Dragon Ball Super

Praise Him! Adore Him!

He did nothing wrong

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What is this? A ningen for ants?


Zamasu LITERALLY did nothing wrong.

Pathetic compared to the anime version.

jesus christ this looks awful

Which angel would give the best throat-fuck and why would it be Whis?

desu i think it would be martinu

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Part of me was disappointed we didn't get green skin and pink hair.

>Touches your waifu inappropriately

wot do?

Tell her to go Legendary Ultra Instinct.

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Don't worry, Caulifag gets some too


Can someone explain to me why Future Trunks' timeline even exists? If new timelines are only created when someone time travels in an existing timeline further back in time than someone previously had, and there was only one "original" before time travel started splitting timelines, it should be impossible.

The way I see it, the timelines are...

>Timeline 1
The "original" timeline. Goku gets the heart virus and dies, Androids fuck shit up. Trunks and Bulma create a time machine, and Trunks goes back in time, creating...

>Timeline 2
The first split timeline. Trunks goes arrives and tells Goku about the androids and gives him the virus medicine. We don't know a lot of what happened, because crucially, this timeline was devoid of the influence of cell, since that time travel split didn't happen yet.

Whatever happened, Trunks became capable of stopping the androids in his time (Probably Gero's remote) and returns to the future and destroys them. He gets jumped by Cell who steals his time machine and goes back in time earlier than Trunks did, splitting the timeline and creating...

>Timeline 3
The timeline of the show. We know what happens here, but crucially, one of those events is the arrival of Trunks. He comes from a timeline identical to Timeline 1, but clearly NOT the same as Timeline 1 (Since that Trunks was killed by Cell). He must have come from a new, fourth timeline.

But why did the timeline even exist? No other time travel happened to have caused the split, so logically it shouldn't exist.

>ever even interacting with a subsaiyan
Humans are a bottom-tier species.
Even her could destroy the entire planet.

ty doctor

Do you love Vados

How can Vados even compete?

Zamasu did nothing wrong when his universe's mortal development level was ranked 8th out of 12, when his universe's Hakaishin is lazy as fuck, and when the Kaioshin wants to just observe mortals.

Zamasu wanted to take a more active stance, and it's clear that the top 4 universes all have gods that are very active in their universe's development. If he were in one of those universes, he might have actually been a really good guy.


But I am best angel , yes

I want to marry Cus.

Cell's arrival causes the split.

Timeline 3 splits into timeline 3 & 4, one where Trunks goes back to 2, and one where Cell shows up and Trunks goes back to 1.

>Zero interesting angles
>No intensity whatsoever
>Only "decent art"
>Just a basic back view and camera panning

Did Toei ran out of creativity? this was supposed to be an important transformation wtf it looks so uninspired.


I like to imagine Marcarita’s dumb as a post and that, while Belmod and Kai are meeting and discussing universal matters, Marcarita’s sitting on the sides playing with her hair or being distracted by Belmod with a laser pointer.

The splits only ever create one time line, where the difference is the one caused by the split. The only difference between the first timeline and the second are those directly caused by Trunks. A second new timeline wasn't created when Trunks traveled back the first time, why did it happen when Cell did it?

And even if that's what caused it, why did Cell traveling back in time produce a brand new timeline utterly DEVOID of his influence. And then, why didn't the "Timeline 4" Trunks traveling back in time create a fifth timeline?

What would you wish for if you won the ToP for your tournament?

for your team

s-so user that means is there's still a chance between us?


That I become the new Omni-king. Appoint Goku and Jiren as my angels and re-create a better multiverse.

Because Cell only manages to go to the past when Trunks goes to the past. So there was a timeline without him. When he travels back to the same time as Trunks, Trunk reacts to Cell, splitting the timeline.

So there are 3 past timelines. 1 with no travelers, 1 with just trunks, and 1 with both that we see.

That all depends on your ass licking skills

Morning Sup Forums

how many levels of super shitposting are you on right now?

If I see someone write Bills again...

Merge all the universes into U7 so their combined mortal level meets Zeno's standards, convince Zeno we can have everyone train and have an even more tanoshi waku waku tournament later if not. Also Champa becomes my butt slave

WHAT THE FUCK was funimation thinking with approving this intro?


Fine then

>no good CabbaXVegeta doujins
I should just kill myself

she looks like caca

But he did it perfectly.


Cauli was made for constant breeding.

Why didn't they just have Caulifla go 3 or something instead of the fusion? Kefla doesn't even seem like a combination involving Kale, just Caulifla with lime green hair

Exactly, she's perfect.

bills pls

Because Toei writers can't stray from Toriyama's outline, and he said Caulifla would only get to up to SS2 in the ToP. It's why she doesn't have SS2 before the ToP in the manga.

Cabba isn't a deviant.

Today, I will remind them

>interesting angles
Found the animejay fag.

How would Cell be if he trained for 4 months?

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Get back to me in the second half of our off-week.

Who cares about ss3? It's for jobbers.

>4fps gif
What did he mean by this.

But I don't have a significant other for you to fuck.

>posting cursed images

Honestly, what a remarkable guy.

Would you?


>that outfit

For Vegeta to be the main character

The only thing I'm hoping from the ToP now is that Goku let's Vegeta make the wish. He pushed and fought and willed himself into a new form just to keep his promise, friends, family, and other universes safe. It could be a really nice moment with Goku trusting Vegeta to make the right wish as much as Vegeta trusted Goku to do well. Maybe I'm just a sappy faggot.

All DB girls were.

I really liked how they did him in pretty much the entirety of Super. I'm a sucker for characters who were evil legitimately becoming good souls.

It just doesn't make sense that Vegeta has worked harder than anyone else just to be second fiddle

>vegetafags STILL crying

It was implied by Goku that his training methods are the problem. That's why they were more or less equal when training under Beerus and Whis until the tournament.

I don't mind him being second fiddle. Goku is and has been the star forever. Vegeta did really well in the ToP too. It just kind of felt like all his promising and determination lead to nothing though. I was expecting several people to stay on for the final fight with Jiren with Goku as UI sort of leading the fight and distracting or keeping Jiren busy while Vegeta and the others whittled him down. Would have implied Gokus new form wasn't perfect and that others are still viable and helpful.

>Goku winning on his own
>not using everyone's energy for a UI spirit bomb


Too cute


This was all he ever wanted. Why didn't Goku just give it to him?

It's already out.


Nigga 17 deserves his boat much more and you know it


Because Goku isn't a fag.

pan a slut


What's the name of that soundtrack that sounds like the OP but is slower and has trumpets in the lead?

>I wish Goku was real so I could suck his dick and his toes and feet.

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I disagree. Look at how he treats his wife. He only fucked her because he doesn't know any better. He cares so much about fighting because he's sexually frustrated and it's all he really knows.

do you have the one that says "dad i'm jobbing" or something like that.

This one?