Dragon Ball Super

> Goku is a 6, Beerus 10, Whis 15
> Literally only mentioned in an outside interview
> Never reflected on the final product.

Beerus, who supposedly was using 70% of his power, was barely even trying. He didn't exert any effort at all, nor did he even suffer any minor damage. He used only a fraction of his 70% power.

SSB Goku, who has Kaioken, is still afraid and respects Beerus

In the manga, Shin said SSB Vegetto MIGHT be stronger than Beerus

Beerus >>>>>>>> Goku in terms of power. At least before Ultra Instinct.

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That interview scale was already confirmed as not true in both the anime and manga

> Anime:
SSB Goku uses Kaioken x 20. He doesn't need x 20 if he's a 6 to Beerus' 10

> Manga:
Shin: "SSB Vegetto "might" be stronger than Beerus." But let's assume he's equal to him for argument's sake, a 10.

If SSG Goku is a 6, where does that put SSG Vegeta (minus the Potara bonus and the fact that Vegetto was using Blue and not God)? A 1-2?

> There are two canons, the anime and manga canon
> Anime DBS follows the DB/Z anime
> Manga DBS follows the DB manga

Then why is Jimeze still in the DBS manga? He clearly looks like a Yardratian, a species that only showed up in a DBZ filler scene. He's also wearing the same clothes Goku wore when he landed on after Namek, which he said is from Yardrat.

The DBS manga clearly has content from the DBZ anime continuity, and that's fine.

And there's no such thing as more than one canon. Having more than one canon is oxymoronic and defeats the purpose and meaning of canon.

Side note: And the whole
> "Yardrats outside U6 and U7? Toyo will fix this!!"


> "Jimeze is in the manga, and is part of Universe 2? But Toyo didn't explicitly say he's a Yardrat!"

Needs to stop.

Dbs is shit, yes

Son Goku is beautiful


Jimeze being in the manga doesn't stop DBS manga from being based on the DB manga you mong. We never saw what Yardrats look like. DBO isn't canon

6-10-15 scale was MOVIE only for BoG

In the anime it, beerus said he didn't even warm up vs ssg goku

This is pure autism. Stop this retarded fucking argument.

> Manga Jimeze isn't a Yardrat
That was just one samefag saying that last thread. No one actually believes that

>Super is loved by millions worldwide, is insanely profitable, and always makes top 10 ratings in Japan
Why can't Sup Forums accept how great it is?

>DBO isn't canon
Toriyama was directly involved with it

He also created Time Patrol Trunks, Towa, Mira, the entire time-line for it, the canon deaths of Goku and Vegeta, and much more

Baaaah. Baaaaaaah.

He created them for a videogame. It isn't canon with the actual story of DB.

Wh-what if it's ex-exponencial? It makes total sense, haha!

> Prints $$$ for everyone involved
> Top 10 TV Rankings
> New movie by Toriyama coming out Winter 2018

But it's getting cancelled right? It can't possibly be just ending like any normal show?

Anyway DBS may be ending, but DB is still obviously continuing with the movie. And then afterwards a possible movie sequels or anime series

>The protagonist has to shut off his brain to get stronger

You can't make this shit up, this series is a joke and you guys just watch it regardless of what Toriyama puts in it.

Go back, moeshitter.

Why are the Saiyan girls so popular?

Because lots of people have shit taste


You realize that a gap of 25% is enough for Vegeta to one-shot Cui EASILY right?

SSG being 60% of Beerus' power makes sense if you're basing it solely off that prior event. Not to mention all the other statements from various GODS in the manga that SSG approaches GoDs in terms of strength (with completed SSB officially reaching that tier)

Are you autistic.

Super is awful.
No one likes the new characters
FighterZ was a flop.
The show is getting canceled
Dragon Ball is dead

Beerus one shotted MSSB Vegeta

>Thinking SSG was 60% of Beerus in movie/manga

SSB Vegito MIGHT be stronger than beerus

So Vegito Blue is not even twice as strong as ssg goku was?

What are the chances kishio was only there to voice liquiir?

>Then why is Jimeze still in the DBS manga? He clearly looks like a Yardratian, a species that only showed up in a DBZ filler scene. He's also wearing the same clothes Goku wore when he landed on after Namek, which he said is from Yardrat.
Jimeze is never stated to be a Yardrat or use IT in the DBS manga. He could be left in as a reference to Toei's design and so Toyo doesn't need to design a whole new character.

It works, sense the question doesn't need to be asked why a species from U7 is in a non-mirrored universe, and Toriyama's design for Yardrats in DBO isn't necessarily non-canon.

Can someone give me a legit reason why they believe :

SSG Goku in BoG arc was 60% of Beerus full power?

Not everyone is misogynistic and judges them tougher than they judge Goten, Trunks, Freeza, Android 17, etc

Beerus is also a top-tier GoD who is implied to be strong enough to kill 4 GoDs in a single attack if he wanted to.

And like I said, a difference of 25% is all that's needed to one-shot a fighter in the DBZ universe. MSSB Vegeta could easily be 75 or even 80% in terms of power relative to Beerus' max.

you're a legitimate retard if you believe this.

I mean, SSB Vegito is pretty much definitively stronger than Beerus. Shin was just expressing his awe at that.

>Jimeze is never stated to be a Yardrat
Imagine being in THIS much denial

They are hot.
Kefura should be number 1 btw.

see 40% is still a big gap, and large enough for Beerus to easily one-shot SSG still if he used max power.

Also Beerus even said in the anime that angry SS2 Vegeta made him us 10% of his power.

60% was a BoG movie only line. IN the anime, beerus straight up said he wasn't even warmed up

This series is basically moeshit though. All the relevant heroes and most villains have their special snowflake "I'm breaking out of my shell, I'm a real butterfly now! :DD" transformations, Vegeta outright got a magical girl transformation only a few episodes ago.

Only major difference is that it has worse fights than the average modern magical girl shit nowadays.

if ssg goku = 60%

ssb = ?

ssb kkx10 = ?

vegito blue = ?

60% doesn't work in anime or manga. Only way vegeta was 10% was if he was stronger than ssb kkx10 goku u6 tournament in his rage

Why do you need to be such an inflammatory faggot.

It's certainly possible if Yardrats never appeared in the manga, his species is never stated, and he never uses Instant Transmission.

Because someone post this website on DBS thread.

Fun fact the dragon ball card game website hosts dbs for free. The site is dbs-cardgame.com

SSBKK isn't really fair though. By all logic, including Beerus' own statements of his power in the anime, SSBKK should be enough to one-shot him at ANY multiplier. Toei just can't into scaling.

And how does it not work in the manga?

Goku had to master UI to surpass Beerus

Give it back thieving monkey

Because Post Black arc MSSB Vegeta got one shotted by Beerus. This is a vegeta who is easily tens to hundreds of times stronger than ssg goku was

Here, take it all back

What is this expression trying to display?

son gugo is ka ka ka ka kachi daze

Lol im ok

the fuck are you supposed to use those cards in? is there like a game you can play with them? seems shitty, also if you chose latin america as your area its not even on spanish, and it doesnt even say the date its coming out it just says "coming soon(tm)"

>Because Post Black arc MSSB Vegeta got one shotted by Beerus. This is a vegeta who is easily tens to hundreds of times stronger than ssg goku was
You realize SSB isn't much more powerful than SSG according to the manga right? Vegeta used it in conjunction with bursts of SSB because the gap wasn't so big between the forms that being in the form was useless.

And again, as little as a 25% difference is all that's needed to one-shot a fighter according to the Vegeta vs Cui fight.

D-Damn it! H-He's fast!

for now


lol just kidding

U11 has a bald purple bunny man just like Champa/Beerus who cares about recurring races

Because everyone is way too salty and like whining about something

>This is a vegeta who is easily tens to hundreds of times stronger than ssg goku was
Where the fuck do you get these numbers?

anyone who actually hates them is over compensating

Fear of Goku.

Gonna take more than that to pierce the hardest abs in the whole multiverse

>it was an honor fighting you son goku, you truly were dragon ball super
Really toei?

I don't understand why so many people are so preoccupied on Goku surpassing Beerus. I would rather Goku remain outclassed for as long as he can. The more ridiculously overpowered he is, the less I care about him as a character. If there's nothing to push against, nothing to break through and he's just getting strong for strength sake I honestly would grow bored of him.

>It can't possibly be just ending like any normal show?

Westerners can't understand the notion of a show just ending, it has to drag on for generations like The Simpsons, milked for money, and end up being just a bloated corpse of what it was at its peak.

Anime just ends after after a good season or two. Maybe a movie. Of course Dragon ball is an exception since it's gone through several series and like 15 separate movies - but at the very least you see the characters grow old and evolve with the series starting with Goku as a child and now being a grandfather.

well if he did surpass beerus, there would still be people stronger than him like whis or el grande padre

>I don't understand why so many people are so preoccupied on Goku surpassing Beerus. I would rather Goku remain outclassed for as long as he can.
I mean we were introduced to SSG Goku being more than halfway to surpassing Beerus. Spending the whole series never once reaching and succeeding him is an unrealistic expectation, especially when the angels are still ahead of Beerus.

>Toriyama was directly involved with it
He also was directly involved with a lot of the filler in the original Z anime, like the Tuffle/Saiyan backstory or Yamcha being a baseball player.

A punch could do better

We only have two episodes left and EGP still hasn't revealed his evil plan. I don't know how they are going to fit all that into two episodes.

>Nikolas Cruz goes SSJ2

It's like Yu-Gi-Oh but not shitty. The art on the cards is pretty cool too. It's also not realeased everywhere because it's fairly new

>Never reflected on the final product.
It's reflected on the movies and the manga

>SSG Goku is enough to please Beerus, a GoD
>Beerus uses a 70% of his power (so a 7 of his max power, 10), perfect to fight SSG (because it's a 6)
>SSB Goku destroys the barrier an angel made (and it's not retarded like it happened in the anime because there SS1 Vegeta did it, in the manga god power was needed)
>SSG and SSB are close each other in strength, Beerus even calls Blue "a power up from God", so it's possible that a form stronger than a 6 (SSG) is still not even a 10 (Beerus)
>Goku only trained once since Freeza's revival, (the training before Champa's tournament) explaining why he's still weaker than Beerus
>SSG/SSB Goku power matchs Toppo's, a GoD candidate that is (according to Vermoud) strong enough to be a GoD
>Vegeta is on non-UI Goku level and Beerus just said that he's strong enough to become the GoD of another universe, basically like Toppo or Goku, rookie GoD tier

Toriyama's scale works with the versions overseen by Toriyama, nothing wrong with this. Only Toei contradicts it with his own content

unironically this

The art of the new secret rare is pretty based

He was just not flexing at the moment

Reminds me of this youtube.com/watch?v=SP5c_MEs9mo

If Beerus wanted a good fight enough to hunt down a SSG, why didn't he just hop to another universe and fight another GoD?

I guess it's better than paying for imaginary cards in Dokkan that will disappear when the servers get shut down eventually.

DBZ is loved, super is just cashing from that.

I love DB and DBZ.

Honest question for GTfags. Would you like if SDBH or some shit like that came with a story (yes, even Heroes' plot counts as "story") in which SS4 gets SSG treatment and we see pic related?

The Goku sells for around $120 as well

look its a little known fact that spics suck at card games, when i was a kiddo i made up my own games with my yugioh cards, i just didnt care
and for what i am reading on most of these cards they feel very "late yugioh", when they just needed more and more complex cards, fuck that

as an aside i dont think DB characters work as card game characters, in my opinion they work better and only good as fighting game characters, like in the budokai tenkaichi games, so thats it

Manga did this scene better than the anime

Why is the fur on his arms not gold as well?
The fuck is all of this nonsense?

No. That doesn't look right.

The game isn't very complex desu, the effects seem more broken then they actually are. The reason the Goku is broken is because you can only have 1 in your deck anyway compared to the normal 4


I wonder if it's going to really take off and be as popular as MtG or just sort of peter out over time. Hopefully it becomes and stays popular enough.

nigga i told you i dont give a shit about your goddamn kaado geemu

>Be the best GoD competing in the ToP, logically making you the most deserving of a second chance at life
>Have the strongest fighter in the multiverse who’s more powerful than gods of destruction
>Have a god of destruction in training
>Have this tournament in the bag
>Your chosen successor jobs super hard without eliminating a single fighter
>Blatantly disregarding your warnings, your top trump card takes a nap, letting the ONE person who might stand a chance against him gain a new busted form
>Your very existence lies in the hands of a retard who only joined your team because he wants a wish so badly, but won’t do jack shit to win it
>As a GoD, you’re not allowed to personally intervene or do anything about this
>You’re going to lose to the laziest, smarmiest, piece-of-shit God of Destruction who does nothing but eat, sleep, and cause trouble for everyone and only has such strong fighters BECAUSE he's a suicidally incompetent GoD
I truly feel for Belmod.

Probably because they all hate him.They'd either refuse his request outright or use it as an excuse to try to kill him.
Also is the matter of how long it'd take to travel between universes. Beerus is not a patient cat.

>paying for cards
>not having high luck to pull LR on singles and F2P stone multis.

You could have posted almost any fucking page and I'd be inclined to agree with you.

This, I'm still grinding for stones but soon I'm going try the u6 banner and pull at least one rainbow.

Everything about the manga black arc falls flat on its face because neither Zamasu or Black were built up enough to be actually engaging villians.

Just save for the new VB and Rosé. Then save for 3yr ani

Not to mention the fact that despite all of these guys belonging to an elite team of Justice, for whatever reason almost actively refuses to do any team play, and keeps spreading out, far away from each other so that they can lose.

its like belmod gathered a bunch of punks and put them on clean up duty so he doesnt have to do his job

I like it more than the anime, because try as the anime MIGHT they aren't engaging villains. They're just not. I can only listen to Zamasu reeeee about humans and black say "I concur" for so long before I lose all interest.
They're not even really all that fun in the anime. I think the best thing they did was chill in a cute log cabin but besides that, they're not all that great in the anime, at least in my opinion.

will we ever see /ourdroid/ again?