It's time to take her for walk Sup Forums

It's time to take her for walk Sup Forums

I'd rather she took me for a walk.

my wife

This is my fetish.

Is this how girls want to be treated?

If she stops to smell something should I give the leash a jerk?


Only after you've been insider her, and she's been inside you.

do not lewd the keit-ais

>you will never blackmail Rin into becoming your rimjob slave

delete this

>have endless anal fissures so the only girl who would like to rimjob you would have to be a vampire

I love Rin so much

You and a crowd of middle aged men.

That sounds like a personal problem, I just want Rin's breath to smell like my anus after taking a clean shit.


>Rin will never look at you like if you were walking garbage.
Why even have pulse?

>You and a crowd of middle aged men.
Is that why they're dumping her? She's popular with a demographic that's disliked?


I wish there was a good anime or maga about BDSM.
Nana to Kaoru turned out as a let down.

>You and a crowd of middle aged men.
What if I am quickly becoming a middle-aged man?

Dogs don't wear clothes. Off with it mutt.

I want to rape Rin and post it on youtube

Will the real Rin Shibuya please stand up?

Old and busted.

Rin is getting blown up!

Shit, Im fully erected and I was sad minutes ago


That's not the Rin, this is the Rin.

Rin's replacement.

Why did they give her when predator-esque eyes?

choose your Rin

my nigga

I want to be relentlessly bullied by these three

Why is rin so cute?