Fuck Sana and fuck Luna. They're both shit, and so is shipping.
Except Luka. Shipping Luka is alright.

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ETA on fake spoilers?

>Sanji will promise to come back for h-
Oh no....

what's morgan's expression trying to convey in this panel

Chapter starts with Sanji and Pudding panting and putting their clothes on.
Pudding says "Wow i cant believe we did that in 4 minutes"
Sanji stays quiet

Chapter ends
Break next week

Depending on how fast it goes. Spoilers will be posted in this thread so pick a side now.

"Nigga shut up, im just here for the big news"

I don't get it. Is that Nami or the marine girl from the novels?

Reminder that Carrot is great unique and well written and there is nothing you can say that proves otherwise. What a fun character. Why is Oda so great at writing fun characters?

Did Ace put a baby in the oven of that cute marine girl?
Will the Roger lineage live on?

They didn't spend that much time with each other.

No Ace died a virgin he had hairless legs.

>Nigga, your mess of a crew couldn't catch a single straw hat and now you are talking about rogee?

This person also ships SaNa btw. I like her art though. Her Nami and Reiju is 10/10
She had short hair so no. Nami has been shipped with everyone, including Jinbe.

Calling Carrot great and well written is an insult to great writers like Togashi who makes actually well written characters.

>luffy fights all these characters including 2 sweet commanders with almost no rest in this arc
>STILL gets up and walks away

I always liked Morgans, but seeing how sad he is that the underdogs might lose really puts him up there for me in terms of tertiary characters. I hope we get to see what he publishes in a cover story.

>ships SaNa
C-Can I hass one, user?

All it takes is some smooth talk and some good 30 minutes

>Except Luka. Shipping Luka is alright.
You got that right, brother

These threads are rapidly approaching DB Super levels.

user's a fuckin liar
She hasn't posted anything since Nov 25 2017. Did she died?

Yeah, just give me a sec. She was the same one who drew this too. Great artist.

Thankfully no threads could ever be as bad as the Hero Aca threads
They're our shipping autism bumped up to 11

>a fucking liar
Why would he lie? I don't get it
>Did she die?
The Sanji catching Nami chapter probably killed her.

I did not lie. I guess she multiships

In the BnH threads there aren't a few autistics that get mad and cauae shit storms trying to control what other people post so they are actually much more civil than OP threads. Non shippers just ignore the shipping. Anyway Hori shipbaits constantly so it's to be expected.

The Charlotte are on edge. Suddenly, Luffy's foot comes out on the mirror.
Sanji jumps all the way to grab him and flashes all the charlottes with his small penis. He's wearing a dress.
Flashback: Pudding's last request was Sanji's clothes so she can sniff them when he's gone. Sanji is like EEEEEEHHH
He's wearing Pudding dress now, and it seems to bring out his okama power, he kicks the female decuplets easily
Yuen strikes him with his staff and Sanji starts swelling like a balloon. Yuen ate the balloon ballon fruit.
But this actually helps him, since he's starting to float, and is soon out of reach of anyone on the plaza, since none of them have range attacks, and the few girls who do can't bear to look at Sanji's penis. Sanji escapes easily with geppo. Oven is mad and pulls on Yuen's ear.
On Brownie's ship the crewmen are screaming "Brownie-sama! There is a huge transgender blowfish flying in the sky!"
"NANI? This is my turn to shine!"
He brings out a gun and starts aiming, but Joconde shoots Sanji first and he deflates like a baloon. He lands heavily on a ship somwhere. Brownie is sad.
Sanji gets up, still holding Luffy, someone is towering over him.
"T-this can't be, this is the INVINCIBLE CAPTAIN SNACK! We're done for! I'm sorry Luffy!"
Break next week

>We will never have a brawler cyborg nami like in the concept art
>All we get is a completely useless bimbo
Not fair

>you jive turkey

She retweeted LuNa fanart though

Was that on Nov 25? Or at least near that date?

>In the BnH threads there aren't a few autistics that get mad and cauae shit storms trying to control what other people post so they are actually much more civil than OP threads.
Sounds to me like you got into a stupid argument with somebody.

Oh that's her? I used to have a few of her works until my folder got deleted.

I do remember having that picture.


We see many panels of the strawhats RUNNING! Just like 90% of the previous chapters, then dumb a cliffhanger with a shadow figure

Break next week

>She retweeted LuNa fanart though
Eh, its fine. She can multiship, I dont mind. btw, am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

Nami has probably dealt more damage to Big Mom than anyone. Impenetrable skin or no, she still gets lit up by lightning like everything else, just like Halle Berry taught me.

Maybe LuNa is her main ship? What's her Twitter?

All OP threads are is stupid arguments

>shadow figure

>yfw shonenfags will never realize that you just posted an actual JAV actress in a blue board

>I know what user is this
Ahhhhh, okay whatever I don't want to start another argument of denying things.
I'll stay quiet


What gacha is that?

No one would care about the shippers here if they didn't try to imply their shit was canon. You can pretend characters want to fuck all you want, but don't try to pass that shit off as fact. Being retarded on purpose is not funny, and it just attracts actual retards.

Reminder that Cracker is a better swordsman than Zoro, Believe is the blandest anime opening, and Oda, the guy who draws a manga about fighting. Can't remember the difference between snake style and panther style.

>then Urouge suddenly comes down from the sky
>"Leave Snack to me!"

He just wanted to call the move King Cobra give him a break.

There's a peaceful vibe going on nigga. I'm not who you think I am, don't ruin it

>just like Halle Berry taught me.

>Based Urouge is here to save us with his powers of lovemaking

>snack isn't a girl

Her girls are 10/10 but the guys need improvement

Her guys are all mature beefcakes.

Snake has nothing to do with that. It's just called that because it has a weird trajectory, like Viper in World Trigger. And where did you even get Panther from anyway?

>this robin
>"needs improvement"
Are you gay?

What if everyone seemed so weak during the war cause they were trying to conserve power, so they wouldn’t run out of energy or haki, and get ganked by someone else

No. That is why I think giving guys broad shoulders like that just looks silly. Look at Luffy here

Too feminine. Make him a Sanji-type and especially change the clothes. Or make Kohza with blue hair.

What about that girl who saved his life in the cover story?

Who cares if they kissed or not? They are not going to end up together since Oda made it clear he hates ships.

Good. Fuck him. I hate well written characters.

Stop user. The WB pirates looked weak because they appeared first, failed, and didn't really have much of an occasion to shine except for Marco. They were just underdesigned, throaway fodder for the Marine to butcher. This has become clear after WCI.

now I want to see male nami showing his dick to a bunch of enamored femhats


This is the first time I have ever seen that opinion. Do you also hate food that tastes good?

I don't mind broad shoulders. Luffy "wears" them well too.

>suggesting an improvement
>by making him more like Sanji
Fucking Sanjifags. I didn't draw this you know.

Funny, I look up panther style and wiki tells me it's actually called leopard style. I just remember watching a martial arts movie that called it panther. Granted, that movie was The Clones of Bruce Lee, so it was probably just talking out of its ass. What a clone of Bruce Lee is doing learning wu xing instead of jeet kune do, I'll never understand.

This one looks really gay.

I just made a suggestion, chill out.
I'm a Jinbefag, fuck Sanji.

So you admit to being a hxhfag

Yes. Enjoying things makes men weak. If you're not suffering all the time by reading trash anime and eating shitty food then you're doing is growing soft.

No, I think HxH is the Rick and Morty of anime, but I still think that's a strange opinion to have

Well Vivi is pretty gay.

There's your problem.

It was sarcasm making fun of the carrot hating pseud from last thread.

At your beck and call.

>Rick and Morty of anime
The fuck does that even mean?

It means the fans treat it as some godlike work of art with no flaws that normal people don't have the brain capacity to understand when in reality it's subpar at best

>Fuck Sanji
Nami will ride him soon. Don't worry about that

>big boob genderbent luffy
Was he that big in the SBS?
And I don't think Luffy would be good to look at if he was female

Im greatly amused but not entirely surprised by the fact this exists.

Jerking off over how smart and unique something is in order to validate liking it in order to feel better about yourself.

Its pretty funny desu but yeah its redditurd fans ruined it. Same as how HxHfags on Sup Forums ruin it for everyone by being such faggots.

>Was he that big in the SBS?

"Does a woman that Oda drew have big boobs?"

Come on user.

>You guys
>Those guys

To be fair, both series do appeal to more intellectual types dealing with far more complex subject matter than other contemporary series. But I've never seen Hunter x Hunter fans act as pretentious and spoiled as Rick and Morty fans. R&M fans can't even handle a year-long hiatus; HxH fans are well used to hiatuses spanning multiple years.

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty

Anyone has Carrot genderbends? She would make a pretty cute boy I think.


>To be fair, both series do appeal to more intellectual types dealing with far more complex subject matter than other contemporary series.


>I'll come back and defeat Big Mom!

Fucking how? Mama is a fucking monster who literally controls the winds and the tides.

Luffy negro in combination with Odas hack writing will get him there

By confronting other really strong people thus becoming stronger.

Just because a character is genderbent doesn't mean they wear the same clothes. Boy!Perona should be wearing something like this.

user, use your big boy brain. Big Mom wasn't born Yonkou level, she had to get there somehow, Luffy will get there too.

You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss

It will be a big ass thing right after this arc ends and Reverie starts. Vivi and the other pricessess will know of it instantly, I presume since Stussy might tell the WG of what just happened.

Seems like Morgans feel sorry for Mont'Dor and co. Shit will go down

But Big Mom is a Yonkou. After her, that's it. There is no one in the world stronger than the Yonkou. Except for the boss waiting at Raftel guarding the One Piece