Oricon Sales Ranking

Ranking Oricon - 26 February - 4 March
01. One Piece #88 (1,301,484)
02. Ao no Exorcist #21 (144,406)
03. Dragon Ball Super #5 (121,293)
04. Black Clover #15 (102,907)
05. Gintama #72 (78,770)
06. Coffee & Vanilla #8 (66,632 / 67,820)
07. Kimetsu no Yaiba #10 (65,861)
08. Nanatsu no Taizai #30 (64,839 / 379,326)
09. Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt #11 (59,276)
10. Kinnikuman #62 (54,709)
11. Blue Giant Supreme #4 (48,891 / 102,244)
12. 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made #14 (47,274 / 48,748)
13. Youjo Senki #8 (44,302 / 64,495)
14. Tongari Boushi no Atelier #3 (43,431 / 89,008)
15. Sousei no Onmyouji #14 (42,445)
16. Robot×Laserbeam #4 (35,696)
17. Ani ni Aisare Sugite Komattemasu #10 (32,973 / 33,307)
18. Yuukoku no Moriarty #5 (32,580)
19. Chihayafuru #37 (31,071 / 257,706)
20. Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari #6 (30,776 / 46,100)
21. Hunter×Hunter #35 (30,475 / 895,639)
22. Aoashi #12 (30,028 / 66,581)
23. Splatoon #5 (29,904)
24. Koguma no Cake-ya-san (29,473)
25. Ojisama to Neko #1 (29,431 / 91,176)
26. Otoyomegatari #10 (27,425 / 245,091)
27. Suteki na Kareshi #6 (27,361 / 57,158)
28. Niji, Amaeteyo。#2 (26,498 / 26,842)
29. Haikyuu!! #29 (26,441 / 609,222)
30. Teito Hatsukoi Shinjuu #3 (26,241 / 26,516)
31. LV 999 no Murabito #2 (25,659 / 38,711)
32. Boku no Hero Academia #17 (25,538 / 497,512)
33. Dokyuu Hentai H×Eros #3 (23,194)
34. Dagashi Kashi #10 (22,086 / 129,272)
35. Chiyuu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata〜Senjou wo Kakeru Kaifuku Younin〜 #2 (21,679 / 34,612)

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36. Short Cake Cake #8 (21,488 / 42,435)
37. Maou no Hajimekata #4 (21,428)
38. Kemono Jihen #4 (21,082)
39. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii #5 (20,557 / 457,565)
40. P to JK #11 (20,426 / 132,681)
41. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san #8 (20,279 / 203,162)
42. Hajime no Shokutaku #6 (20,225)
43. Fujiwara-kun wa Daitai Tadashii #5 (20,127 / 20,434)
44. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Gaiden Hannin-tachi no Jikenbo #2 (19,930 / 98,544)
45. Non Non Biyori #12 (19,870 / 45,331)
46. Marginal Operation #10 (19,832 / 43,682)
47. Magi Sinbad no Bouken #17 (19,165 / 66,317)
48. Battle Studies #13 (19,055 / 42,368)
49. Ani no Yome to Kurashitemasu。#4 (19,035 / 29,259)
50. Kirameki no Lion Boy #5 (18,888 / 38,285)

1,157,078 gap between first and second.

Every fucking time. This is an even bigger gap than when Naruto was still around and always filled in the 2nd place.

I’m kind of cofused how manga sales in Japan works. In ToC threads, Kimetsu and Gintama is excluded from the list while you have these Oricon threads that excludes Dr. Stone and Neverlands.

So, how can we say that the manga is selling well in their own magazine when they are ranked in different category?

Forgot to add, and this is not even counting digital.

>01. One Piece #88 (1,301,484)
>02. Ao no Exorcist #21 (144,406)
That fucking gap. Jesus christ.

This Oricon ranking is for the manga that was released last week. Dr. Stone and Neverland latest volumes were released last month.

I know everyone is tired of this but
>04. Black Clover #15
>32. Boku no Hero Academia #17

Holy shit

>01. One Piece #88 (1,301,484)
>02. Ao no Exorcist #21 (144,406)
Jesus fucking Christ

Look at the total sales though.

Don't know if is bait or not.

When he dies, Oda will take the manga industry with him to the grave
This is absurd

>04. Black Clover #15 (102,907)

At this point Oda has a social responsability.

Oricon is trash and obsolete

Honestly the gap wasn't that bad when Naruto was still around.

What’s the indicator that the manga is doing well sales-wise?

>16. Robot×Laserbeam #4 (35,696)
D E A D please dont die

If it's in the Oricon ranking then it's already doing well unless your favorite manga is from Jump, then it needs to be top 10-20 in the ranking and sell 50k in the first week otherwise people will shitpost and say it's gonna get axed.

Yes it was. The gap One Piece >>>>> everybody else peaked in 2009-2011.


Naruto, just like everything else, was a blip in One Piece's radar.

Has no chance now, that's a huge drop from the volume 1 first week sales. Then to top it all off, the ranks are horrible. Goodbye fellow Robofags.

I doubt Robot will die anytime soon. It just started a new arc and introduced a lot of new characters. Also isn't this just the sale numbers for three days?

Of course OP dominated, but the gap definitely wasn't this large. Naruto sold more than 100k in the first week.

This was the Marineford-Strong World-Timeskip trifecta.

and the official release date for One Piece was the 2nd, so that's literally two days worth of sales alone.
Fucking hell.

While I do agree with your point, kinda unfair comparison when OP posted the ranking for a week while you posted a ranking for an entire year.

Aside from One Piece and HxH, what other manga from that list that are actually from before the year 2000?


>Clover faggots thinking they can compete

Heh? How cute

>comparing the BC vol from this week to the MHA from a month ago
Will BC still even be on the chart a month from now?

Why? Because they don't report digital sales? They eventually will, it's obvious.

It's actually the 3rd.

shueisha is praying to every deity out there for oda to take a lifetime to end one piece

How about this?

Black Clover #15 (102,907)- 3 days
BnHA #17(201,688)- 3 days

One Piece won’t end by itself if WSJ gets to axe it first

>60k+ sales
>vol. 10 already

It’s doing bad huh

>axing their golden baby

One Piece at the top by enormous amounts as expected

>06. Coffee & Vanilla #8 (66,632 / 67,820)
Based Nips.

Compared to MHA

>Only by vol 2

It's doing embarrassing

Once the Super Push ends MHA will go down in sales.

It’s either BC or MHA who will take One Piece’s spot as WSJ’s poster boy so don’t worry


>either BC or MHA

Kimetsu at vol 2 was ranking pretty badly on ToC unlike MHA which had early popularity boom during its early days especially on social media so I’d say MHA is totally on a different league.

Kimetsu was close to getting axed, I'm happy to see that it survived and that it grew to become a top seller.

>04. Black Clover #15 (102,907)
I secretly enjoy Black clover and I'm glad others do too. A guilty pleasure if anything

>console wars on Sup Forums

I just counted. One Piece sold more than 2nd rank to 25th rank combined. So within the same week, a 2 days old One Piece manga volume sold a little more than half of that entire list.

Both of them are really popular though

Dr. Stone, KnY, TPN needed more exposure while Zumou and Haikyuu are just out of question. HxH only lives by its brand and World Trigger might as well be dead.

are you dumb? it's common knowledge that OP is on an entirely different level

>top seller

KnYfags being delusional as always

It's in the top 10 this week, so I wasn't lying.

>close to getting axed

Uhh no, what’s your basis?
If you checked at Livejournal’s WSJ ranking archives, Kimetsu’s lowest rank was at 13th during 2016, which only happened around twice. Despite what you people say about the myth of KnY getting axed, it was sitting between ranks 4-10 most of the time.

I am also happy that Kimetsu is doing well, but its success story in WSJ tends to be overexaggerated by Sup Forums that it’s getting ridiculous.

Jump would sooner axe all of the series in the WSJ other than One Piece than axing One Piece itself.

BC and mha will end before One piece is finished

You can't call a 60k+ seller backing with massive pushing and Togashi shillings recommendation a Top seller.

Laughing at all the faggots in this thread who think OP won't get a Super and a Boruto when it ends.


If that's actually happen you definitely won't be alive anymore to see the end.

>massive pushing

Define “massive pushing” to us.

You are literally implying that WSJ has no rights to promote its running titles especially those who are becoming more established to the magazine despite being new (MHA, BC, TPN, Haikyuu, WT, KnY, Dr. Stone, AssClass)
Only a retarded fanboy will think that any kind of promotion is “massive pushing” while you’re forgetting that Shueisha is a company looking for the next cash cow to take profit and would willingly spend millions of yen so they can cultivate it to be the next manga industry giant.

It won't. It's running for 20 years and counting. DB ran for 11 and Naruto for 15.

When One Piece ends, it will be close to 30 years or maybe actually reaches 30 years. There won't be anymore story content to tell.

Because its fun

Even if this is true, they can put more content to their story and drag it on for a whole year like One Piece, thus getting the potential of becoming WSJ’s huge hit.

It's a long-running shonen manga gifted with actually being good and it appeals to Japan's weird sense of humor.

>01. One Piece #88 (1,301,484)
>02. Ao no Exorcist #21 (144,406)
Ho ly shit.

When One Piece ends, the manga industry will die with it.

What makes you think the whole manga industry will die with it? One Piece is raking billions of dollars for the company, but the competition in manga industry is as tight as ever. No way that the manga industry will die with it when there are way too many aspiring mangakas in Japan

>It’s either BC or MHA
Not even the two combined can do that.

Well all I want is a series that can become big with almost zero mind games happening like AssClass and MHA . Is that really hard to get?

What is the appeal of One Piece?

>38. Kemono Jihen #4 (21,082)
Live you little autist.