Violet Evergarden

>[Vivid-Asenshi] Violet Evergarden - 09
Only healing now

Violet is going to be my bride.

Just fuck off, redditor

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

>inb4 300 replies 22 IPs
>the moneymaking archbishop of kyoto


Violet deserves better.

VEG threads are as predictable as the show itself.

same with franx threads desu, franxfag

VEG is qt.

>Only healing now
Hahaha, no.
Her right hand is fucked and she can only use her left hand properly now.

These threads are incredibly disappointing. VEGfags feels like they need to constantly defend this show like it's a holy grail that can't do wrong. So they respond to every shitposter. Constantly on high alert and deflect towards 500 different booeymans when someone posts stuff they don't like. Most shitposting just dies out when they get ignored yet people are still here responding to them 9 weeks later. I just want to talk about this retarded fucking show. Stop responding to shitposters retards and you don't even need to respond to every retarded post, even this one

Just drown shitposting out with discussion

They actually did it. Shitposters saying Kyoani did not have the balls to touch sensitive subjects BTFO.

Did I miss something? The fuck happened to her robot hand?

What does Princess Charlotte's morning breath smell like?

I'm pretty sure that'll turn out to be a somatic disorder caused by stress, she'll recover movement when she's in need of saving someone else.

Now that I think of it, her right hand being damaged probably saved her neck from being broken there.

Terminators can't self-terminate.

Wrecked it while trying to remove the rubble in the ruins where Gilbert died.

>not waiting for the 1080p release of a show mastered in full 1080p

Damian's cum

>not waiting for the BD release of a show confirmed to have a "definitive edition" with new cuts.

I'm watching 720p upscaled to 1440p and you can't stop me.

I just listen to the voice acting and put the video on the background most of the times anyway.

I'm watching it 480p while playing a mobage.

>you will never impregnate a 14-year old as hard as you can

>I'm [doing this] and you can't stop me.
Is this a new forced meme?

Franxx has been hitting anons with curve balls week after week, that's why the threads are so fun. The show presents a lot of content, also the previews have been great in tricking anons, it's far from predictable.

Hers a (You) for this nice bait.

>irl,there's more preggo 14yos than preggo 20+yos
It's not that uncommon user.

This episode's drama, the writing in general was so dull, cheesy, sappy and melodramatic that I didn't even watch it at 2x speed like I do with any shows below 3/10.

I watched it at 4x instead.

>02 best girl
>ichigo btfo
>fat guy loves food
>flower genus copypasta

can you do the same with VEG thread?

I like this detail. I'm pretty sure 90% of the viewers will miss this and will be surprised what the fuck happened in the next episode.

No, we don't shitpost.

your OP said it was VEG was predictable, just pointing out Franxx threads are equally predictable. Worst yet is it's 50x bigger

Holy shit it's like only shitposters are left in this thread


Blame the insecure kyoanidrone here for first mentioning it:The guy has nightmares with the franxx boogieman under his bed.

But how many of them are cute princesses?

What kind of shitty robot hands get ruined by lifting stones?

What the fuck?

fuck off, we know you're falseflagging VEG threads Franxxfags are pieces of shit

are there any english subs out yet?

I can't belive im still watching this shit-show but well..

How come they're suddenly faster than HS?

hearing voices already bro?

But I love VEG very much!

Franxxfag can't deny their show is shit and have gone down the toilet.

Funny how they're now banned from making Stalker threads when it all came tumbling down. Have fun being a poorfag not supporting a show you like.

truly franxxxlike

Yeah well, combine her broken hand with the resistance refusing to accept the outcome of the war and you have a recipe for disaster.
She's gonna get destroyed like in the novel, but somewhat differently.

How long till HS?

Isn't already Thursday on the east side of the world?

They're made for a very specific use (working as a typist), even their streamlined design shows that they're not meant to work with heavy stuff.

I think HS waits for a different raw source for their encode.
Their schedule usually says 00:00, so ~6 hours from now give or take.

I'm pretty sure her hands are military stuff but anyway, she must've damaged it by squeezing that big rock really hard at the beginning of the episode.

>They're made for a very specific use (working as a typist)
No they are fucking not.

Violet was never going to be an auto memoir doll originally.

Why is Luculia so sexual?

HAHAHA What a fucking joke, Kyoani has just proven themselves incompetent with this "suicide" attempt, this is absolutely unintentional comedy in the absolutely worst form.

You can't kill yourself by choking yourself with your own arms, your arms would give out before your brain would.
If she was trying to break her neck, squeezing it is the least effeciant way, she's magically capable of all kinds of murder yet she's dumb enough to kill herself like this? It's just bad writing through and through and removes any sense that this was serious, all they did was create a meme for the ages.

Or it would be if anyone where actually watching this garbage, this show gets almost no fan art because it's so boring, let alone memes, it's just a terribly written scene in a terribly written show and truly cements this is a trainwreck, 86 this trash, please!

She has to be if she wants to marry a rich old man like every doll does.

Don't use my webm to shitpost your nigger ass off.
Who let you out of the plantation house?

fma did it better


>suicide attempt
>broken hand
>what is Koe no Katachi


Try harder for (You)s

this is pathetic


I don't you understand someones state of mind when they are seriously toying with the idea of choking themselves to death. It was concerningly accurate how many people have tried the exact same thing.

Y'know if she actually blew her brains out, jumped off a high building or cut her own throat this show might have actually redeem itself, I would actually be able to recommend it to people, instead it's predictable melodramatic and poorly executed, thank the lord it's finally over.

Delete this, she will be marrying me

It's 14 episodes user

>suicide attempt
You mean comedy routine.

>broken hand
Retarded girl

>what is Koe no Katachi
A solid manga and terrible film that got btfo by your name.


Are you rich and old?

ah okay

If you choke yourself, you will lose strength
If you lose strength, you can't choke yourself anymore
Violet is a complete idiot holy shit

Just fucking end this trainwreck already holy shit.

Stop accusing Luculia of being a slut.

I fully expect this thread to get archived before 200 posts. Truly the most popular show of the season, thank you Kyoanus.

The freckles on her face that resemble gold sparkling against the face that is bright as the sun.
The green eyes that remind you of deep forests where faeries and children frolic and play
The red hair that is like the robin that is always envied for its brilliant color

Its true though. She started to doll herself up for her clients.

Violet is an expert in murder, has killed 100s of solders with chunni bullshit writing and horrendous choreography. Magically fails to kill herself.

Man this is such a blunder and sign of truly terrible writing, especially since this scene is supposed to be the climax, fuck what a mistake.

>m-muh threads
Sup Forums is irrelevant boy.

Please dont take away the only thing franxxfags have.

I agree actually.

Every VEG episode has AT LEAST one incredibly poorly directed, scripted or written scene, from the stupid curtsey to the flying lakejump and now this.

Horrible trainwreck of a shitshow.

Yeah, you should go to your safe space on reddit where all the critism can be downvoted or blocked. :) Sup Forums is irrelevant!

>Violet was never going to be an auto memoir doll originally.
Right, she was set to be the adoptive daughter of some old, rich couple. Even less reason to give her industrial grade arms. The fact that her armas have a dial to adjust for fine movements tells you they were not intented for a military use.

I-I'm not old

90 seconds in and a bullet shoots her arm off. For some reason this triggers me.

>Edward confirmed to be in the anime

You suck at making webms



Apply yourself

Yep, anons have been calling those shitty scenes out week after week, but this one takes the cake and is the most blatant example of truly awful writing and execution thus far, this show is finished.

They're irrelevant too, boy. The guy that posted his BD purchase ITT is more relevant than every one of you put together.
Keep spamming these threads all you want.

just stop watching man, you obviously arent in the mindset to be enjoying something like this. Being self destructive isn't endearing.

Are you at least rich?

This. Only retards think VEG has any substance.

I'd say that's way to harsh of a rating for this show, the characters, plot, writing and dialogue is abysmal, but at least the first two episodes looked decent before the massive nosedive, i'd say it's a 2/10 at best.

>samefagging this damn hard
At least change your posting style you lazy fuck.

What do you have to gain by attempting to prove that someone that enjoys a subjective matter is a retard?

Only miserable people do this.


>This desperate to fish for (You)s

You're not getting anything from me.

You got noticed.
Also those last minutes were fucking great

Retard spotted. Just admit it that this show is terribly written hogwash.

I can't see shit captain, how the fuck do you fix this show?

Are the doujins out yet?