Slowpoke watches White Album 1

Hahaha, what the fuck am I watching?

>tfw you weren't on Sup Forums in 2009 to experience this show with them

It wasn't exactly popular

RIP Obaa-chan

NTR Anime
Yuki a slut

I don't know WHAT the fuck is going on, but I like it.

Oh, NOW he shows restraint?

>I pissed my pants so I lost memory: The Show.

>""cleaning up""



She was more erotic than even Yayoi since you know she'd fuck whoever.

Menou did nothing wrong



Dat concert tho. That was heartwarming.

>not 2

>that ending

What the fuck, it was a happy ending. I could've sworn you guys said he ended up alone after fucking everyone.

Overall I guess it was okay since the pieces came together in the last third, but it took quite a long time to watch.

On that note, this PSA remains relevant: White Album 1 and White Album 2 are essentially separate stories. You can watch 2 without watching 1 first.

nobody watched it bro

Hated that slut so much.

He did ended up alone. Both Rina & Yuki's Idol career skyrocketed so they don't have time to talk to him. And at the end scene, Touya might just be calling to pic related

Like the truck of an angry god.

I prefer the implication that he finally answered Yuki's years of waiting on him to remember.

Touya is the chaddest mc.

>made this years ago without watching the show until now
I should do the katakana too sometime.

Goodnight, Sup Forums

Yuki's unpure. He should go for Rina or pic related

How exactly was the old lady planning to have Menou perform live?

Lip syncing like every other pop singer