I watched Haibane Renmei today and it was amazing

I watched Haibane Renmei today and it was amazing.
Am I correct in my understanding that Rakka also killed herself? Also why were the Haibane restricted to second hand possessions?

Hey asshat. Spoilers.

Haibane go away so giving them new things is meaningless

Spoiler that shit dude. I believe so though

I had intended to put that in a surprise box but I guess I forgot.

Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.

Haibane no Woto is Sora Renmei done mediocre.

People who actually believe this must be retarded, and I'm not even a haibanefag

Not understanding that others have different opinions from you is a hallmark of autism.

It's not a matter of opinion, SnW is just mediocre while Haibane is touching and genuine in some aspects

Regurgitating meme opinions that were never held seriously at every opportunity is also autistic

I seriously, unironically and honestly enjoyed SnW more than HR.

It's okay user, sometimes shallow shows can be more entertaining than good ones

when I first watched it I assumed that everybody with wings was stuck in purgatory and had committed suicide and such their souls were unable to move on. However, I think that only some actually killed themselves and most just had their lives cut short and couldn't accept their death

I seriously, unironically and honestly believe that SnW is a better show than HR.

Yeah that piss episode really put SnW on top

This, but unironically.

I preferred Haibane but are they even trying to do the same things?

No, SnW is justs K-On in the military trying to dig into remorse and politics in a very childish way.

They're both done right and this is a dumb meme

Haibane Renmei would be better with spider tanks.

I liked it

Yes, she probably threw herself off a ledge or something like that and the crow was supposed to represent the person that cared about her even though she believed there was none.

No you are not correct. There's no answer to what anything in the show meant, and certainly not the obvious one.