Do ugly girls deserve happiness too?

Do ugly girls deserve happiness too?

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Well, you're ugly too so think about it.

doesn't even look that ugly, just the nose is fucked up

>hot girl
>hot guy
>ugly guy
>ugly girl
It must be something awful to be at the dead bottom of the social hierarchy.

I just want translations to eventually catch raws, idk about Uggo or Senpai or that new 15 year old prodigy giving Nat-chan the depressed raiju writer's disease

I just wanna know if Rui gets BTFO

It's a possibility. The authors last work, Good Ending, had the MC date one girl, switch to another, then back to the first.


But Rui is definitely more Kurokawa where Hina is clearly Shou.0

And I miss Fumiya and the Master, they were the best secondary characters.

I agree, just saying it's a possibility. Hina sucks. She has literally every chance in the world and pissed it all away for basically no reason. She doesn't deserve to win.

I dunno, I think girls have the upper hand until you hit the LITERAL bottom of the barrel, and then it's pretty much even. People always compare the very bottom 5% of girls with below-average guys, but the truly busted dudes are just as bad.

It's just the nose. Otherwise she's like every other Sasuga Kei girl.

Sasuga, Kei.

Rui deserves to be colonized by Al-kun's big gaijin dick.

No, the series goes on and on, and he just gets more committed to Rui. Right now they just met up with the high school crew again and there's some stuff going on with the glasses kid and the big boobed girl who secretly liked him.

>perfectly cute girl with a weird nose is ugly

sure thing

>Draw a cute girl, call her ugly
Every time.

Rui is best but I don't like how they had to pull the "someone discovered them" card to get rid of Hina. There's no way it would have gone down like this if Hina wasn't forcibly removed.

I wonder if the writer of that was blacklisted in any way for exposing that shit

Notice how in none of the panels the female mangaka actually said no.

I've reread DnK twice trying to figure out what exactly is the appeal of Rui, especially compared to Hina who's love is literally too pure for any world.

I am actually not capable of solving this

The nose is definitely worse than weird, it's pig territory. Judging from how fat her face looks, I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the only pig-like thing about her.

How did Rui even fall for this bastard

Fuck this manga and especially fuck the MC good lord


Rui is perfect

>drought in translations for about 3 months
>44 chapters drop at once
>read through it all
>literally nothing happens

I completely understand why this manga has no consistent translations despite being popular

I bet even the translators are like "Where the fuck is this even going?" and lose all interest

>nothing happens
>MC finally grows a pair and starts going out with Rui
>Hina quits being a teacher and moves back home
>MC and Rui graduate
>MC moves out of his parent's home
How is this nothing happens?

the author is just milking at this point he needs to fucking finish it and get a new serialization i dropped it after a few chapters and realized it was a cuck fest with non ending drama

>responding to bait

This is the author's style of writing, didn't you read GE?

What chapter is this?

One of the ones that got dumped with the 44 chapter dump a month ago.