Tiger Mask W

Where's my Spring Tiger spinoff? I-I want it... ;_;

This show was so good. I miss it.

Why is she so cute?

Miss X was better.


Give Up?

Okada cucked Wakamatsu, Godamit



It's obvious that Miss X would've won if the writers were being objective. Haruna's just a Mary Sue who the writers couldn't let lose because she's in the MC's corner.

So again, Miss X > Haruna.

Haruna was training actual wrestling moves and understood the basic fundamentals of the sport while Miss X just went to her fancy office gym. She won because she was actually wrestling.
Miss X was a loud mouth bitch who got cocky and then got her ass kicked.

>not watching irl Spring Tiger instead


Haruna went into the fight thinking Miss X was a novice, and Miss X thought the same of Haruna. However, the show immediately makes it clear that they're both experienced wrestlers.

Does she have any doujins yet?

So like does her uncle not realize that's she has a six pack for no reason all of a sudden?


It went from terribad to pretty fucking amazing by the end. It's probably one of the greatest comebacks in anime history.

See pic related for more proof. Miss X was the first to get a submission hold in. Clearly not something a novice could perform. Clearly she understood the fundamentals, and she was clearly wrestling.

Miss X gets the first hold in, but Haruna escapes because reasons, and the next thing we see is Haruna with Miss X in a submission hold. They don't show how the fighters transitioned or how the hold manifested. It's just suddenly there.

And later on, when the fight is clearly taking its toll on Miss X, the commentators attribute it to how Haruna had specifically targeted Miss X's legs. However, Miss X literally employed the same strategy on Haruna, yet she's not nearly as phased, and it's never explained why.

So as much as I'd like to discuss this fight with you and explain why Miss X should've won, there's really not much to go on, because of how lazily the fight was handled. The don't show the transitions between holds/stances. Both fighters employ the same strategy, yet only one of the strategies works and it's never explained why.

Haruna won literally because the writers couldn't let her lose.

soft muscle

Well, Wrestling as a whole is a scripted event (unless it's a shoot). It just means they want to push Haruna even more

The guy who always has you back.

Miss X was a jabroni mark who worked herself into a shoot.

Subs didn't show up in the screenshot but Haruna's literally saying "She's no novice."

I feel I should add that I do like the show. I just don't think that match was executed particularly well.

Doubt we'll ever get any.

Kevin deserves a happy ending

Prequel with Fukurouka Mask when


I miss Tiger Mask W so much my dudes


Doing god's work user. Harunafags talk way too much shit about that fight, boasting that X got her ass kicked, when really she got as good as she gave and only lost because lol reasons.

But she got her ass kicked.

And Miss X was smart enough to realize that and put Haruna as the main event star and not herself.

>Where's my Spring Tiger spinoff?
If we're gonna have a spin-off this woman better show up as one of the rivals against Spring Tiger

Big Match Meiko will make Spring Tiger and Miss X a living hell

People point it out because Miss X was a bitch the whole series, got into the ring thinking she was going to wreck house and got taken down a peg.

And it wasn't even Haruna who won the the fight it was her tag partner.

Did we watch the same fight? Anyway, if you think she got her ass kicked, why haven't you told me so and explained why in response to my previous post: Seriously, if you have an argument, great. I'll gladly look over it and respond, but if you're just going to spout "She got her ass kicked" when I've already told you why that's wrong, don't bother posting at all because you're not convincing me or anyone else.

But it was still a much closer fight than people say. Haruna admitted X was superior in strength and was experienced in the ring, and Miss X was the first to get in a submission hold and nearly had Haruna pinned. In fact, had it not been for the unexplained toll that Haruna's holds had taken on Miss X's body, Haruna would've lost.

There is absolutely no reason to say Miss X got her ass kicked or that the fight was even remotely one sided. People like this guy are deluding themselves.


And you're not getting the point. The more shit you talk the less room you have to stand on when you don't live up to it. Miss X could have WON and she'd still have looked bad because of how much shit she was talking. the point is Miss X didn't live up to her boasts and that's what stands out.

Both of them were boasting and talking shit and neither of them lived up to it in the ring.

Which was a a consequence of the fact that neither of them was really respected as a wrestler up to that point, so naturally both bought into the public perception of their opponent and thought they were in for an easy win.

>caring about who won the tigerfight

Dudes just shut up and fap. That's the only reason they animated that match.

Underrated anime with a goat ending, probably one of the best anime made by Toei in the last decade. We really deserve the Spring Tiger spinoff working with Miss X.

Does she really have implants?

She is based on Stephanie McMahon, so yes.

Well that's hardly convincing.

Stephanie McMahon is a brunette. They don't even have the same hair color. Maybe Stephanie was a model for her ambitions and occupations, but not much else.

>It's probably one of the greatest comebacks in anime history.
Of course it was. No one does spectacular comebacks better than the rainmaker.

I dunno but It sure seems like the artists where drawing her tits larger and larger every episode till they got caught

Okada needs to go back to the trunks.

Me too user.