will have rings too.

>Well that's depressing
But they liked specially Kurumi

>A lewd sequel —- Disclosing the everyday of Basara and the others after their battle! Before the final battle with Shiba, how did Basara tie the Master-Slave vow with Hasegawa…And then, Celis, who started living in the Toujou Household, trembling as she saw their lewd relationship—-

how do you know

Because he made eternal vows to each of the girls.

That does not mean they get married too.

That's literally what marriage is.

>Having sex = marriage?

Thanks man, i guess i learned something new today.
I am married to alot of woman then already.

YO! Basara what's up!?

Mio is corrupted now. All hail based Basara.

I think it's just his drawing style. Kinda reminds me of Rob Liefeld.

>I am married to alot of woman then already.
Sure thing pal.

Wow Mio looks hot on that pic, any more of them Mio pictures?

Look at the previous thread user.

If Mio is a strawberry I want to give her the cream.

OMG she is so hot, brb gonna fap to this beauty now.

Mhhm delicious

>Turning your sister into a cumdump
>Turning all her friends into cumdumps
>Turning your teacher into a cumdump

Well ok

I cannot agree with this

> Shinmai maou no Testament

Cumdumpsters in a nutshell.

So did Mio won in the end?

>Naruse Maria.
>Wearing nothing but her knee-socks, Maria climbed on top of Basara who was laying face-up in the middle of his bed.
>"Aah, hah,

Continuing because my dick demands it.

>Although it was very tight, Maria's pussy was very elastic and could take all of Basara in.
>Every time Maria moved her hips, a lewd liquid sound could be heard. Their male and female secretions mixed together, creating a light pink foam that flowed down onto Basara's inner thighs.
>That was the proof that Toujou Basara had just taken Nasure Maria's virginity.
>Even though she was a young succubus, the amount of blood was very small compared to that time with Mio.
>While Basara was having sex with Maria, something appeared around her neck.
>It's the master-slave contract marks
>(((Something about the master-slave contract spell being normal for succubi, or something)))
>Because the curse is activated, Maria is affected by its aphrodisiac effect.
>And it won't stop until the pledge is fulfilled.
>On top of that, succubi are able to experience much greater pleasure compared to other races.
>Because of that, as Maria was shaking and moving her hips...
>As Basara was thrusting from below, the center of Maria's cute little breasts started to swell.
>Her tiny, pink nipples got erect.
>Basara took both of his hands and pinched them hard.

Can anybody tell me if Basara had any dates with his girls yet? if yes, who of the girls got a date with him?


>That seductive expression on her childish looking face was completely unbalanced…
>It made Toujou Basara even more aroused.
>This little girl was unbelievable… He wanted to completely make her his own.
>And so, he wrapped his arms around the little girl and hugged her tightly.
>After Maria, the next girl to make a vow with Basara would be the (water) girl with an attitude.
>Nonaka Kurumi.
>Up until now, it had always been Maria doing lewd things towards Basara, but as he saw this childish succubus basking in her orgasm afterglow...
>“Wow… I know you’re you Maria, but I never knew you could be this amazing…”
>His lustful eyes started getting moist as he uttered his words,
>“That’s… ah… hah…. Aah… As Maria bashfully accepted the compliment, her body was trembling, and she let out a long sigh.
>But… the curse mark around her neck had not yet disappeared.
>That meant the master-slave vow had not yet been fulfilled.
>But Basara had never failed to make a girl submit to him, and he had done so by adapting his methods to the girl.

Power of the cock, man.

>Toujou Basara would do it this time too.
>Even if his partner is a succubus.
>(((something about vow with Hasegawa before)))
There is a massive block of text how Basara and Maria have talked about Maria's dad, how she had to flee and protect Mio, and basically her entire backstory up until this point here.
I am not going to translate it.

>But he will complete the master-servant vow.
>Both joy and aphrodisiac was affecting Basara
>But they had already climaxed together and the contract was still not completed.
>With Mio she came several times but Basara only had to do it once to complete the vow.
>Perhaps it’s due to Basara’s currently higher tolerance levels.
>He had a feeling that Maria wouldn’t surrender as easily as Mio did either.
>However, (something about “if you want to be Basara’s subordinate that’s not enough”, or something)
>How many times has he made someone surrender to him before? Mion, Yuki, Zest, all three of them several times.
>Maria and Lucia, baptized by Shella, had to be given pleasure in different ways. Same with Kurumi.
>Maria was always the one watching and instigating things between Basara and the rest.
>Since she was a succubus, she might need some other kind of stimuli as well.
>Just fucking her regularly would not activate the vow.
>But what could that be? Maria could not think of any solution.
>Out of all the times she had given Basara advice on how to make Mio surrender to him...

>How come I have never thought of how Basara could make me surrender to him?
>…How should he do it…
>One hour had already passed since Basara started fucking her.
>How many times did he cum… To fill her with so much semen.
>If we just keep doing it we could build up an emotional resistance to it.
>If that happens, I might never be able to surrender to Basara.
>On top of that, we don’t have time for that either.
>Kurumi, Yuki and Zest were waiting for him to be done with Maria.
>But at the same time, giving up was not an option either.
>Fire -> Wood -> Water -> Gold -> Earth, Basara needs the power of the five elements in that order.
>But if they are conscious about being in a hurry, surrendering will be even more difficult.
>Maria was starting to get frustrated by how pathetic she was.
>Suddenly Basara called on the girl in the other room.
>Maria involuntarily held her breath. She suddenly felt panic.
>While Basara sat there waiting, Maria felt like the whole situation was cruel.

>Prioritizing the vow with Kurumi and the rest, to give up on the elemental power from Maria felt weird. So…
>But it was not abandoning Maria that was on his mind, so when she was about to raise her voice,
>“When we were in hell, do you remember what happened in Lucia’s room?”
>“Y-yes… I remember but.”
>I also remember that. That Kurumi was watching us back then. As he said it he made a slightly ashamed expression. (probably wrong)
>“That time, the person watching us was Lucia. But that was your older sister. It was easy to accept her watching.”
>Basara went on.
>“But you Kurumi… Unlike Maria you always have your guard up. So that’s why, I’ll have you watch and learn what I’ll do to you after this is done…”
>Those words….

>“I see… OK… Leave it to me.”
>With a flirtatious smile, Basara pushed Maria down from behind
>They went from cowgirl to Maria laying flat against Basara’s chest, and as they did Basara’s angle of entrance into Maria changed too. It made Maria twitch and her hips started shaking.
>As Basara pushed it in more, Maria covered his body with hers.
>Kurumi (currently behind them) leaned over to see what was going on from the front, in order to see what would happen to her afterwards.
>“Maria, I’ll make you surrender to me”
>He was looking straight into her eyes with a reassuring stare from point-blank range.
>“…. Yes.”
>Maria was making purring sounds as Kurumi watched carefully what was going on.
>“Please… make me yours.”
>As she plead, a loud noise could be heard, and a burning sensation shot through Maria’s butt.
>The sound came from Basara’s hands, as he slapped Maria’s butt.

>As she felt the pain, she felt like screaming.
>But before she could scream, the feeling of pain was surpassed by something else.
>That was the feeling of her breasts being rubbed, which was far more pleasant.
>“ah…. Aaaaaaah That was the loudest moan Maria had let out since they started having sex.
>She had never experienced a more intense orgasm before.
>Only the surface of Maria’s butt felt the pain, but the shock from Basara’s slap reached the deepest parts of her.
>…. Wow…. How could that be so amazing….
>The slaps in Lucia’s office also felt good, but they were nothing compared to this.
>Maria was overwhelmed by the unimaginable amount of pleasure, and lost focus.
>As she regained focus she wondered what just happened.
>What an amazing feeling - It must have been because Basara’s hard thing was still inside her.
>As her butt was slapped, the impact traveled through her insides, all the way to her womb.

>“hmm, so you like having your butt slapped that much…”
>Kurumi had a sadistic and seductive grin on her face while she prevented Maria from escaping.
>“hu hu… You’re such a pervert, Maria”
>She put a tone of disdain in her voice on purpose.
>Every time she verbally attacked Maria, Maria drowned in pleasure.
>“aahh…. Ahh….”
>As Maria panted heavily, she desperately tried to argue back.
>What was Basara’s plan to make Kurumi surrender to him? She’s probably a pervert who will get off just having her arms licked… Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell her.
>“aaaaaaaahhhhhh…. Was the only thing Nasure Maria managed to spit out.
>As the joy of violently being fucked by a man overwhelmed her, the only thing she could do was let out lewd moans.
>As her butt was being slapped, while Basara trusted himself as deep as he could, Maria orgasmed once more.
>And with that, she had surrendered to her beloved Basara.

>"I want to take Yuki's first time in the rear too..."
>Basara mumbled to himself, quietly enough for Yuki to not hear him.
>And then...
>"hng... Basara...?"
>As Yuki started feeling something hot pressing against her butt, she looked over her shoulder and at that moment she saw it with her muddled eyes...
>After that intense orgasm Yuki's whole body became relaxed. Even her asshole. As she was completely defenseless, Basara's thing slowly started burying into her most well guarded place.
>"Ah... You can't... Basara... That place..."
>Yuki barely had the power to voice her reluctance.
>"It's OK, Yuki-san... Remember the pledge. It's not good to disobey your master's wish."
>Anal sex usually require careful preparations, but every since Shella-sama came back from hell, she’s been adding a “secret medicine” to your food.
>and then...

Maria needed at least one.

Why are you posting the worst thing in the franchise then?

>"Well... If that's the case then there shouldn't be any risk in doing it..."
>To prove that she meant what she said, Yuki's ass quickly took Basara's thing inside it.
>"It's.... ah... hah.... aaaaaahh....

Literally and figuratively kill yourself.

Are you fucking kidding me? Does he seriously just end up with Mio? Yuki does not deserve this.

I think he meant the sex plus the eternal vows part equal marriage.


It's not my fault you have shit taste user.

The others girls probably have rings as well. I don’t see them getting dumped this late in the series.

They are, the author made it pretty obvious that Mio is the favorite girl in the series.

Seek help for your mental damage.

Yes, unfortunately. The harem tag can be removed since Mio is basically the only girl he ends up with. Yuki and the other need to look out for a new lover.

Just because Mio is the favorite doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the others or something like that. We’re more than ten volumes into this series, and his harem has done nothing but grow. He’s slept with all them, and has had sweet scenes with all of them. I seriously don’t see them just getting written out one by one.

I wan't to know this too, since i don't think there is any romance in this series for all the cum dumpsters.

The girls could have had sex from the beginning. Some user was saying it was all just a big lie by Zolgear. Basara don't need the other girls anymore and he only seems to care about Mio. (The cover speaks for itself)

He doesn't end up with just Mio it's a harem ending. The ring doesn't mean much considering Basara is still keeping secrets from Mio.

I think he cares about all of them, and they seem to work well together going by pic-related. As for the new cover, it’s nothing new. There was an illustration where him and Mio were the only ones holdings hands. Mio has always gotten special treatment being the main heroine and whatnot. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an illustration in the new volume showing the other girls with their own rings.

> Yuki does not deserve this.
> does not care about the other girls

Come on user.

translation never
why live

Yeah sorry but it's not happening, not in a mainstream non-18+ series. Can't have that explicit of a loli illustration

>makes readers think we are getting the harem route
>slaps us in the face with a one-girl route for no reason
well ok

But Magika and HxH have borderline r-18 loli illustrations. Why can't Shinmai Maou have them?

It was just a huge bait, i wonder if dxd will follow that example with rias and ise.

wait holy shit. isnt chisato pregnant? is he going to leave her to be a single mother? this is fucked up

> All the girls are basically cum dumpsters
what did you expect?

mio looks like the biggest cum dumpster on that cover. what does that have to do with anything?

Mio actually got the ring, the ultimate proof of love.
And as you can see Basara only wears one ring instead of 5 more for the other girls.

Shinmai is the best harem series, true masturbation kino