I love Hikari!

I love Hikari!

I wanna hug that head

Your panties are showing

God she's hot.
But then again so are most of the girls in that show. Demi-chan wants to bang.

But she loves me

Don't forget she's a vampire. She may pretend to be harmless but she is probably plotting to suck you dry.


dumb pire poster

enjoy your vacation.
and post more while you're at it

She's so cute

Why do you want more?

cause she's a lewd girl

But why do you want to see more of it?

Cause i love hikari.

Okay, user.

I didn't finish Demi-chan, did she do anything cute in the last 4ish episodes?

This is Yuki, a Demi-chan. Tell her a funny joke that will make her laugh!

>monstergirl anime
>best girl looks human

At least second best girl actually has something major different about her appearance.

Succubus and Dullahan.

It's funny that the invisible girl has more personality than her with less 2 minutes of screen time.

1. Succ
2. Dulla
3. Vamp
4. _____
5. Yuki

I want her to bite my dick


Would be doing me a favor at this point desu

the vamp was my least favorite, then around half way through she turned into my fav or second fav

I normally really dislike the genki type but she's just a good person although canonically stupid

Me too. I want to give her all the hugs an all the fugs__.

Great blowjobs.

if your dick is long enough itll go through a dimensional wormhole


She's having sex with me right now.

who is the lewdest demi-chan?

theres a canon succubus in the series.....

she doesn't try to be lewd, she's cheating


Good thread


>patreonshill version
Never post again retard.

Me too