What did I just watch?

What did I just watch?

Darling in the Franxx?

Manga ending was better


Bokuben is better than this shit

A very beautiful but very flawed love story.

Eva on skateboards

best love story ever made
of course im talking about Dominic and Anemone

Hippies in organic mechs

Something amazing. Now for the love of god don't watch the sequel

I say watch the sequel if you despise the original series.

t. Imaishi

If you're really desperate for more Eureka Seven and thinking of delving into the sequels, just watch Xam'd instead.

what sequel
i know they made a movie that i never watched



The GOAT of the 2000s

I watched this show about 5 years or so ago and can’t remember a single fucking thing about other the relationships between the main couple and not 02 and kid. It’s eerie, I literally remember shit i watched 12 years ago better than this

Oh! Also I loved the 1st opening

>Those two
>Not forgotten at like Episode 30

Man this show will always be my favorite epsidoes, perfect besides of the soccer episode. A villain who isn't merely wanting power, but following a genuine and righteous philosophy. Characters who were fun and intriguing. Back story for why the crew was so good at fighting and the world dealing with the left over government they had after leaving the Arc.

Just so much was awesome

>the relationships between the main couple and not 02 and kid
because that's what it's mainly about. It's a teenage romance story, the world and people are there to support it. Which is why people say 50 episodes is too long.
All the not-armoredcore mechs are nice but they never do anything memorable.