Made in Abyss: Bondrewd

My theory on Bondrewd is that he didn't do anything wrong, but was pushed into his position by unfortunate circumstances. The monster he became was a byproduct of the situation. He wasn't born with immense strength and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. There isn't much to go on, but I reckon his original motives, while maybe selfish, were nonetheless noble at the same time.
He likely needed strength and sought after it in earnest. With that strength he found himself in a position where he learned the true nature of the Abyss and it's 2000 year cycle. An undying mission to save humanity, and himself, from disaster began. He needed even more power to unravel the secrets of the Abyss. Perhaps in actuality he once knew what needed to be done: go to the 6th+ layers of the abyss, accomplish X goal, and return intact. As time passed and he divided his consciousness even more he lost himself.
He needed more power. He needed to conduct more research. He needed to get to the sixth layer and come back in one piece. His search for power and knowledge to overcome this problem blinded him. The search for an answer - a method to overcome the curse in order to save everything from destruction - in conjunction with his consciousness splitting repeatedly drove him mad to the point that his obsession with this problem is all the lingers from his past self. In the end he forgot why he needed to go to the sixth layer and come back. All that remained was overcome this obstacle at all costs.
Desperation bred horror. Human test subjects, potentially entire towns, cities, states destroyed to accomplish this goal. The entire ecosystem of the Abyss rests on Bondrewd's shoulders. He has the technology to create and maintain a base on the fifth layer. If Bondrewd deemed it necessary he could theoretically bar all entry to the deeper levels; he clearly has the power to traverse them safely. Orth is at the mercy of Bondrewd whether they are aware of it or not.

The only White Whistle not trapped by the curse currently is Ozen. It is entirely feasible that Ozen would deem it not worth risking a fight with Bondrewd so long as a very deep line isn't crossed.

remember Ozen's "failing memory" that is mentioned many times? Ozen, once upon a time knew what Bondrewd was trying to accomplish. Maybe she remembers in some capacity, but here we are with Bondrewd conducting horrible experiments and Ozen doesn't seem too keen on stopping him. The stage is set by the author for Bondrewd to be a failed attempt by mankind to save itself from the Abyss's 2000 year cycle.
This may also explain why two more white whistles are down in the 6th+ layers of the Abyss. They may be assisting Bondrewd's mission to save the surface world and are relying on Bondrewd to find a way for them to return. Ozen may be stationed at Seeker camp to insure a means of backup on their return trip if needed. Or perhaps to evade dangers on the surface (she may know, or at least once knew, that she is the ONLY "operational" White Whistle currently).
So in the end Bondrewd and potentially all the other White Whistles are all in on an attempted rescue mission for humanity. Lyza was originally supposed to take Ozen's place as the protector of Orth while Ozen goes and helps the other three white whistles(probably because she was the most experienced) prevent the 2000 year cycle.

TLDR: Rumble of Scientific Triumph


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>This may also explain why two more white whistles are down in the 6th+ layers of the Abyss. They may be assisting Bondrewd's mission to save the surface world and are relying on Bondrewd to find a way for them to return.
that seems unlikely because Bondrewd mentions that Srajo and Wakuna departed for the lowers levels suddenly without warning. Now that isn't to say that they didn't depart to help with the project, but it could just as well be for their own reasoning separate from Bondrewd altogether. In the end we won't really know until we encounter at least one of them.

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Lyza thirsts for the blood of monsters and foreign delvers

Yeah, Bun must pay for her crimes.

Clearly there are female delvers, and Praying Hands are made out of black whistles infected by Zoaholic, so does that mean that Bondrewd has female bodies?

Is that what the breeding compartments were for


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So what will Riko's title be when she gets a white whistle?

>remember Ozen's "failing memory" that is mentioned many times?
No, I don't. Are you talking about that time she lied to the group?
>They may be assisting Bondrewd's mission
No they aren't. There is clearly a level of dislike between them and bonedrewed: they departed without notice and he called them rude.

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Do we know if Srajo and Wakuna share similar views of Bondrewd as Ozen or are you extrapolating?

TLDR: #BondrewdDidNothingWrong

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Would someone be as so kind to post a few caps of moth from the manga please?

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Scientist villains (with the exception of mad scientists) almost always have somewhat noble intentions. They want to discover something for the benefit of humanity. Whether or not they become a villain depends on the means to their end. Bondrewd trapped a bunch of orphans in undying fleshy pain husks, which is probably enough to call him evil.

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Random question but Bondrewd referred to Wakuna as an old man, so do you think he's older than or a similar age to Ozen?

I kinda extrapolate, but there's no reason to believe otherwise. They obviously don't get along well.

Well it could just be that Bondrewd thinks they're rude for hanging out in the fifth layer for so long and not helping with his research and they could be apathetic to him.

Since his research gets results, maybe they just turn a blind eye to the horrific ethical violations and tolerate him. Doesn’t mean they have to like him of course

Lord of Bumbling.
Since she bubled into all of it.
>when will she become a badass like the other white whistles
She won't. She's still red whistle tier after all of this. She'll be lucky to reach blue whistle tier, frankly. Getting to black and deserved white whistle tier is impossible, getting to moon whistle tier would take a miracle and some asspulls but it's not impossible.

And this is assuming she even gets to keep Prushka. It may be another compass.

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I took that to mean that Bondrewd figured they both knew something that they weren't telling him and he was butthurt about it

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What would Bonedaddy do if he was the survivor in Risk of Rain?

Her little claws (?) are quite rounded and cute here.

Well they did take Mitty Outback to nuke her.

Dissect everything critter he meets while delving deeper into the planet. Also depends on if he has zoaholic with him or not

Well it could be that too, either way we don't really have much to go on for the Lord of Guidance and funnily enough Lord of Mystery.


God I love those last two panels, it really captures just how excited Bondrewd is to share his research with his bun.


Why is the bug so cute? I really hope this next chapter is a reg/faputa chapter.

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He only called them rude because they bypassed Idofront to initiate their last dives without saying a single fucking word to him, knowing full well he's the managing director of the entire facility and have plenty of history with him as teammates and colleagues, I'd say that bit is plenty reasonable. But it's also unlikely the other white whistles aren't aware of what horrors he's willing and able to commit in the name of scientific advancement, we don't know how much they know or what exactly they've seen him do but if one thing's for sure you only need to meet the man once or twice to realize what a twisted fuck he is. And even then he has ways of repeatedly surpassing expectations.

Bottom line, even a gang of creepy autistic survivalist superhuman kooks can't possibly stomach the shit he's done if they have a single shred of humanity left about them, my guess is they think he's a sick bastard even by the harsh and brutal standards of white whistle delvers, but that they don't necessarily harbor hatred or hostility since it seems none of them have ever directly wronged eachother, and simply chose to avoid direct contact. We all have that one guy we try to hide our face when they come nearby, and when they notice you you're like "Ohhhh, heeeey. How's it going?" It's kind of like that, not enemies but damn it I did not want to talk to that fucking guy right now.

I think all of them might be like that though, Bondrewd being an obvious exception due to his quirk of being extremely sociable and unwaveringly polite no matter who what when where or why. Ozen and Lyza were also unique being master and apprentice but other than that I highly doubt any of them actually liked eachother.

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I always found it funny that Ozen decided not to go down to the fifth layer, it was like she was
>oh those fucks are going down there? Yeah nah I think I'm fine here at the lookout.

Ozen hates staunchy bastards

Surely Bondrewd would have known he didn't remember his original goal? And then wouldn't he have commented on it to Reg, Nanachi, or Riku?


Id trade all of my relics to get that page in color.
Knowing how far the anime is from Value Village hurts me.

She seems like she's become very apathetic and mellow in her old age, fighting Reg was probably the most excited she'd been in years. Plus the seeker camp is comfiness incarnate, even the call of the abyss would have trouble pulling you from a cozy sanctuary in an inverted forest with trap maids and thick medium rare steaks slightly more on the rare side. Had one of those for dinner tonight, lord have mercy they came out perfect. But yeah, I don't blame her at all for shacking up and embracing hikki life, plus delvers are always coming and going so you're always meeting new people and having someone to talk to.

>Srajo the Obscure
>Srajo the Eldritch
>Srajo the Mysterious
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Bondrewd? More Like Bonerdude.

His title is so mysterious no one actually knows what it is.

>Srajo the _

5 white whistles = 5 stages of grief

Denial - ?
Anger - ?
Bargaining - ?
Depression - Ozen
Acceptance - Bondrewd

Bondrewd is accepting the 2000 year cycle and instead was trying to find a way to survive it.
It also makes sense that the 3 most active stages of grief are the 3 white whistles who went into their "last dive".

Srajo the 「 」

Anger - Lyza
Denial - Srajo
Bargaining - Wakunda



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Why is Faputa so flat? It goes against the trend of blessed forms with bare chests.

>Because she's not a standard Narehate you speedreader

Hard to say which one he prefers though, he's gotten rock hard from all three.

Can’t wait for the fight between Reg and fluffbone to be animated

Would stalkers make good delvers?

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are stalkers better delvers?

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It's probably more straightforward that anything like that. He got caught doing some illegal shit in his home country and fled to the Abyss to hide. Lost his humanity from going too deep like the other white whistles and could no longer hold himself back from turning children into soup.

Exosuits, magic slav guns and artifacts that improve resistance to most types of harm.

Who would win? A experienced stalker or a black whistle?

Why did the town guy consider Bunbun to be a "real" Narahate even though she was made by Bondrewd while the natural ones weren't?

Nanachi's a real narehate because she was hit by the curse.

The narehates in the village are such because they gave up on their goals.

I think the other narehate weren't formed by ascending up the layers which would be the "real" way to become one. Something else happened to turn the villagers into narehate that didn't involve ascending.

taking away guns and sci-fi tech both have;
-veteran survival skills
-experience fighting ungodly creatures
-used to constant exposure to harmful radiation
-resistance to mind fuckery, at least through natural selection

I'd put my bet on the stalkers since they have the added experience of constantly trying to kill each other.

But Lyra murdered plenty of other Delvers.

Now only if the Abyss had more factions fighting eachother for control of areas with good artifacts

So were the sages and Veko trying to create their own version of curse?
Because that would explain Veko saying they were creating their own hell inside the abyss.

It doesn't make sense that it doesn't have a big military presence or something, if it contains things that can "shift the balance of powers" and there are lots of foreign delvers around.

Imagine what a faction war between the white whistles would look like?