Mitsuboshi Colors

What the fuck is her problem?

She's a chuuni in the making.

Sacchan is cute

She is frustrated because she sucks at video games

She needs an adult dick inside of her.

Nothing is wrong with my daughteru and her lovely hats

Sup Forums

Shes just the best

Post the seamless version.

She needs to be put down

What was on her thumb?

Virgin souls


What is her major malfunction?

I want to abduct the Colors and force them into sexual slavery!

She has to compensate for sucking at vidya.

Times sure were tough at the concentration camps.


Who is this bearded monster?


But that's a mustache.




I want to Sekuhara with Yui.

>missing a father figure in the family.

The art of CQC

She just wants to beat video games and gets bullied about it all the time.

No wonder she wants the world to crash and burn.

>expect Sup Forums
>receive /k/otoha