What are your thoughts on rurouni kenshin? Is it the best samurai anime out there?

What are your thoughts on rurouni kenshin? Is it the best samurai anime out there?

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It's like a vegan burger. Looks great until you actually taste it.

The fights are absolute ass because none of them are animated. There's seriously more motion while reading Manga on a bus. Asides from that, it's pretty decent. Good lighthearted story with enough emotional Rollercoaster and nice characters.


If you avoid fillers its nice. One of few fighting animes where power level doesnt go to god level and them double god level.

Great show that's dragged down by its lack of animation, and some poorly written and/or straight up annoying side characters.

Trust and betrayal is fantastic though

Anyone who reads this is supporting what the author did.

Kyoto Arc is phenomenal. Judging only that, it's the best samurai anime. Including the excessive amount of bad filler though, I'd give the edge to Samurai Champloo.

Wow, I had no idea reading posts on Sup Forums could support manga authors. Hiroshimoot never ceases to amaze.

Of course. Japan is a country where everyone can love anyone regardless of gender, age or anything else. Manga artists have have sex with 16 year olds or 14 year olds and get away with it.

the anime takes enough creative liberties that i can feel comfortable with liking it.

I support him even more nowadays.

mangaka is a pedo

just throwing that out there in case someone wants to bring it up

> animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-02-27/rurouni-kenshin-creator-nobuhiro-watsuki-fined-200000-yen-for-possession-of-child-porn/

> Possession of child pornography in Japan can lead to imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of up to 1 million yen (about US$8,800), or both.

Japan sure doesn't seem to give a shit.

and? japanese law and society is fucked up. what's your point.

I don't care much either

I'm just surprised that the mangaka with the some of the least pedo content in his manga was into CP

Like Tezuka having shotas in short-shorts and flexible lolis and turning out to be a furry at the end.

Leadup to Kyoto Arc is hit or miss.
Kyoto Arc is ace.
Post Kyoto Arc anime is mostly bleh. Go read the manga after that.

Because, I know people seem to think that Pedos and Lolicons are one in the same, but they are two entirely different things and CP and Loli hentai are also entirely different things.

People who are into loli don't generally care for 3D girls and people who are into CP don't really care for 2D girls.

>tfw the entire final arc is nothing but filler

there should be a law

authors a pedo

If it had finished the manga then it would be

Jinchu arc >>>>>>>>>> Kyoto arc.

I'm genuinely curious what was going to happen in Hokkaido now.
Maybe Watsuki will get some new ideas for combat sequences while fighting for his life in prison?

I doubt paying a $1900 fine is going to inspire him all that much.

I remember loving it up to the end of the Kyoto arc. It had a nice atmosphere and a pretty gripping story of a time between eras and a brutality that wouldn't end quietly. Haven't seen enough samurai anime to safely call it one of the best, but it certainly is an enjoyable one that's worth a watch.

Quit watching the anime after Kyoto though; it goes into Filler Hell big time.

Still my all time favorite anime and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

>the bottom one
Now I see when he said that Tokiko is based on Kenshin.

I know right.

>Stick with it until the bandage man fight because I should see it through I suppose
>meant to be equal to Kenshin at his most bloodthirsty
>in reality is just a meme fighter who sets things on fire
What the fuck? At least the guy before him was alright.

In a long fight shishio would not last because of how his body is and Ken never gave him a real chance to do his attacks even more so when he parried the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki like a moron.

He also has a problem with monologueing to

A better fight was Saito vs Ken.

Tarnished forever

it is
samurai x and "realistic" adaptions can suck a dick though

So what? He didn't even do anything wrong.

One of my favorite manga of all time. Always remember to separate art from the artist by the way

Started with the prequel, loved it. Couldn't get past episode 1 of the anime proper, too many shitty comedic moments.

Yeah, that OVA was way more serious than the TV series. This flashback was the same in the manga, shit got dark as hell pretty quick

it's pretty shit

shishio did nothing wrong

>One of few fighting animes where power level doesnt go to god level and them double god level.
did we watch the same anime?

kenshins master took down a fucking giant with a katana

It's been years since I watched the anime or read the manga, but recently I watched all the live action movie and I gotta say, I kinda like it.

The rubber swords really distracting though, particularly in the first movie, and Aoshi and Saito getting into the ship in the 3rd movie was a literally asspull but aside from that I liked it. Even the Ten Swords becoming literal jobber except like 3 of them didn't bother me that much.

>Is it the best samurai anime out there?
That would be pic related.

The characters are mostly awesome especially kenshin but the fights are rather disappointing on rewatch.

However the music during these fights make them far more tolerable. I mean the OST is by far one of the best in shonen.

This one in particular is my favorite

As awesome as the music all the above videos are also a good example of how most fights go with limited animation , side characters talking too much and whole lot of other issues. The side characters talking during the fight isn't annoying as Dragonball super for example as sometimes it adds to the tension but a lot of times we would rather do without them.

Back to redit, new fags.
>Japan sure doesn't seem to give a shit.
Its a new law so sending people who has CP to the guillotine would be dumb, but again, if the Olympics weren't in Japan CP would be still be legal thing.

Also The manga is superior to the anime.

The OVAs are superior to the manga.

This isn't Katanagatari.


If you're on Sup Forums you support pedophillia, Nazi's and mlp and practically everything else this shithole loves.

nice mental gymnastics retard.

Great series if you can appreciate 90s anime. It's a must watch.

Excluding Reflections of course.