Shingeki no Kyojin 103

Is Reiner humanity's last hope?

If Titans had sexual organs, which one would you have sex with? (Annie titan doesn't count)

Eldians aren't human

No, he is too dead inside

Third for annie

If he can muster the strenght to stand, yes.

Reminder that there are no unironical Pokkofags. Nobody gives a shit about pig boy, even Marcel was better and he was eat by fucking Ymir

Annie getting airdropped soon.

Yes. After a long flashback and rousing speech from Gabi/Falco he'll beat back the devilspawn invaders.

So he'll pull a S1finale Eren?



>tfw have to wait another month for Zeke's keikaku

>soon we are getting like two months of flashbacks and shit in Reiner's mind to excuse his epiphany and how he'll actually recover the will to live because Isayama will never kills this guy

That would be kino.

>In the end, the Soldier returns

Who's worst, Ymir or Porco?

Shhhhhh, Reiner is sleeping

Warhammer probably

Ymir of course’s time to attack on titan

Pokko was cucked from his brother's memories by Ymir

Soldier were fake memories who are now dead and far gone like the only true friend he ever had. The cadets are the only thing the matters to him and he'll fight for them.

>Bert's first "nuke" is basically just him giving off rapid steam, doesn't even kill the Scouts that are near him.
>every subsequent Colossal transformation is a massive explosion that annihilates everything nearby and creates shockwaves for miles.

For fucks sake, its not even consistent in flashbacks.


Best Jaw Titan Tier

Gaybian Dyke Tier

Literallywhocares Tier

Porco has done nothing wrong and has served his role in the story as well as he could.

Ymir was just a character that went nowhere in general, other than as another surprise shifter and lesbian shipfaggotry.

Hisu pls.

Indeed. To pull Reiner out of his funk and finally save Marley

Ymir just got shit on by the author and off-paneled.
Porco was never good.

Ah, I've figured out what makes the Attack Titan so special.
It has an accompanying personality that has the ability to overpower the Titan's host.
Eren, at this point, is either struggling with a multiple personality disorder, or his personality is dead.
Kruger when talking about the Attack Titan says that "in every era, this Titan has always moved ahead, seeking freedom". The Attack Titan's personality has some greater goal that has been advanced over every generation. Of course Eren Kruger as we knew him WAS that personality, and he gave himself the nickname "The Owl" - which is of course what the Attack Titan's personality calls itself.

I just read the chapter

I still don't really know how I feel with where the story is going

>implying he can't control the explosion
Do you think every CT ever just killed everything near to him while transforming?


Are all of you implying Bertolt held back that one time?

Pork is easily the best Jaw titan. He's not a literal who like Marcel or an inconsistent mess like Ymir.

Nice fanfiction. 7/10

When Bert did that move on the wall he didn't even transform at full power, since only half his Titan's body formed. What doesn't make sense is why Armin has a nuke, when it was implied before that only happened because of the gravity momentum of a 150ft steaming hot titan falling from the sky.

If he could kill them all, then he would have.

Not really.
It just gives you retard strength so you can keep fighting, even after several losses the rage lives on.

What killed the hype?

Here's the thing: Eren's our main character. And he's likely to be responsible for the deaths of a bunch of innocent civilians. What he did is the immoral equivalent of what BRA did. So... I dunno bros. Why would I want to root for this guy?


You don't. You root for Jean.


Armin is a smart guy, he probably figured it out. Maybe he just strapped nukes to himself before turning

It's obviously all setting up the Marleyan tragedy to build up
>Zeke's betrayal
>Reiner's return
Remember the first side that gets setup as an underdog always ends up losing in the 2nd act.

Pork is the definition of a literalwho.
And he screwed them over worse by abandoning his flank when Piekke told him to protect her and Zeke's rear.

There's 4 main characters. Choose one.

You're not supposed to root for him. That's why everybody's wearing evil black costumes now and Eren looks like a crazy hobo.

What would you do if people wanted to genocide your homeland because they don't like your ancestors?

>>I still don't really know how I feel with where the story is going
You mean you know where it's going? Fucking clue me in.

It feels like the final confrontation of the series, but it would still feel kind of abrupt for that to happen now.

This is “if you kill them, you’ll be just like them” tier logic. Eren is clearly in sound mind

You root for him because you're like FLOTCH and agree or don't care for either side and just want him to wreck cool shit.

Eren is the main villain now. Reiner will stop him.

Zeke was already giving himself up, there wasn't much Porco could do about that staying or going.

ymir, she was dumb dyke bitch whos sole purpose was to develop hisu and expand the lore and mystery of the world,
I'm just glad who could kill off the dyke bitch but keep the chad titan in the form of porko.

If Armin just nuked the harbour, then what were the airdrop lights for? Were the Annie fags right and Female Titan drop soon?

Marley deserve every bit of suffering and more

I would not speedread and know they only want to kill Eren because he's banana's.

But that was only Reiner's fault, and a few military goons. He's not satisfied with taking revenge. He wants all of Marley to suffer.

His act of terror on the festival is basically him sperging out because Willy exercised his right to free speech.

Think of it this way: the Allies killed a bunch of innocent civilians in WWII. But they were the good guys, because the Axis started civilian bombing first.


Eren should kidnap Gabi and rape her in front of Reiner.

Isayama´s drawing is really inconsistent, sometimes Hange has boobs and sometimes not, Mikasa now has no boobs and sometimes has a fat neck, in any case flat women exist and in that profession being fit means losing ass and boobs in some cases.
Isn´t the anime more canon now? Isayama wanted to make changes this season right?

Eren is not even killing them, just making a impression of them.

It depends on the situation, the first one was a mini nuke because they where trying to capture eren not kill him.
The 2nd one he flies far away from eren and tries to kill as much sl as possible. He can control the blast range depending on the situation.

I don't know why but I'm starting to greatly dislike the non-Eren Paradisians. They feel too much like just a generic group of sidekicks with too much plot armor.

Why do retards keep spouting this? What would would a FT drop do? You know it doesn't have any magical nuke powers like the Colossal titan, right? Furthermore there's nothing in those street lights meaningful for anyone to nuke.

The most stupid asspull ever.

you really have to wonder what their plan is. Even if we assume this centralized attack would cripple the Marley military, does Paradis really have the resources to conquer Marley? They'll just come back even stronger.

>good guys

Use your fucking brain, is for their air evacuation.

Reiner should kidnap Mikasa and get raped by her in front of Gabi.

You're assuming Isayama puts logic before Shartmongwank.

He's literally surviving, he does what he need to do to stop the racist assholes that what him and his beloved ones to be killed just for existing. He has two options, let himself (and friends) to be killed or not and you can't reproach him for chose the second one

Then what were the lights for? Mark the area for an evac blimp to come in? There's not really much point for that since it would be pretty obvious from the air where exactly they were.


Yes the Allies were objectively the good guys of WWII.

His brain is spaghetti
I hope so
t. (((Marley)))

>Armin was camping in the Ocean the whole time


t. Burger

Hange will be airdropping some of her special mindless titan experiments

No, t. basically everybody on earth except Sup Forums

Porko is one dumb warrior. He's the embarrassing one in the group. Can't wait for him to learn his listen thinking he has a chance against Eren or an Ackerman.

>it would still feel kind of abrupt for that to happen now.
>"five years ago we said the manga would end in three years (laughs).'

Eren had a freedom boner the moment he realized he wasn't free, him and the attack titan go hand in hand

>Eren had a freedom boner the moment he realized he wasn't free
it's Eren's single best quality

Remember that one time a Erenfag speedread 5 pages with no text yet? It's almost like it was yesterday.

Yet he is the only one still standing

You somehow reincarnated as Magath and Paradis are invading, what would you do?
In my case: hide the shifters, SL resources might be limited somehow


If he's not playing 5D chess right now and actually just jobbed again I'm going to off myself

so do you guys think Pieck is toast

I mean Zeke is obviously living through this but I dunno, Pieck got BTFO pretty hard and she's a borderline literal who

There was no asspull here what happened to armin would definitely leave him on the brink of death, not instantly kill him and that's the point.

I take a fucking gun and shoot Zeke in the forehead during a meeting.
By that act alone I've already crippled my enemies plan 300%.

I'm pretty sure he'll be the last of the warriors shifters still standing crying in fear.

Do I have knowledge as a reader or only what Magath have?

I would not speedread and realize that marley ruined paradis world appearance and had plans to take it's natural resources completely unprovoked.

Hanji and others need to know where to get the SL and escape. WHT, CT and JW complicated things and they are late, that´s why Zekes attacks were lame and was saying to Levi to move on

>I mean Zeke is obviously living through this but I dunno, Pieck got BTFO pretty hard
>People in these threads have been calling Pieck and Porko a literalwho when they've been in the series for this long now
Paradisefags or Speedreaders, which is it?