Blend S

This show needed less Maika and more Kaho

Girls don't actually do this

her underwear must smell terrible

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Is Kaho the type of girl to wear such panties?

I want to worship Kaho's fat ass.

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terribly good

I'll take the Mafuyu


Why would you?
Do you want it to turn into the ass of a typical 3DPD whore?


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>tfw I will never take Maikanojo all over the world



Is she nopan?

Kaho's Kahos!

You can see her underwear in the OP

Kinky high school girl who loves to go nopan and show off her ass.

Biggest fake news I've heard all year. Kaho is a fucking dork.

Dude, dorks are the kinkiest.


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outback xt are sick



Kaho is aho.

Bro where do I get these plushies



in Japan



I want Hideri to hide under the table in the cafe and secretly give me a blowjob.




>parody:"blend s" language:english
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What the actual fuck people.

It needed more Hideri


How the fuck would you know basement dweller?

softly punch the trap

In the tummy! This part is important.

Explain OP's pic then.

>no sadistic face



I really want to eat Hideri's ass and make him cum from the anal stimulation alone.

Girls take naked pics of themselves all the time.
Seriously, I'm not even joking about this, it's really weird how much some of them like taking naked pictures of themselves actually.


I want to Kaho Kaho's Kahos

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Quite the opposite, nipples are kind of a risky business if they're feminine enough
Thanks mods


God I wish that were me.

You at the beach with Kaho and pop a boner what you do


Politely ask Kaho to give me and Mafuyu some privacy

Hide it inside kaho



user Vigina Hypothesis
>Pussy doesn't exist because, even if we hear a lot about em, see them on the net, we don't actually observe them in reallife. Therefore pussies are a myth, not a real thing. Q.E.D. a.k.a Quod Erat Demonstrandum

I too wish to be mafuyu

I want to blend s her butt with my dick and churn it and mess it up


The anime would have been better had it given more focus to characters other than Dino and Maika.
Everyone being an otaku didn't work either. In fact, I would dare say otaku characters are generally terrible, and only work well as the boke to someone else's tsukommi.
Having every single character (but Maika) be an otaku was a terrible idea. The plot would have been a lot better with each of them having different interests - like in Working.

What happens next?



Nursing handjob. Hideri-kun is a guy, after all.

I miss this show, it was fun, it even made me like a trap for once.