We all agree on this right?

We all agree on this right?

Your chart has literally everything wrong.

It really doesn't. Go back to r/anime.

got a chuckle out of me, mainly due to kirby's placement

more like i dont know wtf im doing compas

But everything on your chart is shit that would be at home on the front page of r/anime.


Put quotations around "Deep", "Bland", and "Shallow" then you would be correct

did you randomize a list of 100 anime and pick the top 15

and then randomize the placements of all those 15

just fucking take them

Where is Katanagatari?

>169490364 (You)

even though its bait, what could someone possibly see in Little Witch Academia that was deep or stylish?

but Sup Forums loves all these animes

>no seinfeld


>Kirby Right Back at Ya



>my favorite anime is, wait for it, drumroll please... Corey in the House!
>get it because its not actually an anime! remember to smash my like button
Can you just shut the fuck up already? I bet you make the attack helicopter gender joke too. We've all heard this shit before, and its not funny when you do it for the thousandth time

Third axis for good and bad fanbases

Why does the libertarian right always have the best shit?

What the hell!

fucking newfag

At least Bake is in the right spot

You know what to do

No, Nisemonogatari is unironically deeper than Bake.



>Kiss x Sis

I get it

I'd say they are on par, Nise has a few good stuff here and there but it's mostly comedy and fanservice. Bake's first and maybe second arc are good but the rest is shallow failed romance shit

>le i don't give (you's) because i respond with le epic wrong tag xDDD
Go back to whatever containment board you came from, people here (for the most part) know to actually not respond instead taking bait while pretending they didn't.

Ah I get it
It's an ironic chart
It all makes sense now

Wasn’t nise the one that has the toothbrush part? I dropped there

Their cunnies.

This is just retarded relativism. You're making facetious and spurious comparisons in order to feel control over them because you're pathetic and mentally underdevelop

Classic case of newfags trying to call out other newfags

kek yes, keep watching tho the other seasons are overall more serious with some pretty touching character arcs




Christ, Bakemonogatari is the new evangelion

>being a heliphobe in 2018

It's really irritating how the LWA logo still has white sections that weren't caught by the magic wand tool

And this isn't even getting into the awful resizing and resultant jagged edges on some of the other ones, and how the axes labels are not properly aligned.

0/10 compass for bad graphic design


I'm seriously LMAOing @ u


Good job

you almost got me with kirby. now fuck off


tl; "deep" means "slife of life" and "stylish" means "I like it"

Terrible chart.

Sure why not

No. Fuck off back to r/anime or whatever shithole you came from.

Except that r/anime would agree on bakemonogatari.

Excellent bait.

It's fascinating how people seem to know so much about Reddit's opinion on anime. I've never used it so I wouldn't know.
Oh well.


>Bumping an almost dead thread just to post that you weren't baited


Hello Rëddit.

Bad shop speaks for itself


>this thread

Where does Kill La Kill stand on the chart?

Thank god this is just a bait image, or I would never forgive you for disrespecting Hidamari Sketch's style.

I agree with this one.

Literally laughing my ass off

>OPM, go and bnha
>Not Reddit
Failed again

Do you faggots seriously base all of your opinions on what people you hate dislike/like

Because it's the only political ideology that makes sense.

I see what OP did. He placed them properly and then rotated the placements 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Hey someone post that big iceberg depth chart. That's something we all agree is pretty shit.

Go back.

The guy is trying to separate Mal and Reddit even though their user base is basically the same. Give him some slack.

Fuck steins;gate, nothing but a fucking autist playing with his microwave for a solid 12 episodes.

The axis just can't work as the titles are distributed now. Series placement not withstanding, if you were to remake the chart Sup Forums should be opposite reddit and Sup Forums opposite MAL.

>bland and shallow

Just because you're turned off by one toothbrush scene doesn't mean you should pant the entire arc.

I didn't like Nise that much, it felt pretentious as hell for most of the time, especially the whole Karen arc.


switch bake with nise

How do I finish this?

right click the image, select delete then click "Yes"

High tier, my man.

just been here for too long

Pick one


I actually kinda agree with this one.