Ichigo is crying

ichigo is crying
what to do?

hug 02

Double down on the bullying.

but ichigo best girl

lead 02 and Ichigo on like a true fuccboi

apply my fist to her face at high velocity

Is my inspo


Once again, A threat looms over Japan/ the world. Despite organizations, agencies, and government-funded departments of trained professionals, Japan is utterly powerless to combat this threat, and the fate of the whole world is placed in the hands of a handful of untrained and snarky child soldiers.


stop bullying her

Give her something long and thick to suck on


look at 02 for some inspo

Grind in that pain as hard as possible.

I like long hair, but I have to admit, 02 looks good with this hairstyle.

intensify the bullying


this is a good webm


This is so damn adorable it makes me want to stop bullying her.


Not cool man.



>a thread died for ichigo

hug the shit out of her

>all these ichigo haters



Push her down on to my bed and rape her. Out of my love for her, of course.

Very titillating my dude.

>make Ichigo look like 02
>she looks better now

what happened to concern strawberry, i haven't seen her in a while

smack her in the head and tell her squad leaders shouldn't be acting that way

Ichigo is a precious commodity.

Pat her on the head and tell her everything will be daijoubu

Provide headpat


Did this artist do anymore Franxx stuff?


Who is the artist even?

I hope he will

insert bepis

Viper and yes he drew the picture of 02 and Hiro having sex on the beach

Punished Snake?

>long hair
>sizeable chest
>probably taller than 148 cm
Literally perfect. Would give 02 run for her money.

She's still a womanlet.

She needs some penis.

tell kanye

I haven't even seen this show yet but everytime I see this character I'm reminded of the dumped redhead in Kiznaiver

This but while also secretly forcing Zorome to become my obedient trap wife under everyone's noses

> Dear Orog,

>Thank you for your questions. I'll try to answer both in turn. The more troublesome quandry is a classic one that is often mishandled even by the most experienced (mothers with rowdy children will know what I mean!). The key to removing stains from pasta sauce from white clothing is to wet the area immediately with cold water but the trick is to ensure that you don't end up soaking the stain into the surrounding cloth. Ugh! What a mess! Lemon juice does indeed work but only on smaller stains, and who has lemon juice handy on a moment's notice, as you so wisely point out. Then simply blot the moisture with a clean white cloth. Of course, the classic joke about solving pasta or blood stains on clothing is to simply wear red. Just kidding!

> Your second question is much simpler to answer and not as big a deal as you fear. "Whew! What a relief!" you must be thinking. Your guess that your friend had simply grabbed the first pair of underwear she saw in the nearest hamper when she rushed to strip off her messy clothes is no doubt the correct answer. When a lady is in a hurry to save expensive clothes, whether it's men's boxer-briefs, granny panties, or just a towel(!) is not a concern when it means saving a white leotard or heaven help us, that favorite little coctail dress we ladies all looked forward to wearing! A final piece of unsolicited advice I'll squeeze in is that she seems old enough to clean her own room to begin with, so don't worry so much about picking up after her...don't sweat it! You're a great friend who she's lucky to have and we gals are always looking for a man who can make our hearts flutter and still find time to pick up around the house.

> -Agony user

Tell her everything will work out in the end

everything will be diejoebu

delete this