Did this game influence every isekei forever?

Did this game influence every isekei forever?

Every time I see a new one I just remember this game.

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Oh boy the nostalgia

You have good taste annon.
And yes death match this season reminds me a lot of RO


How many people are still playing this game?
Does it still have more players than WoW?

This is Ragnarok in 2018


God damnit, I wasn't ready for the feels

I don't think it ever did have more players than WoW.

I don't think so. To begin with the whole system seems off. Most isekai seem to operate on an adventurer guild kind of thing and taking requests/quests/wtv from a board.

To begin with Ragnarok was never a quest game.

He didn't say it was a carbon copy. It just reminds him. It could be the music or aesthetics

i didn't ask for this feel

Except that what I mentioned is a pretty core thing and actually dictates what you are gonna be doing the whole time.

In RO you are gonna be grinding monsters forever. In most Isekais you are completing quests.

what kind of isekai's have you been reading

The only LN I know that's directly influenced by RO is Netoge. You can definitely notice several similar concepts, including guild castle sieges and trying have in-game sexy time by sitting inside the beds on inns.

Any of the hundreds of thousands of isekais with an adventurer's guild and a quest board.


Because it's the only game you played.
>"every ninja with clone technique copying naruto"

Ragnarok has a not-adventure guild now

wait it's still going?!?

>Ragnarok has a not-adventure guild now
People still play it? It's been over 15 years.

>dat hunter girl
that very image was the first anime-style thing I ever fapped to.
user you have brought some incredible nostalgia to me.

Nah, RO's mechanics have done very little to influence isekai. DQ's done most of it, especially when you consider the particular stats.

I'll fap to it right now just for you user.

You into belly piercings? Also, I remember thinking that wolf meant more than it actually did.

not even. thin waist, good hips, athletic body. a bit vanilla but I'd be all over those thighs too

Funfact: Multiple races, including a cat race were in the plannings for RO release, but i think they got hacked or something, lost significant progress and had to release it as it was.
>The already amazing game could been even better.

No, it just influenced you and you are backwards rationalizing it.

Wasnt RO inspired by a Manhwa? Or was the Manhwa made after the game?
Anyway, post great songs

Did some spring cleaning and found this. Oh the memories, when everyone was clueless and still learning. Bots wasn't even a thing back then, GM was active and everyone was nice to each other. Never came back after Emperium (2003) but I still have good memories of it.

the manga came first, then the author of the manga dropped it to illustrate the game

and yes people still play this game, it hasn't died, it just has less population and demand since there are more games other than RO nowadays

>Tree of Savior will never be nearly as good as RO
It hurts.

>Log in
>See prontera is crowded as fuck
>Time to trade all day long.

Buying and selling all day long till your 100k becomes 1m, is the comfiest ever.

At the very least it has probably the best job costume in both games. I mean, it could have been executed better but the idea alone is 10/10.

Blacksmith is hot too.

>In RO you are gonna be grinding monsters forever. In most Isekais you are completing quests.
Of course you quests in RO.
Have you ever played it?


isekai copied mmos in general and ro is a generic mmo

ever hear of a game series called uhhhhhhh i think it's called lance or something like that but everyone has levels and the main character is busted and outside the system and fucks girls a lot, anyways it's pretty obscure so its not like hundreds of creatively bankrupt light novel writers would ever play this random decades long series of porn games that consistently gets positive reception among otaku

You are now reminded of the toy factory soundtrack and the endless hours of grinding you did there

Fuck off faggot.

I-I prefered Maplestory.


tfw the Sup Forums guild went nowhere
It's not I wanted to play or anything

Can I fuck the female cat? Is she fine too?

The only thing I played was Grand Fantasia for a bit then dumped it at lv 30 something.

Wish I could nostalgia over Ragnarok like the rest of you, I used to see it everywhere back in the day. It really looked like a really charming mmo.

Sadly I fell into this death trap as my first mmo mostly because it was free.

>Sup Forums guild
Sup Forums guilds/clans in anything never go anywhere

The limit Sup Forums guild went on for years and even predated /vg/
They went and got kicked off out of /rog/ by pre-re fags that couldn't last 3 months without server hopping though

Quests came much later.
For the longest time, the only quests were job change and optional skill quests.

Not really, I played it a lot years ago up until recently with private servers but the only times I felt it was at all vaguely referenced was with Tsuki ga Michibiku and maybe Netoge.

Maybe it's just what you associate the most with RPG mechanics?

Shit. All those memories lost in time, like tears in rain.

this class is super unbalanced. ranged dps, massive healing, and defense skills you can tank bosses with


>I don't think so. To begin with the whole system seems off. Most isekai seem to operate on an adventurer guild kind of thing and taking requests/quests/wtv from a board.
The setting was always quest related. Even the WoEs were related to the seal thing you had to do in order to get certain equip. Of course the focus of the player base was in the actual gameplay itself, the PvP and the MMO aspect of it stole the spotlight. Fuck, I really cherish those times.

Its Renewal

>its 11pm 2004
>hot af summer
>computer hums in the background
>some unintelligible noise coming out of headphones
>playing this while sipping cold tea

tfw I've interacted more with girls in RO than in real life Yes, they were girls, or at least they sounded like it over voip

You can marry cats yes, but same sex is a no no

RO is one of the best visually distinct MMOs. all the 3D poly ones aged out or just blended together.

My first real guild was in RO. It was in some private server called DiscoveryRO/EtherealRO years ago. That guild was the most chillest one I ever had the pleasure of being part of. Sadly, most of them were Europeans so I barely got to participate in WoE. When the private server shut down many years ago, the guild forum was the only means of us getting into contact with each other. Witnessing the forum activity dwindle with each passing year was really depressing.

> mfw I probably made the last post in our guild forum, bidding farewell to everyone in the hopes of brightening someone's day when they one day log in to experience the same wave of nostalgia I had

Fuck, RO was really fucking good. RIP Angeldust.

I was around for the foreign beta. We had people offering sexchat for zeny even back then.

"Giga ist lag" indeed.

>that quest were an edgelord sacrifices childs to summon Satan

Am I the only who played mostly official servers? I played the open a closed beta/alphas, almost all of them then played on Chaos iRO for a few years. The normal drop rate were such a grind but I fucking loved it. I did start to play a little bit of private servers for a few months but then iRO had freemium set up and I played that for a while. I must have spent at least 8 years playing this on and off

Goddamn, this hits the nostalgia hard. Can't believe its been 15 years since I first heard this song. It gave me feels then, and it gives me feels now.

>tfw experienced my first childhood love with online gf in RO

I know she was almost certainly some old male pedophile trying to groom my shota ass, but I still cherish the memories. Good times.

My first online 'gf' was in some strict RP MMO game where you had to specify you were talking out of character and RP talk was the norm. I was in middle school and I'm fairly certain it was some dude so I know that feel.

Postan oldfag archives



Why the fuck did they photoshop a blowdryer into the wizard's hand? What the hell, dude.

Back in the early days of RO your account's' gender was tied to the credit card used... but I think they changed that when it was just a big sausage party. See notes on

He's styling the snowman's hair, duh

Ragnarok predated all that Isekei stuff. It had an anime where all the characters were from the game. The anime was low budget yes but for what they did everything was more or less "realistic"

Damn, like that other user, that blacksmith art was the first time I fapped to 2D too.

I had a poster of it and it happened multiple times, too.






The majority of isekai are heavily influenced by/ripping off Dragon Quest. IIRC specifically Dragon Quest 2.

Yeah there was a later manga that had quite a few ragnarok ish classes in some city.

>it fucking works

The absolute madman

What anime? There's no such thing. You're hallucinating. Don't say such crazy things ever again.


Yup. That's the genuine reaction of those that saw.... "it". Purged from the memory to save your sanity.

Ran > RO

I had no money during college and leveling at 1x server rates was pretty terrible. Even just 2x/7x on private servers was amazing. I didn't like going past that much. Still back when there wasn't really any quests so leveling was the game.

Lineage II > Wow

Wow, I hate WoW and even I ain't crazy enough to say Lineage II was better than anything

Nah, Dragon Quest ripoffs are like 90% of Isekai.

>After he gets defeated he comes back as a shota

I probably can't go back and watch it now but that was PEAK RO time. I know I was hell of in to it.

There was a time before image replies when all threads on Sup Forums were pushed off with threads featuring this shot from Lineage II.

unless its a /vg/ guild/clan

>Hearting this in headphones the first time when I was kid.

That sound it makes at 27 onwards was soothing.


Post underrated songs

Why does it hurt to listen to RO tracks?

I can't take this anymore.

Sup Forums clans in Tera and Cosmic Break were one of the if not the strongest.
That said nowadays Sup Forums clans in MMO are the worst fucking cancer you can possibly apply to.

We're all waiting for you in Leika

This song always kills me