Why did they pick Master Roshi instead of Yamcha again?

Roshi doesn't even know how to fly.

He is 10 times weaker than a Saibaiman.

Yamcha at least was able to beat some guys from Ginyu force.

Because super is shit

i wanted both roshi and yamcha, just swap out one of the androids

Where the fuck was Piccon


Should’ve used that agreement they had and got Piccon instead of Friezypop

Haven't you seen the opening? They want the Narutard audience.

in filler faggot land

Because Akira is feeling nostalgic about Roshi since RoF.

Yamcha retired during the Cell arc, Roshi retired during the 22nd Budokai in Dragon Ball.

reminiscing about the time the humans beat the ginyu force
get it? they're both filler

Secret training made him stronger than Krillin and Tein apparently. He eliminated or helped eliminate 5-6 guys and has the strongest technique available.

what about goku 2 and his mom

Roshi has cool moments.

Honestly they should’ve dropped Tenshinhan, he barely did anything.

>super fanboys
>even knowing who Roshi or Yamacha is
Most of them probably picked it up because they heard about it from their similarly oblivious friends and started watching it

You meant Paikuhan.

He didn't die on earth so no access

>wanting the TURTLE hermit to fly

We could have had King Cold but instead they only resurrected Frieza because they threw in a gag wish

Super is a shit show


Because Master Roshi is somehow stronger than Piccolo now because Dragon Ball Super and Yamcha is a meme who is even weaker than Puar and Chi-Chi.

He's also retarded and a turbo manlet

>implying Krillin, Roshi, and Freiza aren't manlets
>implying that Goku and Buu aren't clinically retarded

Don't be rude to Tenshinhan's soul mate.

But chaozu is both
You can be short
You can be retarded
You can''t be both short and retarded.

at least roshi beat like what 1 or 2 grunts? yamcha would have been the first to die.

He did better than Krillin, Tien, Piccolo and Gohan. Why should't pick him?

He actually beat 4 or 5, and one of them was the strongest of Universe 4.

In the RoF arc Tien said that in might be dangerous to bring Yamcha, meaning Yamcha is weaker than Roshi