Winter 2018 Ranking

Is this accurate?

yuru camp is garbage, so clearly not.


>No Devilman Crybaby, AKA. AOTY


this season was a solid 5.5/10

complete dogshit that will be forgotten come spring

No, but it's not the worst I've seen

Only people that haven't seen Toji no Miko or have seen only one episode, think it's anything but fantastic.

i was about to say no but... actually yeah. swap babysitters with bitoku, and fate/extra with kokkoku and that's actually solid as fuck

oh it's this again

>only things above good are just retarded CGDCT
not even giving a (you) for this shit bait

>Pop Team Retard above anything
hahaha no

franxx should be lower

is that idolish7 in the top left corner?

>miko tho it still feels cgdct

>everyone above good is troglodyte comedy or cgdgt

Move FranXX lower

man you guys actually have horrible taste

Like this but move Yuru Camp and Sora Yori down for being so damn repetitive.

What is with all the newfags in these threads?

Sora Yori and Yuru Camp are the indisputable AOTS, place the rest wherever you like the most.

Basically this. Although personally I prefer Sora Yori.

Killing Bites > Your favorite anime



Post your AOTS so I can judge you

>not Killing Bites and Colors on the top
the fucking state of new Sup Forums

What IS killing bites though?

KB hater.


How is this bad? Are you that cold-hearted?

>KoiAme or Yuru Camp on the top.
>Toji no miko and Saiki in Dogshit Tier.
And thats why nobody takes Vegtards seriously.

>KoiAme or Yuru Camp not on the top.

your fangs are so dull, you wouldn't even be able to bite piece of butter faggot.