Who pulled off the Darling routine better, Lum or 02?

Who pulled off the Darling routine better, Lum or 02?

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Literally who?

newfags leave

Can't I enjoy both?

Lum is (O)GOTC.

Gas the newfag Sup Forumsedditor.

Fuck off grandad.

>one electrocutes you for leering at other girls
>one will leer at other girls with you

02 is my inspo


Lum's so great even her mom is hot.

Lum was inspired by 3DPD
02 inspires 3DPD

It's easy to see who is better here.

I want to hide my future children inside Lum's stomach

>Kardashian whore vs Agnes Lum
I wonder.

She's so qt. I've just saved one of my old HDDs so I've been rewatching Urusei Yatsura lately (I think it's my fifth rewatch).

Kim Kardashian is unironically way fucking hotter than Agnes Lum.

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The absolute fucking state of nigger Franxxfags.

>on Sup Forums
even worse than Franxxfags :^)


This slut is so unworthy of being compared to Lum.

shouldn't all you gramps be out there being productive and starting a family instead of watching children cartoons?

>oh no, they don't like my seasonal waifu
Franxxfags showing their newfaggotry, everyone.

>tfw no nightly missionary leg lock nakadashi's and sitting cowgirl kissing nakadashi hugging leg locks with Lum

what? i'm talking about getting second hand embarrasment of gramps here being proud of their oldass cartoons

>comparison = equalisation

>tfw no drunk on umeboshi Lum to take advantage of

>Franxx is good because it's seasonal
wew lad

Your post is the epitome of second hand embarrassment, reddit.

The one with the sharpest fangs wins.

I get second hand embarrassment form people enjoying garbage shows.

Even Ran has sharper fangs than the franxxslut.

>be franxx fag
>make the thread because I like 02 and lum
>people start fighting instead

>previous thread filled with both nostalgia fags and newfags having their head stuck in their own ass
>making a thread with the same outline surely will go better this time!
You're giving Sup Forums too much credit.

I like them both too its ok user

The one who doesn't look like a coked up whore

I wish this show came out 20+ years later so we could've got more comfy doujins


Not everyone's fault that Lum is objectively superior. And being derivative and a composite of previous characters (02) puts you at the bottom anyway.

lum is og waifu of the past

Lum is eternal.

you sound mad my awkward old and busted gramps

>I only watch seasonal anime
Absolutely disgusting.

Same lol

Sup Forums discovering Urusei Yatsura was a mistake.

Left is improved Lum.

Consider suicide.

You can't improve on perfection.

You first, nostalgiafag.

Not even once.

was showing the plumber's crack hot in the 80's? today it's grooss



>seasonalfag for 20+ years
Check mate.


She was super qt in that 2008 OVA too. Ataru looks too handsome though.

They look okay for being ~44.

I only started watching recently, is Ataru going to warm up to her in the series, or is it that only for the movies when we get to see that he really loves her?

I think that Lum would have pulled it off better if Ataru wasn't such an asshole.

I didn't realize it before, but with that art style, Ryuunosuke looks like some strange fusion of Ryoga and Kagome.

>beautiful alien princess accepts your marriage proposal and wants to sleep together and consummate the relationship
>kicks her out of bed
I feel bad for her

He's a lecherous tsundere but he actually loves her.

Sunrise magic.

>can't even keep a doll around
is Rei /ourguy/?

>tfw Rei used those Lum dolls as onaholes
>ended up turning into that tiger-cow because of the excitement and destroying them before cumming
Poor lad.

Trigger babbies will never understand this:


I-I like them both user!
To give some semi-serious discussion, I think we will have to see if 02 carries on with it through all of the ups and downs that will be present in her relationship with Hiro

Snekfu is best fu

I loved that one. Some UY episodes really give me the good kind of creeps.

>this episode
Jesus. What were they thinking?

The only and one.

What the fuck is this episode even trying to say with the whole end bit? Is it some cultural allusion Amerimutts can't understand or is it just straight surrealism? Fucking Oshii.

He loves her, he's just an idiot. A funny one though.

I've rewatched this series countless times but episodes like this will always leave me wondering.

Lum is the greatest of all time



I don't really know about 02 vs Lum but Shinobu knocks Ichigo out of the fucking park
1000% cuter

Anyone got the Futurama cap with Lum in it?

Hey, Lum's in Hunter x Hunter!


Truly, the greatest waifu of all time


If you honestly think 02 is even able to compete you deserve death



what a total fag






This episode, the one with the Tororo potatoes on the mountain and that one Christmas episode where Ataru is followed by a snowman loses his mind in the snow are the best. Twilight zone-esc creeps.

As much as I typically loathe remakes of classics, I've always wondered if a remake of Uresei Yatsura wouldn't work with the advancements of digital coloring able to capture Lum's luminescent, color-changing hair as it was in the manga.

You sir, a shit. A SHIT.

With stuff like LoGH getting a new series, it makes me want more old stuff. UY would be perfect for a remake especially if they went with an even trippier format than they did originally.

As long as they stick close to Rumiko's character designs and don't fill it with some fuckawful fujoshi designs, all will be well.

they're both good girls

Are people just recently starting to warm up to Urusei Yatsura?

P.S. We should have gotten to see more of Ryuu-chans big ol tiddies. God damn its a shame she had to keep them wrapped up.

IDK How related it is, but I kinda fell in love with Lum based on some pics/ops I saw, then I dug into Rumiko's works (specifically UY and Ranma) for the first time & am having a blast

Honestly, the new LoGH seems like it is being handled by people that don't really understand why the OVAs were appealing. Which I suppose is fine if they want to do something different to attract a new generation of fans to the novels.

But, honestly, I really don't want that for Urusei Yatsura.

How many more episodes does Franxx have before I can binge it

is lum a klaxosaur???