Galko is a pure girl

Galko is a pure girl

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Where do I get a slutty gyaru girlfriend Sup Forums?

>first post brings 3d into somewhere it doesn't belong
wow record time for killing a thread, well done user

RIP these bait threads.

How do you know I'm not talking about 3D?
Besides. It was dead on arrival.

>Not talking about 2D
Fuck I can't do anything right today.

So what we can summarize her is that Galko just likes westerners?

She only likes black guys. She said that before.

Pure slut.

Yeah but she also doesn't shut up about american black actors.

Wrong She is HARDCORE in to the white brit. Sorry DeShawn.

She's japanese so no she doesnt

>Pure slut.
The best kind of wife.

Oh no. You must be right she knows a black actor on block buster movie. pft

>Implying Japanese give a shit.
The only people they actively hate based on biology are Koreans and other Asians.

The Japanese don't give a shit about black people one way or the other except for "Foreigner (American)."

asians literally see blacks as subhuman , it's a well known fact

Blacks in japan have a high crime rate. It's really funny. Why these nigs so mad all the time. They are the coolest monkeys after all.

That's strange since she looks like a character straight out of a hentai. In fact I think I've seen a hentai featuring a girl that looks extremely similar to her

Two actually. Wesley Snipes (Who she called handsome) and Sam.

You really should try to not get your information on these matters from Sup Forums and Sup Forums
Most don't give a shit.

Source it. Japanese crime rates say most crimes are comitted by Koreans

Calm down cool monkey.

I win. I have the high ground. It's over.

>This black man is handsome
>This white man has a sexy chin
It's a tie
Pic related is Galko's ideal man

She called him cool the join in on the conversation. But okay.

>even my waifus love black men
Fuck this shit ;_;

false flags

The type of cool she used is also typically used by gyaru to identify attractive men.
Just think about any ntr anime and think about the blonde tanned "Gyaruboy" look.
That'd get the same "cool" from gyaru

lol no

What did she say in nippon

This show was fucking garbage

There is literally nothing wrong with a woman loving black men if they take responsibility. Just ask Gaijin Smash's wife


should have used the futanari edit as your OP pic

>fat blonde with a fetish for nogs

Which means "Cool", "Cool-looking" or "handsome" depending on what you're talking about.
A show or action called "Kakoii" is being called "cool" but a person being called "kakoii" is being called "handsome"
Welcome to asian languages.


Go back to your moe sticks.


34 / 13 / 11
>he is working over time to prove a cartoon called a actor handsome so he can get off.
If I get to this point. Kill me anons.

A person being called "kakoii" can also just be someone who looks cool, smooth, stylish, or someone you can easily admire. As far as specifically the word "handsome", there are a lot of ways to do it in Japanese, and she didn't use any of them. I think this is one of those things that people continue to overhype because of a subtitling choice, but the context isn't specific enough for us to declare what she's thinking.

so only gyaru gals say that ?

That actor is definitely handsome.


All I found was ハンサム
Which is just "Handsome" put through a Japanese accent.
It then said that calling them "Kakoii" was a more Japanese way of doing it?
What are the other ways?

The manga is better because no random NTR arc and the MC is starting to be less of a betamale

Of course not. "Kakkoii" is used by a lot of people, and I'm sure you've heard it in your Chinese cartoons spoken by young, old, men, and women.

The problem isn't that kakkoii means "attractive", it is that it means a lot of things.

>it is that it means a lot of things
Yup, and from what people have said, it's meaning is based entirely on what's being described. Asian languages are weird like that.


UUzone has the vest hentai doujins of Galko

"ikemen" is a noun, whereas "kakkoii" is an adjective. I went and watched the clip real quick (episode 9 in case anybody wants to reference it), and there is nearly zero context to what she's saying. Otako asks if the movie she watched was that good. Galko says it was the best, and that the black actor in it was "chou kakkoyokutte". "chou" is usually a teenager / gyaru term for "very" but again whether she found the actor attractive or cool is utterly vague. Nothing else is mentioned about it before or afterward, so there's zilch in context. Ojou pops in and tries to join the conversation talking about skin tone and pink genitals, acts smug, and then gets told by Galko that she doesn't have to try so hard.

On one hand thanks for knowing so much about it.
On the other, the discussion was fun.
So...have a Galko

Nene though.

Just for more context, she later in the same episode refers to pierced tongues as "kakkoii" even though she is personally unnerved by them. So, who knows. Galko may be just the kind of person who throws the term around without much thought.

pierced tongues are hot

Best Gyaru

>virgins being so desperate to prove some 2d slut isn't in to black guys

well she isn't

>i don't speak any japanese, and that makes me feel stupid and useless because i can't participate in the discussion
We know.

Ikemen can still be used as an adjective. I've lived in Japan so I know.

Does it matter though? Both words work

Just putting a tripfag in his place.

It isn't really the point, though, since she doesn't use "ikemen". Consider this tripfag put in his place, though, I guess.

Yeah she's pure, purely wants my dick.

If it's that big a deal, how about just not replying to them? Or better yet, filtering them? You know, instead of being an argumentative faggot.

Shut up Jamal, I was here first.
T. Tyrone

Is that a bikini? She reminded me of that time when my sister had her bikini under her school uniform and we went to a friends' house with a pool and she started undressing in front of me, I was blushing and feeling awkward until I realise that she had her bikini already on, a really nice memory.

>liking tripfags
lurk more, faggot

Filter them and stop shitposting, faggot.

If you had any reading comprehension skills you could have seen that I was replying to a question asking what other ways there were to say handsome in Japanese.


I'm fine into NTR just dont like blacks in them

I'm fully aware of what you were responding to. Your superiority in Japanese language has been acknowledged. Now would you please do as the other user said and filter me already?

>She's japanese
Hilarious, are Japs just deluded or they actually see themselves as Europeans?
>inb4 muh default human "argument"

Nah, fuck off tripfag. You're not welcome here.

No shit.

Or you could just drop the trip, thereby losing the air of superiority it gives off, and just converse with people on the same level as an anonymous poster. That's also an option, especially considering you're no better than anyone else here.

>Thread derailed by people complaining about how a girl called a black guy "cool"

Sup Forums needs to leave

Hahahaha 'we'
Go make another meme

If I haven't done that in the 11 years I've been here, I'm not doing it now. I've had six thousand arguments about tripfagging, been filtered by probably more anons than I know, and read every insult, seen every memepic or gif, and the only commonality is that I'm still doing what I'm doing. So, like I said, just filter me already. You don't want to deal with me, and I don't want to deal with you either.

You have not been here 11 years under that trip. I know because I've been here since 2006. I'm not the only one telling you to fuck off now, either.

Niggers should, from my country.

>the 11 years I've been here
Bullshit. The archives only show that secure trip going back to around 2017, and I haven't even seen it until recently.
>the only commonality is that I'm still doing what I'm doing
No, the only commonality is that you've summarily ignored every argument given to you because none of them are what you, or your massive ego, want to hear. You're nobody, and you never will be, tripfag or not.

You have to conquer them some clay and give it to them as a country first. Hasn't Britian and Isreal taught you anything about how this works?

>Galko threads will always be Sup Forums

>Because that's one of the benefits of having a trip. You can actually look me up.
Yeah, but that's not a benefit to anyone but you. I assure you, no one is looking you up for anything, unless it's some stupid argument like this one where your credibility is called into question. No, being able to look you up is really just for you, so YOU can look YOURSELF up and jack off to the thought that you've been here for some arbitrary amount of time you think makes you an "oldfag" or whatever. That's about as pathetic as having a trip in the first place, let alone a secure one.

that shits cute as hell

I've been more interested in galko-nee and otabro stuff since the bar chapter.

>You say tripfags carry an air of superiority
You do. Absolutely nothing you have to say requires any identification at all.
>You have a filter system.
And you have the ability to just not type anything into the name field, but you choose not to. Just like I choose to not filter you and derail any thread you bother to post in.

blame BLACKED memers


mods = gods

>sees the word "girlfriend"
jesus fuck, has this place really gotten this bad?

This is what happens when you get new waves of kids who think they're in on the jokes and actually aren't. Pretty much Sup Forums in general as the years go on.

Jesus i haven't seen that site in ages

Well Samuel L Jackson and Wesley Snipes are cool so i can't blame her

Is this what modern school girls use now?



Stop! Galko isn't slut. She wants pure happy marriage


3DPD is an old unused meme at this point. Are you new?