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Spoilers in 5 minutes

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Fuu will live! right my fellow anons?!?!?!

What killed the hype?

Not enough Zushi

She's a rug, user

>inb4 Don Freecs laughing at all the faggots trying to get to the Dark Continent while him and his Space Hunter Association get alien pussy on the moon

No but I'm optimistic that Kaa-chin will make it to the last 5

Don't talk about your sister like that Tse

>implying the inevitable TerrorSandwich vs Kurapica epic battle of ultimate revenge will not be the hypest moment in the series surpassing Hisoka vs Chrollo

She's the next MC, she won't die anytime soon.

I want to see Gon meet Don too, but I really want him to meet with Kurapika and Leorio again, they are gonna need help with the whole rice deal.
Frankly speaking, there are ways for Gon and Killua to get involved in the expedition. First of is Nanika, I forgot her rules, but could she possibly teleport Killua and Gon to DC or Morel's boat? Secondly, and more likely, Knov's ability, he could have a portal back in the regular world that allows Killua and Gon to get there.
And most importantly, Fuu's magic door!
She will!

It was actually stated that Knov will stop at the edge of the known waters and setup his ability iirc, so they can get involved any time before then.

Yes, she will be saved by our future King (female) Kachou!

Pika when he sees Pairo's head in a jar

Spoilers are out, Fuu traps Cammy in the worm and then Cammy dies.

>Implying anybody other than Kurtafags actually gives a shit about the Kurapika's fetch quest at this point in the game
>Implying the Phantom troupe won't completely eclipse Tserriednich as an antagonist
> TerrorSandwich
Reddit, please.

>Fuu's first kill and determination to win by whatever it takes, is born
Sign me up

>Hisoka vs Chrollo

i wasn't around at the time, i imagine the hype was crazy right? specially when the fight happens out of nowhere.

How can one Magician be so smug at life...

You have no fucking idea. This board is still reeling from the fallout.

Just thinking about the day it dropped...Makes my stomach turn. In a good way.

Nice. I wonder what Kite is up to, or if he will stay out of this one.
I hope we get some info in the rest of the cast by the end of this volume. Preferably someone outside of the boat, just to keep things fresh.



Chrollo: What happened?
Machi: Hisoka killed Shalnark and Kortopi.
Chrollo: How did Kortopi die?
Machi: Well...

Cammy will be King!


Marchi: ...

Cant wait for the tears once she dies.

Name a more embarrassing death then dying on the shitter. I doubt you could

Hisoka, Illumi and Pariston are examiners.

What are their tests?

Cammy win
Cammi strk. no ned strgie. me gut gun go kl pricnse. abtle now, talk borng. Me like fite

You keep it up when she plays Ben for a THIRD TIME

Hisoka: fight against me and survive for 10 minutes


Ben dum me smurt. Win esy. World like cami want do what cami say. Die when cammi say die

>"Pariston: 4d dimensional chess keikakku plotting disguised as an extremely simple and childish game, no one passes."

I NEED this

in India people literally die from dehydration from diarrhea fairly often

Do we have a new forced meme of Camjak posting?

Nah I'm no where near that motivated.

>Hisoka: fight against me and survive for 10 minutes

Who would Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka main in Melee? You can add other chars if you want.

Kurapika would either main Fox or Marth.

Killua would main Shiek.

Gon would main Mario.

Can't say for Leorio. Could be anyone. Maybe Dr. Mario? That's a little on the nose though.


more like Tears for Fears

Already hate Kurapika. Fuck fox

Pitou is my wife and we're going to have human/CA hybrids together.

Young Link



Dr. Mario


Gon = DK
Killua = pikachu
Kura = sammus
Leorio = dr mario
Hisoka = luigi
Gon likes to hit hard, killui is electric, Kura is on a mission, leorio is a doctor, and Hisoka is 2nd fiddle.

why would you betray your species in this way?

>Having babies with a male
>Gay marriage
Deluded homo.

She'd be the one betraying the ants after she becomes addicted to my human dick and becomes loyal to me instead of the king.

Smash isn't a real fighting game.

This is perfect.

Nah, Hisoka is definetly a Captain falcon main

fucking RIP

Alright you got me. But thats what happens when a fool takes on a enhancer

just because it's a male CA does not mean that Pitou didn't inherit female human sex organs

your mom isnt a real fighting game haha

>Just because he's a man doesn't mean he can't have a vagina
Deluded homo.
Enjoy getting pegged by exoskeleton CA dick.

Pitou isn't a male CA at all, you mega shitposter.

S/he’s already a a hybrid you dickhead, also most likely incapable of reproduction.

Yes he is.





Even if the Queen gave Pitou a vagina (which I doubt considering she has no need for one) it probably wouldn’t work. In all likeliness all three royal guards are completely asexual and sexless, and whether you consider them feminine or masculine has no bearing.

Hisokooks will never live this down

Only Hisofag doesn't believe this, you don't have to post it.

We'll just go to Greed Island and use the pregnancy stone.

If you're going to pretend that the queen was selectively passing traits onto her offspring, then you're raising even further questions regarding vestigiality that would affect every single ant and none of their designs would make sense with scrutiny. That's a poor theory to work with.
Sexlessness would be baseless as well, Togashi already touched upon infertility and that alone is enough of an explanation for non-queen female ants.

Explicitly stated to work on men and women, not genderless insects.

you're like 5+ hours earily

How do you even kill Cammy?

>the absolute leaps to deny pitou is female

There was actually a ton of bitching, as I remember it. It made me interested in the DC less and less, because instead of appreciating a fight that we'd been waiting 16 and a half years for, people were whining, "Nobody cares about these two, let's just get to the vaguely spoopy place Togashi pulled out of his ass!" Presumably, they wanted more nameless scientists and giant walls of text. It made me hate this place with a passion I don't think will ever recede. I hope we never reach the DC.

As for the half of the board that wasn't cripplingly retarded, I think people were pretty excited, but then again many of them were just picking sides and an uncomfortable number of them were convinced one of the two weren't walking away. I remember explaining that this is a terrible place for one of the two biggest characters in the series to die, which resulted in people saying if Togashi would be a hack not to kill one or people calling me a Chrollofag for thinking he's important -- "Kurapika's moved on," stuff like that.

Then Chrollo won and people freaked out and started coming up with conspiracy theories that he cheated, but I think that was a vocal minority. Then Hisoka stood up and there were two reactions: the "O" spamming and people shitting on Machi. I remember it took forever for spoiler pics to come out that night so people were really hesitant on believing the spoilers, but nips on 2ch had already made fanart of Hisoka killing Kortopi on the toilet.

I spent most of my time trying to dissect the fight and while people were sperging out about "O" being an asspull, and others refuting them, I was more pissed that the head blew up. It didn't make sense to me that the head would explode just because the body did. It set an uncomfortable precedent for Sun and Moon, in my opinion. Chrollo can charge a notepad and then tear off all the pages and distribute them, then blow all of them up. I didn't like that. I was hoping for something more clever.

I forget, was it ever stated where greed island is?

Actually the argument for sexlessness is stronger for the Royal Guards. Since they were created for a specific purpose that they could never deviate from (Guarding the King). The other Chimera Ants she birthed were created as all purpose drones and had an evolutionary trait separate of that to allow them to become 'kings' themselves if the Queen ever died. The Royal Guards don't have this trait, they exist ONLY to protect the king and aren't meant to be able to separate and become kings themselves. Thus sexlessness would make sense in the specific case of the Royal Guards.

bury her alive, tie weights to her and throw her into the ocean, get her to kill herself, steal her nen ability, make her use up her aura before killing her, kill her then destroy the cat (if possible) (which it should be)

neglet/ indirect killing.

Seriously, people are throwing their sense and brains out the window because why, some waifufags on an imageboard are annoying them? It's not even shitposting, it's borderline psychosis.

Hisoka already did this once on his own. He just toyed with everyone and tested their potential.

Illumi: "Kill your best friend."

Pariston: something from Liar Game.

>still giving a shit about a pitou 8 years after he was killed off

Would furykov notice a disguised Hisoka? Limbmovement constant aura output etc

I'm not sure. Hisoka is a "genius" but that's not really his domain.

>replying to yourself
It's okay to be gay, user. Two of the main characters are gay, embrace it.

Your gay agenda means nothing here. Pitou is female, you retarded redditor.

>paranoia and headcanon
Dam Son

Depends on how the ability works. If the cat pursues the actual killer, then you either get out of range (if the ability has a range restriction) or outrun it until it runs out of juice, which would be a while considering the power of Nen spikes at the moment of death. If it can drain anyone and not just the killer then it becomes much more difficult. If the condition is that they touch the body then you could kill her normally then try and dispose of the body in a way that no one ever touches it. There’s also the possibility of ‘accidental’ deaths like starving her or tying concrete blocks to her ankles and throwing her overboard, but then we get into the grey area of what she considers intent. If the cat considers starving her as intent to kill it might still try to kill whoever gave the order.

There’s a ton of different possibilities depending on exactly how it functions, so we’ll have to wait and see. Personally I think it’s most likely that she’s going to come up with a great plan and show true emotional development, then Benjamin will do something to piss her off and she’ll do something really dumb and end up getting herself killed without anyone else’s involvement.

Till they kiss, till they hold hands in bed, till they sniff each others testes, they are not gay to me.
>but all of killuas emotions!!!! Palms words!!!
Best of friends.

Unfortunately that's still entirely baseless conjecture without precedent in either the manga itself or reality.
Actual female ants are sterile and thus inable to deviate from their natural purpose. Togashi obviously understands this and with that there would be no reason to introduce a redundant concept of true sexlessness to any caste of chimera ant.

Not even him but why are Pitou regularity getting bend out of shape that people are calling you waifu a fucking man?


Honestly who gives a shit, you could just create a Hatsu that gives ants a vagina, a womb, instant ovulation and the urge to make babies.

Enjoy getting stolen away by internet autists

Why would you do that? Do you really want to fuck Pouf or something?

you know, ben was right. before the succession was tse was trash compared to him.

Why would Kurapika be especially mad at Tsied? It's the Troupe who actually killed his clan. Tsied is literally on the same level as Neon Nostrade as far as Kurapika's grudge is concerned.

They literally bathed each other and kissed at least once.

He was a hot twink.