I am about to take Sup Forums's advice and read the VN...

I am about to take Sup Forums's advice and read the VN. Will going down this rabbit hole turn me into a bitter contrarian who starts hating legitimately good anime?

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It'll eventually lead you into a path that turns you into a bitter contration that hates anime in general

Don't worry, OP. Aside from Carnival Phantasm, there has never been a legitimately good Fate anime. Your fears are unfounded.


Not sure if reverse psychology

You will want to kill yourself as soon as you realize that you wasted 80 hours of your life reading badly translated chuunishit.
But its still worth for a couple of genuinely hype moments

Is the VN any good?


Yeah. The less you know the better it gets.
Have fun and take it easy.

The silver lining here is that I'll be able to quit anime I guess

Fate/Zero, Fate/UBW
Fate/Apocrypha was watchable when Moedred was on screen
The reason I want to read the VN is so I can watch Carnival Phantasm

More Seiba means it's not a waste of time

>Fate/Zero, Fate/UBW
God, you already spoilered yourself hard.

I jus startes reading myself. Its kinda dumb but once I figured out all the shit I had to do finally got in on my phone I had huge wide grin because this is something I wanted to do for a long time, since Ive always loved the idea of fate but I just dont have time or care much to watch anime and would be more interested in reading it, but it wasnt convenient for me to sit at a computer. And every time I tried my shittiness with technology made it so i couldnt get there anyway. Im pretty happy to be able to finally read FSN.

VN is such a great experience. I don't think I've ever been as immersed in a story before. All of the cooking scenes made me feel like I was living as Shirou day in day out.

>tfw didn't know archer was shirou till the fight they had

I can actually imagine how incredible this shit would be if you came in knowing literally nothing. I learned a lot just via osmosis so thats ruined for me but I can but that experience is probably awesome.

It's foreshadowed so hard in the VN you have to be retarded to not pick up on it before the reveal.

There's others that are legitimately surprising (Rin/Sakura relationship)

Different user, but I remember not knowing who Caster or Redman were at the end of the Fate route and then accidentally finding out because of the Servant details in the menu.

I read it for the first time late last year. I had already been spoiled on most of the big stuff, but it was still a great ride. Now I'm a dumb fatefag ready to drop cash on FGO.


UBW had some good moments

>I can actually imagine how incredible this shit would be if you came in knowing literally nothing.
It really was for me. The Fate route didn't do much for me because I knew a lot of what went down in it before reading but oh boy.
>tfw Trace, on

Doeent mean anything to me yet, but I also dont know what it means at all yet so I bet itll be hype as fuck

>legitimately good anime
Choose one.

Not that the VN were good in the first place.

Name a VN better than F/SN.




Kyonyuu Fantasy

>Carnival Phantasm
Just read Take Moon.

The problem with Fate/Zero is that the only people who might dislike it are the people its aimed at. It does away with the waifufagging and Romance/SoL shit from the original Fate and focuses on the action aspect instead. It's a better Fate/ anime than any of the others, with only people who love Fate/ for the aforementioned crap being able to dislike it.


>Legitimately good
You already lost.

Dies Irae. Umineko. Full Metal Daemon Muramasa.


Dumb Wormposter.

Don't. user, you'll regret it.

To add on that, there has never been a legitimately good Fate work either.

You got meme'd OP. Fate isn't good, at all. It reads like a 12 year olds chuuni fantasy. Get ready to read literal garbage.

>Full Metal Daemon Muramasa.

It was translated?

where I can download the VN

Don't read Fate, user. It's shit.

>12 year olds chuuni fantasy
Honestly? This is the part that has always attracted me to the series. The premise just feels like a fun awesome kid fantasy thing.


>legitimately good anime
good one Sup Forumsnon


who was the dead body at the start

fate 2006 is a great adapted version. the only thing they did was add fanservicey scenes. Everything important that happens in the vn happens in the anime. Ignore anyone who stated otherwise.

What kind of fanservice? There was plenty of fanservice in the original VN.

out of context other route fanservice

I don't remember a dead body at the start.

they kill each other because they find a dead body
how is there a dead body if they are the only ones there

Hope you enjoy the 2% you didn't spoil yourself on

Probably Taichi.

Fatefags tricked me into reading VN and i wasted nearly 40 hours before i realize this series isn't worth it

If you've literally never read an actual book in your life, probably. Just like LN elitists.

Ruined after 4th novel, Beato should have had stayed beato

>being a contrarian is bad because you hate "quality" anime
>despite the fact that the process of being turned into a contrarian involves you being exposed to materials that have better quality than the aforementioned "quality" anime

are you retarded?


>tfw no tomoyo gf

Hatoful Boyfriend

Agreed. While not a masterpiece, it's definitely underrated.

Cross Channel is probably the only time I have been able to properly self-insert into a character.

Ever 17's kick the can scene.

Fate/zero is the only fate anime that should be watched Staynight, UBW and the VN aren't worth reading.

This. CP is good until you read Take Moon.


Wait wait, are you serious? I thought I was the only one who liked DEEN Stay Night on this board. I mean, it was what introduced me to the Fate franchise in 2006 (and then reading both Tsukihime and FSN V/N after), so I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

>Will going down this rabbit hole turn me into a bitter contrarian who starts hating legitimately good anime?
Yes. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.

>will reading chuuni 14 y/o tier writing with porn make me an elitist
If you aren't braindead, probably not.

Better read something good. Dal Segno for example.

Why do you trick me like this, Sup Forums? None of those are better than Fate.

>Ruined after 4th novel, Beato should have had stayed beato
This, it was better when it was Phoenix Wright vs Edgy Touhous, turning it into a bad, overstretched retelling of Kohaku's story with a shittier Kohaku was a mistake.

I've always seen split opinions about Chiru. I only read until the 4th chapter but I'm curious about what follows. What is so bad about it?

They are all better because Fate is shit.

The answer to every mystery, basically.

you read fsn first, then fha, nothing else really matters.

also btw you will most likely find the wrong version, the real version starts with the main menu, but the ones ive run into start with the game and it keeps going

Did you read all of them?