What the fuck

what the fuck

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I want to rub those brows.

Is this love lab? The show about romantic relationships with boys where they refuse to have romantic relationships with boys?


New chapter translated when?

And the problem is? You don't like cute girls wanting to fall in love?



Editing will be finished next week.

I fucking love Maki.

Oh thank god. I legit thought you were dead.

Did Miyahara start another series after Kawaisou ended?


Fuck off back to your containment board.


>make hetshit
>sprinkle yuribait all over it
>be surprised when it doesn't sell

this is Riko
Riko is very cute
say something nice about Riko

More like
>Make non-harem het
>It doesn't sell
I can't remember the last time I saw a hetero romance up at the top of the charts. It's always the season idol show and the seasonal yuribait shows.

>Heterosexual relationships
Absolutely disgusting

God dammit Riko's too fucking cute.

nice fives Riko

she is wild? or is she mild?

I wish they had a better uniform. Green color doesnt fit at all

sexuality is a spook


mild in the streets wild in the sheets


Why are lovestruck girls the cutest? They just want a nice husband to love.

She's the best girl.

>R: Nagi! I love you!
>R: I love you so much! // So hurry up and love me!

>N: Will you knock it off!?
>R: Hooray, you turned red!
>N: So did you!
>R: I want you to be filled with love for me!
>R: So I'm not gonna hold back!
>R: Then we'll be even, so hurry up and give in! // I love you!
>N: Don't tack that on at the end!

Noel is about as emotionless as they come though.

She will make a lovely wife

Was Riko the first Lab to confess?

expressionless =/= emotionless. She wants to be loved and cuddled just like every cute girl

This might be one of my favorite images. It looks fantastic.

Ruri does god tier art when she puts effort into it. Don't think there's anyone who does blushes better.

So many best girls may seem somewhat emotionless face-wise, but in fact, you just have to know how to look.

I love fucking maki.
and her 7 vaganias

I love fucking Maki.


I love the in-between frames in this show. Such bouncy animation.


It is all very lively. I love it. Maki should also have more confidence in herself. She is popular and very pretty!

Yup, Love Lab has the 2nd best character animation for a Dogakobo show.

So aggressive! Thanks for the translation.

Dogakobo does great animation. It really helps bring out the energy behind the comedy.

The thumbnail makes it look like she's doing something completely different.

I like girls who know what they want and aren't afraid to get it.

Cute with all her hairstyles!

When is this cute boy going to ditch this evil Jewish witch and find a girl who actually loves him?

I've given up on any hopes for a S2 so new chapter when

Thursday is the best one though.

Green hair a shit, I only want S2 if they don't waste screentime on that unattractive lump

I would a makio

Rude. Loli Suzu wouldn't want to hear that from you.

Of course. Ponytail is always #1 hairstyle on any girl.


Sorry to break it to you gents but Tuesdays mini-half-updo is the best.


what the fuck

maybe more

she wacky if you know what I mean


thanks grimsby

>slut lab
Girls can't love boys.

yeah bro, chicks are for fags

A second season would worry me because there's probably no way they could recapture the fantastic visual flair of the first.

Honestly, I've not really been satisfied with any of the Masahiko Ohta/Takashi Aoshima output at Dogakobo since Love Lab. Umaru (didn't watch S2) and GabDro had their moments I guess, but neither of those shows were as consistently well-animated as Love Lab or the two YRYR seasons.

I'm still of the firm belief that Dogakobo's golden age (or at least the period where they put out really polished shows) ended with Mikakunin.

this is why you don't ask girls for relationship advice

too busy making sequels to shit anime

What's wrong with Nozaki

I did enjoy Nozaki a lot but it felt like a more conservative production than the other shows, so it wasn't quite as memorable to me as far as animation goes.

Still good though.

The production in Nozaki wasn't really that outstanding.

It's great and fun and all, but more due to how strong the source material is.

>/u/ is still mad after all these years
feels good


What's the problem?

>this is a middle schooler


Best boy

I watched this show purely for the brocon

I miss Love Lab so much.

It would be fine if Dogakobo did it.

You wanted a romcom? Too bad, here another moeblob show


>tfw no Riko fangplay
>putting both of your hands on her cheeks
>slowly sliding both your thumbs to her fangs
>gently caressing them

She's an evil, lying vampire.

How is Maki so soft and yet so bouncy?

>So hurry up and love me!

>Is this love lab? The show about romantic relationships with boys where they refuse to have romantic relationships with b

she wacky.

I want to cum on her eyebrows.

Lying cunts.

Volume 14 when

What's wrong OP?

>you will never be her classmate in middle school and help her do hands-on love research

Tomboys are love, tomboys are life.

Nice quads

6 months. give or take.

rub these rabus

How the fuck did the one guy tame the Jew?

By stuffing his face under her skirt, of course.

>just be urself
isn't advice

This show is a moe masterpiece

Mikakunin was the last show where they put a ton of emphasis on character animation.