Overlord Thread

I wonder how Ainz feels to be surrounded by beautiful horny women and have no libido for Alibido.

He does have libido he is just a pussy who thinks it would be inappropriate.

Why doesn't Ainz fuck a POP succubus?

Cuz he is gay,
He'd probably fug brain first.

Not much. In fact he rarely even ponders about his lost humanity or libido.

He's not dumb but he's not smart or clever enough to win the nutty scenario he's in. He's just stuck in the flow of things mostly.

If Ainz is so powerful and wise why doesn't he create a human or pseudo-human body to fuck Albedo?
Checkmate christfags.

Sugoi Ainzs Sama

if his friends met him now, they'd say he wasn't really himself anymore.

In fact it's a plot point that the dumb edit he did to Albedo is supposed to eventually remind him of who Momonga is instead of what he's become now.

Not that I ever expect it to work. This is a dark story.

Ainz doesn't need Albedo when he has Neia

Reminder that Ainz likes to watch and keeps many monsters(bulls) for Albedo.

Why doesn't he just grow a bone DICK

I probably wouldn't be the same either if I one day became an undead with a ring that forcefully represses my emotions. He's becoming what he is, a cold calculating elder lich. Imagine what it would be like for some of his friends to be in where he is: Slime girl, cyborg ninja, fetish bird man, literal goat, insect bro.

Does he even have a dick?

I want Albedo to SUCC my soul out through my dick. She is the apex SUCCubus.

Calm and collected, he was a functioning adult, not your average Sup Forumsnon.

He's a skeleton.

He may have been a functioning adult but he's still pretty autistic and beta. This is pretty apparent in his narration, not to mention the prologue chapter. If it wasn't for the emotional suppression he'd have broken his facade long ago.

Everyday until you do it

>tfw no yandere waifu princess to serve loyally.

At most he gets held back by the inhibitor and because he doesn't have a dick, and I bet both can be circumvented.

>Albedo is supposed to eventually remind him of who Momonga is instead of what he's become now.
Thematically that would be nice but I really don't know that'd work in practice. I don't know how Albedo's fixation on Momonga / hate for Ainz Ooal Gown would make him realize what he's become, unless it's some sort of reflective thing where seeing Albedo's actions makes him realize he has been disrespecting the name as well.

If anything Albedo is being set up to create a potential Nazarick civil war scenario.

They will destroy the world faster than he does since unlike him, they have animalistic bodies that make it easier for them to indulge in their instinct.

Neia will _______ next volume

What if he gave Mare the mission to be Albedo's bull?

I want Shalltear to use me as her chair.

Nigredo is much better that albedo.

She will definitely be a better mother for Ainz's kids.

>Ainz vs Sebas next episode

I'm considering buying the books, how is the translation quality?

Shalltear is a rabbit apparently

Peroronchino is a grill there.

The early editions have errors but they're fixed later on.

>Ainz doesn't need Albedo when he has Shalltear

I'd rather see Mare getting railed by the monster bulls.

All the budget is being saved for the entoma fight, I can feel it.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one.

Wait, Albedo hates Ainz Ooal Gown?

Is this one of those series where Sup Forums tells me not to buy the english version, & then I wake up one day & all the hardcovers are like $300 each? Is that what this is?

Ok, I just read about it on the wiki. I didn't know that.

This does not bode well for Nazarick

She hates it because it forced momonga to parade around as Ainz. Also there's huge abandonment issues with both of them.

I bet it is just going to be a long talk.

>Ainz is evil
Is this the #1 pitfall brainlets fall into when discussing Ainz's character?

Ainz is more of a "Im just going to pretend I am evil for the way it makes people treat me with fear and loyalty".

He is really just a very nice man who has no idea what he is doing and is easily surprised. All it would take to defeat Ainz is to use total maniac and leave him in a room with a horny Alibido and Shalchair

>extreme evil

>hates Ainz Ooal Gown?
she hates the name change since her settings says loves momanga not loves ainz

Don't forget Momon vs Jaldabaoth.

i want to go balls deep in Ainz

if you want these things you have shit taste
>Ainz losing his humanity from his amoral actions
>Ainz embracing being a villain
>Ainz taking over the world
>Someone putting up a challenge against Ainz
>Albedo winning the Ainz bowl

if you want these things you have patrician taste
>Ainz continuing to an accidentally whole countries
>Ainz having a mental breakdown from pretending to be an evil Lich
>Ainz creating a happy Kingdom for all his friends
>Ainz casually murdering any potential threats
>Aura winning the Ainz bowl

I guess I am a patrician then.

>we'll finally see CZ on screen for more than a single second soon
If they rob her of her scene again like they did with the Treasury scene, I'm going to kill to the user below me.

Me too user, me too.
Now go kys

>Ainz losing his humanity from his amoral actions
>Ainz having a mental breakdown from pretending to be an evil Lich
I want both of these.


So what killed the death knights up on that mountain? Did they all just fall off cause they're retarded, or is that a setup for something? Also, what was with that one sword Ainz could wield despite being a Wizard class? Did he gain warrior levels from that Colosseum battle he did? Can he even gain new levels in the first place?

Deep Darkness Dragon Lord killed them

>that trap butt
By the way, this fight feel pretty rushed, I remember being more epic despite climb.
Can't remember if they got again in a fight, so can some kind user remember me if the "epic" fight against the illusionist comes in a few episodes?

>Deep Darkness Dragon Lord
Do you have proof of that?

No, this was the 'epic' one, next time is the undignified send-off.

>fall down DEEP DARK hole
>DEEP DARKness Dragon Lord
put two and two together

>with a ring that forcefully represses my emotions.
I thought it was his alignment that was forcing them.

We don't know for a fact that they fell off a cliff & died.

he has a boner

It's just something the undead (or just some of them, Shalltear doesn't seem to) have, Yamaiko has it too.

Overlord really needs more scenes like this.
It glorifies itself as a dark mature series with an evil mc but nothing happens, almost everything is offscreened.

>Yamaiko has it too.

Well thats a shame I guess, hope that the entoma fight was worth it.
Thanks for the response user

>being blonde in Overlord
you fucked up

So, I'm the only one that just now noticed the "lock" thing in her maid uniform?
I feel like an idiot for not noticing before or maybe this is an anime only thing?

Pleiades day. Actually looking it up it's explicitly stated it's only some undead that are affected.

>The tension and passion she was feeling was so surprising that it made her face stiffen up.
>As an undead being, her strong emotions should have been suppressed, but the enthusiasm kept welling up inside her.
>Right now, she was like Shalltear.
>For some reason, she felt excited despite being undead. While that might have been because of a status abnormality like [Blood Frenzy], she could not conclude that was the case. Even the undead could be divided into those who could feel strong emotions and those who could not. In order to ascertain this, the Guardian Overseer Albedo had taken it upon herself (apparently) to experimentally investigate the matter.
>She gathered superior undead mercenary monsters, undead created by the Supreme One’s skills, as well as automatically spawned lesser undead generated by Nazarick in order to collect various data from all of them. Yuri had taken part in that exercise as well.
>However, these experiments had begun with a special experiment just for Shalltear, and it sparked a great uproar between Albedo and Shalltear that soon spiralled out of control. In the end, the experiment was terminated with no definite findings. After that, she had been interested in hearing about the results of the research as an experimental participant herself. She heard from Albedo — who had been punished to do cleaning with a mop — that it was hard to reach a conclusion due to the lack of information on the superior undead beings in this world, so the plan had been temporarily put on hold.
>Yuri vaguely recalled Demiurge saying that if that research had been conducted in a different place, perhaps it might allow the undead to feel strong emotions.
>At that time, would she be able to express her emotions more fully?
>And would that be a good thing?

What lock? That's a big zipper, the outer garment Solution wears is like a permanently unzipped leather/latex jacket. At least that's how I always saw it.

Yeah that was the word I was looking for, so this isn't something anime only?
I swear I have never noticed them before, guess I just let my imagination do its thing and don't care for the artists pics.

Hasn't the author basicly confirmed the reason is because ainz is gay.

>Albedo's fixation on Momonga / hate for Ainz Ooal Gown
Could you explain that one? She doesn't hate Ainz Ooal Gown.

>tfw you will never be isekaied into the NW as a cute demon girl
What kind of cutie would you like to be, if you got a chance to go to the NW?

Good now. If you get a first edition you will have some funny mistranslations.

>In Albedo’s eyes, there was unnaturally rigid look. She looked towards a corner of the room. The reason she did not let any maids in the room was to make sure she can monopolize her Ainz dolls and nobody can touch them. But there was another reason too.
>That was a flag with the emblem of “Ainz Ooal Gown” embroidered on it. The flag which should have been visible as soon as someone entered the room, laid crumpled in a corner of the floor. There was no sign of admiration or respect towards it, only hatred and hostility.
>“Ainz Ooal Gown... How boring.” In place of the flag of Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo had raised a different gigantic flag instead. A flag so large, it resembled an opera curtain. “This, Great Tomb of Nazarick is only yours. I, Albedo wishes to only serve you. Ah... I want to hear your great name once again someday...”


We know he was in the area and a fall wouldn't be enough to kill them.


You could make the argument that he doesn't know what he is doing if you ignore Katze Plains. Even if he didn't know the super tier magic would kill 70k people at once to summon the black goat, he had absolute control over the monster and still let them rampage on killing tens of thousands more. The Kingdom was leaving and he kept slaughtering them.

He could have used the mass death spell and just stopped there, he could have used teh huge explosion he used against Shalltear and shocked everyone into submission, but he decided to go lovecraft on them.

I can imagine she has some cute/childish trying to be adult sounding contract.

Nigredo would like to talk about stolen scenes.

Author confirmed it was the fall that killed them, the rebound fall was the 2nd damage that ended it.
Falling counts as blunt damage which undead are weak against.

You can't really blame him. He still thinks of them as literal NPCs in a game. That's why he laughed when making a new record of summoning 5 goats at once. We can somehow relate to NWers because of side stories and different POVs, but Ainz didn't really interact with them, so he can't help but thinks of them as mindless drones whose only value is to increase his exp.

Its not fucking fair bros, why the anime fall into badhouse?
Fucking shit.

What sort of boys would Neia like? What's her type?

Sex with Entoma would be very intriguing


Evileye is cute!

Confident & fatherly.

She never actually removes her mask in the story.


Where is this from

I was going to make a lewd joke, but this is probably true

one of the 10 h doujins

why does she dress like that?

I don't understand what morality is! But I'm good at acting properly so people don't get mad at me.

Kek, thanks

You want to fuck your friend's daughter?

If she was old enough, fuck yeah? Why wouldnt you?