Let's hear it Sup Forums

Let's hear it Sup Forums.
What is unironically the greatest love story ever told?

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Hoshiiro Girldrop



Nothing even comes close.

except the ending is bad

thanks mr editor


Don't do this to me man


Ore Monogatari.

The ending is fine. Did you watch after the credits?





>it was 10 years ago
How old that makes you fell Sup Forums?
Also too bad best girl did lose:

I miss when I read this with you guys

Well it isn't an anime, but no love story has touched me as much as the new "life is strange"


Girls and their love for dicks.


>bland harem with inconsequential vn restart logic

This scene ended too soon.

The greatest Love Story that surpasses times and Space and it's Eternal its user's Lovestory with his Loneliness and eternal suffering, Dooming him to die alone and never find happiness or a reason to live

Fuck off.

Pic not really related because I can't really say that I'm trying at all anymore.





No u.



Fight me faggots

Meruem and Komugi.


Fuck off,ant sympathizer.

oh wait you said unironically


so they fucked here, right?

If so, we need more proof.



Hey guys! Don't you love happy endings!

After hearing about it for so long and then watching it i was disappointed. Yeah, it's good and well animated, the love story is nice too, but i just wanted to see more of the girl behaving tomboysh and more cool meteor crashes.

Unironically this.


Prove me wrong.


No idea why this hasn't been posted yet.

The whole scene is different from the novels, but in the novel version there's a lot of sexual tension and narration from Ryuuji that indicates he wants to but doesn't want to cross the line because he feels weird about it being his grandparents' house.


This holy shit, just finished it yesterday

it's not gay if you lack original sin.

All of you have shit taste


Mentioned and shit anyway.

>boring self insert falls in love with a mary sue

wow, so great

He had more in common with Ueno

Remove the first line and I agree 100%


Is that a bge reference

good taste



his is pretty good it's no toradora though

I would enjoy it more if he was in his early thirties. 45 is just too old.

>ywn have a cute ghost fall head over heels for you


Me and my waifu.

Fuck you, this shit was worse than wolfman.

His crazy rape daughter is 10/10 immortal character tho

underrated romcom

First post best post AGAIN?


I don't read/watch romance very often, but Saya no Uta was pretty damn good. I was rooting for the MC so much during the read. My schizophrenia symptoms were acting up real bad back then, so this kind of story was a great comfort. Well, except that one part.





you must be kidding, even vid related is a better life story than that mental gymnastic and self righteousness shitfest

Yeah, but I especially loved the part where she and her alternate counterpart talk to each other during that sleepover and they tr not to wake him up. Hardest I've laughed at an anime


Nico Nico Douga and Gachimuchi

Haven't red it in its entirety, but it was great but it also fucking hurt reading it.


is that what killing bits is?


The interstellar kiss scene was just beautiful.

Ah. The pain is still fresh, I see.

Clearly the greatest ever


Yui is for Ui only.


I remember this! ending too abrupt tho.

The only possible answer.

Say what you want about her but Nina was extremely hot.

Enough time has passed that I can safely admit now that I fell for this meme around 10 years ago. I watched this shit show all the way through waiting for the love story to happen and it never did.