Any hope bros? Or forever doomed to remain in paper?

Any hope bros? Or forever doomed to remain in paper?

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There's an anime for this in case you missed it.

>tfw not even an OVA after the anime ends

I know man but I'm wondering if there's any chance of a season 2 for my boys Quenser and Heivia

Same. I liked the anime a lot better than the LN.


2d > 3d, even h&q knew this

New volume fucking when?

I just want season 2!!

why is she so cute? I want Quenser to give her the D.

Quenser only belongs to Heivia

I want a season 2 for more tasty princess.

Just read the LN. Unless it gets a spinoff, the chances for a new anime are practically zero.
Cover and summary should be out soon, in the next few days. Volume comes out next month.

There is always hope!

Always wondered, you guys always talk about Heivia Quenser being bros but as someone who only watched the anime it felt like Quenser had all the spotlight and was the only one really saving the day while Heivia used most of his screentime whinning about not wanting to do cools things do blow some cools giants robots.
Was is a bad adaptation? If not does it actually improve later on?

If you had personal maid harem at home, would you like to risk your life and grow into more and more of an enemy of a state?

>Hoes before bros
user, what're you doing?

after Index S3

Heivia doesn't want to die because of his fiance and the conflict between his family and hers. Also, at being noble, he already have a harem waiting for him.
He gets a lot of good mini arcs and is my favorite character in HO.

Season 2 is never happening

If it gives you any solace for no HO season two, know that Kakine (index) is the TRUE NUMBER ONE

Its fate my HO brothers, for you see in that crossover that fine gentleman Heivia chose to dress up as Kakine.


Sasuga true number 0.

I want to punch Mariydi so much!

Bros are not supposed to D each other, bro.

The main problem with the HO adaption is that it only adapted the books that served to establish the basic setting, not the ones where Kamachi decides to go off the rails.

>it's already been 2 years since HO aired
fucking hell

Frolaytia a pile of shit

Well the anime original bull at the end was garbo. I think it's volume 6 that really gets things going as that's the volume where the brass got tired of them wrecking objects so they got reassigned. Multiple times because apparently there's no shortage of trouble to find even in bumfuck nowhere.


Who is Himegami of Heavy Object?

I want to see her glowing bright red when Qwenser confesses to her.

>Volume comes out next month.

didn't otaku boycott this anime because they were butthurt about not getting another season of index?

Back in 2014 there was a dengeki event with a bunch of Index-related stuff going on, including the series 10th anniversary. They announced Heavy Object when people expected Index 3 which caused significant butthurt.
The show probably wouldn't have flopped as hard as it did were it not for that. But now Index 3 is airing this year so if they decide to adapt his next series Blood Sign no one will be upset.

You can't make this shit up. Kakine the forever jobber

I will be upset because Shit Sign is shit.

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No one gives a shit about your feelings, so tough luck.

Barking at the wrong tree. Only degenerates you phones for anything but calling people.
Not as tough as knowing that Lessar sucks hundreds of dicks per day.

My boys didn't deserve this sad fate!

Frolaytia is an ugly old hag!


I love her Yoohoo.

I just want more of best commanding officer.

Is this the latent Raildex thread?

No, just because a couple of tumors found their way here doesn't mean it's a Raildex thread.

Sorry but every Kamachi's series serves as a thread for all the series, we wouldn't have HO and BS threads otherwise.

lol, every time any other series besides Index is brought up it gets shitposted to death

Fuck off shitposter.

I would say that to be true for Railgun, but not HO and BS. Maybe there are 1-2 shitposters about BS but not for HO.

I'm fine with just paper, I don't ever wanna see my favorite novel getting butchered this bad again.

Other than the last 2 filler episodes and sometimes the sounds of explosions what was bad about it ?
I think the pacing,animation, voice acting was great and I had a blast watching it.

Actually I'm more worried about the novel itself getting cancelled because Kamachi has 7 new series in the work. Although I wish one of them is a Maryidi spinoff, or an Information Alliance spinoff

>Kamachi has 7 new series in the work
he has 7 series with their first volumes set up, but that doesn't mean any of them are getting released

She really calls me to attention

Everyone knows she's the best and I love it!

Wait what?
When was that said, I hadn't been here for a week now

Anime needs more teases

H&Q will make trouble if there's no trouble come hell or high water.

>tfw no Blood Sign anime
I want to see Kyousuke foaming at the mouth every time the White Queen pops up animated.

Beside the shit animation and CG work, they just didn't get the tone of the story right. The anime miss a ton of thing that makes the novel special, that 80' buddy cop feel, all the hilarious violence, the /k/ommando parts, even things Kamachi repeatedly mention every chapters like lasers being actually as fast as light as they should are completely ignored in the anime. The story is also diluted and makes the writing feels worse. Like the part where Quenser notice the steel sheets Slader block the princess's ejection space with thanks to the typical anime flash thing, because they didn't bother animating all the reasons and actions Quenser did that led him to notice it and save Milinda. There's a ton of such mistakes and oversimplification of the script that rubbed me the wrong way and I ended up hating the anime.
I also think the only VA they got right was frolay's, and that's only because it was a total no brainer

Of course the anime would still be fun for anyone who watch it casually, I'm not saying anyone who like it have shit tastes or anything, but it's quite literally my favorite novel ever (not even just lightnovel), and I know exactly why I feel this way about it, so every little thing missing or misrepresented in the anime was obviously going to piss me off to no ends

Why do they looks like they're working together here

It's a cover, covers lie, if Kyousuke isn't thinking about how he's going to murder the White Queen this week it's not Kyousuke.

Understandable, I kinda feel the same way for Index since it is my favorite novel too, but maybe you should be a little more relaxed about it.
The Index anime wasn't as good as the novels were but I could understand all the hard work and love the poured into it and I believe it's the same for HO.
Also I disagree about the CG, I actually quite liked it and I couldn't really find any problem with the animation.

>favorite novel ever (not even just lightnovel)
Uh, okay. I don't really know what to say against that. I mean, I like it too (I even liked the adaptation), it's a lot of fun, but maybe you should try reading more actual novels.

What actual novels? Good literature stopped being produced 80 years ago, nowadays you shut up and pick up your favorite piece of pulpy garbage or stick to reading the classics, I won't blame the sucker for liking HO over Joyce's stuff and similar nonsense.

Good, this was just scary. I'm still just on vol2

I think its honestly more impressive how highly he thinks of the white queen, he might very well put more stock in the white queen then even the white queen herself.

She's basically the single most important person in his life.

doesn't change the fact he wants to permanently rid the world of her and her utter bullshit.

Maybe Mariydi or Ohoho series.

Q&H anime flopped horribly. Like really horribly.

Well yeah, but he's basically the pirate captain from this comic.

yup, thats pretty accurate.

You realize this shit still got 3x better treatment than average LN adaptation right? Two cours for like 3 novel volumes. That's almost unheard of.

The main problems with HO anime was that first arc sucked dicks (just like in LN) and they baited people into believing it's about girls in mecha fighting. When anime only nips realized it's about two dudes most dropped it. Anime got good around episodes 5-6 and by that point 80% already dropped it.

The average LN isn't HO

>When anime only nips realized it's about two dudes most dropped it
But Index is about one dude
Back Bullet is about one dude
Almost every single LNs are about one dude
When Boo Boo will get animated (lmao) they'll drop it because Beatrice isn't a submissive bitch too.

I really should finish Black Bullet.

>But Index is about one dude
>Back Bullet is about one dude
Difference is the marketing didn't make it seems like they're the main characters, like at all. It is, no matter how you look at it, a bait and switch.

>BooBoo animated
Yes please, I need to see Bone Wave animated.

>Heavy Object thread
>Implying it won't become Kamachiland general

>Difference is the marketing didn't make it seems like they're the main characters
What the fuck m8? It didn't need to advertise it because male MCs are the status quo and that's what every single LN shitters are expecting.
If anything they would drop HO faster if a girl was the MC. Just like how the sales of the LN tank with each Maryidi volumes.

>that's what every single LN shitters are expecting
Clearly it was not, because every piece of media about it focused on Princess. The marketing itself made them not expecting status quo.

>Almost every single LNs are about one dude

Dude interacting with girls not another dude.

Also, out of top10 best selling LN of all time one has male MC and it's fucking SAO. 90% of those male lead LN adaptations fail hard.

>When Boo Boo will get animated

>they'll drop it because Beatrice isn't a submissive bitch

Are you legit retarded? The vast majority of most popular anime girls are tsunderes or bitches. Or don't interact with males at all. Stop acting like anime is stuck in 90's.

>Just like how the sales of the LN tank with each Maryidi volumes

They drop with every volume. And first Maryidi one is the best selling volume of the series.

The vast majority of most popular anime girls aren't the MCs.

>One dude
Don't you mean one guy ?


>Dude interacting with girls not another dude.
Should Quenser become the legendary Quensette after all?

Don't do it. Don't make a Raildex thread.

Alright anons time to rate your elites


lolis >> rest >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> males

Myonri is a miracle of the HO series

Dumb Homuposter.

Please kick me and step on me, Frolaytia-san.

I feel like Umidoori would fit in well with the HO world. Not sure why.

Relax user, we can co-exist. Besides, we had a great thread yesterday so anons are basking in the afterglow