She said she'll kill you

What do?


Beg for my life with an erection.


Put me out of my misery from living in this god-awful franchise


She can say anything she wants, thats not how this world works.

I want to lick Tets anus.

no u

Finally the sweet release of death comes

fight back

Provoke her

kill my dick first

If she kills me with her pussy, then I die happy

Eat her pussy first.

Does Tet have a vagina?

What if Tet is actually a girl?

Please no, he's a cute shota.

Cockblock her through suicide.

We need prove on that.

Won't work, she was after your head.

ask if she wants to experience human procreation before she does

Ask her if she's prepared to face my deadly Monzetsu Fist

embrace the sweet release of death

Ask her to fuck me to death.

Why is Sup Forums so horny and willing to die?

Billions of years of evolution.