Overrated or one of the best series of all time?

Overrated or one of the best series of all time?

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c-can it be both?


Overrated and one of the best series of all time

c. all of the above


it has some of the best atmosphere and worldbuilding in anime, period.

Was Spike a cuck?

All the random flashbacks were so weird.

I enjoyed it a lot, but it gets talked up like the second coming of christ

>Episodic show with maybe 6 episodes worth of actual plot
Only episode I liked was Pierrot Le Fou

It doesn't have to be one or the other, yeah?

Normie tier but still one of the best. Only contrarians think how the path of the samurai is portrayed here as overrated.

>Vicious was a cool, white-haired, powerful guy who went insane in one of his missions...

>Sephiroth was a cool, white-haired, powerful guy who went insane in one of his missions...

Really makes you think.

As time passes more people talks about it in high regard (just because they heard others praise it) hence it becomes an easy target for contrarians to shit on it so none really.

It still holds up remarkably well. It's definitely one of the best. The question then shifts to whether it's overrated, in the sense of how high up there in the ranking it is. At that point you get into personal tastes, more so than initially.

And then it barely does fuckall to explore that world and the characters just bounce around pretty backgrounds fighting bad guys and moping around.

It gets way more praise than it probably should. But it's also my favorite anime. So, both I guess.

it provides an intimate lens into the lives of 4 bounty hunters and a dog.
you dont see the parts of the world that they don't care to explore.

and I think that's how it should be.

Spike wasn't the cuck. Poor Vicious was.

Watching paint dry > Listening to Cowboy Bebop's shitty dub

I didn't say it was bad. I'm just saying since it was character driven, the setting didn't count for much beyond pretty backgrounds.
For example.

Character driven shows:
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Setting/plot driven:
Made in Abyss
Re: Zero
One Piece
Attack on Titan


One of the best series of all time, but I love space westerns

this unironically

Overrated doesn't make a thing bad, just means its fanbase is shit.

Unironically kino

pretty good analysis user. can you please list more character driven anime please.

Overrated but still a solid 7/10

Koe no Katachi
Your Lie in April
Mob Psycho 100
Black Lagoon
Death Parade
Great Teacher Onizuka
Kara no Kyoukai
Ping Pong the Animation

Basically my criteria is
character driven: if you replaced one or some of the characters, the anime wouldn't work anymore
plot/setting driven: if you put the characters in a significantly different setting, it wouldn't work anymore


thanks you very much.

Good man

Agreed, bebop is undoubtedly kino

The only episodes that I don't like all that muchare the Jet ones, other than Black Dog Serenade which was just as good as the rest.

The setting wasn't just pretty backgrounds. It actually gave a lot of context to the world these characters lived in, and how it may affect them and other minor background characters. Jupiter is a blue, depressing place with very little life going on in it. It perfectly reflects how the characters feel, especially Faye, who goes there to wallow in her woes.


Alright, but can you honestly tell me that the story would have been much different if they were just bounty hunters in the regular wild west?

Great anime. Gateway to more non-shounen or moe animes.

It's essentially the pulp fiction of anime. Stylish and fun but of no substance or complexity. When you press the issue, describing why it's good outside of how cool it is, they either tend to make stuff up or call you a plan and that you don't "get it". The exception is that with pulp fiction I don't have to hear it's goddamn name every Time I look up movies not do I get lynched if I show opposition to it's legendary status.

Spike is the biggest power fantasy I've ever seen in a piece of fiction and it's near marvelous how much people will freak out when you mention that. You alnost have to applaud watanabe for how skillfully he crafted such a shallow who can be described as the finz ib space and everyone just ate it up. Honestly, can someone explain spike special without using different versions of the word cool?

It's lived cause it was one of the first anime to aur that was genuinely "adult" and was a stylish cool show. Is it good? Yeah, it's really good. Is it the best of anime of all time (which they do say), fuck no, it's not even in the top of the 90s. Triguj shits all over bebop in a narrative sense and that's not even that good in my opinion.

To be fair it takes a high IQ to understand cowboy bebop. For the average viewer the symbolism such as when Ed tried to paint Faye's nails and she said "anything but red" would go over their heads.

>It gets way more praise than it probably should.
Is it 2004 again? Bebop's a dinosaur show these days. Nobody cares about it anymore and these days it's vastly UNDER-rated.

Overrated, a bunch of movie call backs with flimsy science, mediocre music, so-so pacing, and an under developed villain cannot be ignored.

I watched all of the episodes, as well as the movie, last year, and I gotta say, despite there being boring episodes, the entire series is fantastic.

I wonder if people consider it to be overrated because people give a lot of hype over Ballad of Fallen Angels - after four decent episodes, we were treated to such a well-written episode, and then we were given some more decent, or even bland, episodes..

t. watched thirty or forty series tops

Both. Also the first five or so episodes are a pretty severe filter.

god what am I even doing on this board this kind of post represents everything that went wrong

also non-anime reaction images are normal as hell now it's rule #1 fuck


Bro I think it's overrated, but most of your points are completely off-base if you're talking objectively. The only ones that I *sort of* agree with are:

>flimsy science
Sure? Definitely wasn't a hard science series, and if you asked someone what the focus of Cowboy Bebop, "Science!" would not be in the top 50 answers.

>under-developed villain
I could see that. I think he was meant to be more of a looming figure -- mysterious -- and not really developed. They could have developed him just like they did Faye, but they didn't really feel the need and I respect the decision. It's actually kind of subversive.

Also the fact that the main protags entire finale, the finale to the show, Is the basic plotline to every double dragons game

"I'm gonna go save my girlfriend!"

It has aged well as a cohesive whole, and the primary characters are all well established and endearing. The music was unique for its time as an animu, and still has plenty of personality to it, I appreciated that it had the balls to have some episodes that were largely completely detached from the overarching plot, without feeling like vapid filler. Le Fou and that episode with the weird shit left in the fridge immediately come to mind, as does the episode that was basically just the characters sans Ed getting high as fuck on magic mushrooms. You still received character development from these so called filler episodes, when they could have done the bog standard equivalent of a summer beach swimsuit thing for muh fan service.

It's a classic, and I'll fight a nigger or two who thinks otherwise, but I do take issue with people saying it is perfect, or mandatory viewing. I will at least make the claim it was transformative, and rose above its station as "just an anime", especially at its time.

Why did they put a fucking futa in this show. Ruined the whole episode for me because of how bizarrely out of place and just weird it was.

It's a man with boobs, not a dickgirl.

Gren was always a dude, being a guinea pig for experimental drugs caused his body to go through some weird changes. It definitely was solely for shock value though, there wasn't much of a reason for the affliction beyond that.

What's Jets relationship with Ed?

It's fine. If it came out now and hadn't aired on adult swim, no one would think it was nearly as good.


Surrogate father.

What do you think of the Fate series by Type Moon

>it's really good
>so it gets recommended all the time
>gets slapped with the beginner recommendation title
>people now hate it
Happens all the time

Outlaw star is better

Best anime of all time, if you don't like, go watch kobayashit or naruto.

So good that ruined all the others series to me.

What's definitely overrated is the English dub. It's endlessly praised as the definitive version of the anime, not because it's actually that amazing, but because the bar is set so fucking low for dubs that it appears to be in comparison. Steve Blum did well enough, as did Faye's VA, but everything else was honestly your standard awkward-sounding dubbed dogshit.

Best of all time.

I dropped it at episode 6. It wasn't anything special to write home about. The episodic formula is stupid, the characters are trying too hard to be cool, the westaboo influences were nothing special. Maybe im watching it wrong? Maybe I should travel back in time and Watch it on Toonami as my first anime.

Never watched the anime, but I randomly found a copy of the movie for PSP a few years back.
Damn good movie, that was.

Why not watch the series if you liked the movie?

There were so few episodes about the actual story I felt no real attachment, especially to the girl, I don't even remember her name.

I still wack it to faye every now and then
sounds like someone needs to pray the gay away

Overrated as fuck. Dropped it pretty early on.
It's basically an unremarkable western cartoon in essence with anime art.

It's like a strong 7 or light 8.

>minimal/subtle expositions=best worldbuilding in anime

Another remainder that you share this site with literal brainlets.

no no I mean Spike's gf
I didn't even care when she died, her total screentime was like 10 minutes

I'll agree with you there
her death felt really forced and pointless

Yeah i didn't care for the dub either. Only one i liked was steve blum as spike

>mediocre music
Get out

>It's basically an unremarkable western cartoon in essence with anime art
>user can't handle western setting in anime

That would be Lupin

Yeah i have to agree. It's not like west doesn't have good VA but they aren't in anime dubbing or maybe was ones but the good ones left long time ago and only ones who still stay in anime dubbing are hacks

I meant the inconsequential episodic style.

>Everyone hypes bebop
>Try it out
>Don't care for jazz
>End up not caring for it.
>Everyone hypes Champloo
>try it out.
>Don't care for nigger culture
>end up hating it.
>Not even gonna talk about ZNT.
The director is a tryhard westaboo and japan never liked him. Only the toonami generation hypes him.

Black or White?
Authours note: NO! it can't be grey!!! reported, permabanned, deleet your feet.

It was okay

I feel like people today have impossibly negative standards for anime. Cowboy takes it's time and stretches it's budget with background shots. It's pacing is something people just won't enjoy these days unless their a fan of that era. I would say Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime ever but in a way like a classic movie like Singing in the Rain or the Godfather is one of the best anime ever.

Julia's death was kinda expected for me. Her pass of not be able to kill Spike made me think that she would die in the end.
But i agree with you. Her appearence was vague

In my opinion given the time and place it's the best dub of all time without a doubt.

They're literally the same character aside from Sephiroth being a mommy complex faggot.

Eh not really. While it had a strong beginning it started losing steam in the second half and the ending was such a cop out, most likely due to running out of time and budget. I will say that Gene is a deeper and more relatable character than Spike though.


Great anime with an overrated shit 2 episodes finale.

It's a great show but I really wish the fanboys would shut the fuck up about it already, I'm beyond sick of hearing about how it's the greatest anime ever made again and again and again and again and again and again etc.

Good show, but definitely overrated.

It's a great series, but the people treating it like the greatest piece of media ever needs to stfu.

>Gene is a deeper and more relatable character than Spike though
That and catgirl.

I'm watching it now and it's utter shit. The character interaction and episodic plot is so bad I thought Scooby Doo got an anime parody.

But if were criticizing the significant values it lacks, the other episodic gun-slinging series mastered them easily.

>Outlaw Star - Comedy, Entertainment
>Trigun - Plot Development, OST
>Space Dandy - Animation, Fanservice

And of course there's alot of reasons I like these three a whole lot more than Cowbitch Nostalgia.

I can't think of a single reason people would be able to like Trigun except for some kind of American nostalgia.

The thing about Trigun is that it's basically a poorly animated, outdated anime yet the story and cast itself made it a very memorable experience.

The best parts of the series for everyone were Wolfwood's death being wonderfully executed, Vash vs Knives having amazing build-up and great payoff, and the tonal shift from joyful to extremely depressing as it happened gradually. I can understand why alot people dislike it but it at least knows how to create an impressive group of characters with a great plot unlike another highly overrated series.

>The absolute state of Sup Forums
>there are people in this thread who never watched it

How do I delete a fucking thread