Chika Takami is the best singer of all Love Live franchise and this is not in discussion

Chika Takami is the best singer of all Love Live franchise and this is not in discussion

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She's also the ugliest.

say it again faggot

She's also the ugliest.

uhg you probably like chubby ones like nozomi, its ok to have bad taste user

Nozomi is prettier than Chika but I prefer girls like Riko.

Umi is love, Umi is life.
That is law.

She's better than the JAV at least.

>Girls with expectations.
It's the victory that is the most satisfying.



>She's better than the JAV at least.


Sorry but the objectively best singer is Yohane as agreed upon by the majority of the nips and gajin.

Umi a best.


I miss them more and more everyday :'(

You forgot the fact that Honoka and Maki exist.

>people still won't acknowledge the best idol as the best singer

Why are the Sunshine girls so gay for each other?

i remember how this scene made my cry like a bitch, fucking shit i miss them so much i thought i could see them again in sunshine but no

Cuta canon wives.

When everyone but Honoka leaves and she looks to see that the symbol has faded I legit started bawling. Pic related destroyed me too.
What is it about Love Live that makes it so good? I'm a jaded prick who usually hates most "dumb" shows but I will forever love Muse.

yeah totally, that scene just fucking destroys you, remember this one where she cries behind the stage? i can't even remember it without thinking of crying again,

all u's story was so fucking beautiful

kys loser :^)


the feel train doesn't have brakes user


Fuck I forgot they start cheering for an encore. It's the little things like this that always get me and love live consistently does them right.

why did it have to end
why just why, i give you everything i have but get them back

They'll live on in our hearts. I do wish there was at least another muse movie though.

100% agreed

Chika is a miracle and a blessing. I would do anything just to make her smile

same to everything

I can't even think about those scenes without crying

Does it make you want to turn back time?

No no this moment is the greatest

How did Ruby's VA make it as a singer.

Pathetic Sunshinefags

Dumb nicoposter

face it, until the Aquors movie or the PDP anime drop, Love Live threads on Sup Forums are fucking dead

This thread has been better than any LL thread in the last year

me too. this is a good feeling