Why does Illya always wear pink? It's annoying

Why does Illya always wear pink? It's annoying...

Because Ilya is a cute girl and cute girls like to match on the outside with what's on the inside.

Because she is my wife and wears cute clothes for me.

She is kawaii!

Is this show any good in terms of story (like Zero or UBW) or is it just pedobait?

Illya has nice lips there.

Well it our wedding after all.

Is there a reason why Ilya's not wearing white here?

I've only seen 8 episodes thus far and they're pretty good. There was only a very small amount of fanservice.

Let's get this shit started
>good like Zero

The different seasons feel very different from one another.

Season one is very magical-girl-y, so it's not difficult to guess what's going to happen. Still, the lolis are cute and it's fun learning about them.

Season two (2wei and 2wei Herz) is less predictable because Kuro. Herz is my favorite season because they knew what their base wanted and gave it to them: loli sol/fan service and fight scenes, and we got it non stop. There was no down time where they baked a cake for half an episode

For season three, they went back story telling, which slowed things down, but if you like zero/ubw, you should enjoy this season.

Stop being a contrarian. /Zero was good. Better than the UBW anime even. There was less waifu-fagging, Kiritsugu is a better character than Shirou and none of that autistic high-school romance type stuff.

>The only reason I hate this anime is because someone else liked it and I'm too cool to like things other people like

Is this set in an alternate universe? How much of it relates to actual fate stuff?

> ywn rape the maids

>Is this set in an alternate universe? How much of it relates to actual fate stuff?

All of it, since Fate stuff includes "Kaleidoscope" which is the True Magic of parallel worlds.

Alternate universe.

Minor, yet huge, yet vague spoilers: Basically, take the original timeline, change one thing, and a whole other set of events unfold. The same rules still apply, only that some rules are no longer in use and some other rules are now being abused

You need to go back to your DBS thread.

Now that I actually say it out loud, Prisma sounds like just another FSN route. Only, the change happened ten years prior, not in present day with Shirou

Fuck the maid I'd kill just for the opportunity to give Illya a good headpat[/spoiler)

And you need to go back to your Fate/ waifu threads. /Zero was a better Fate/ story than any other.


It's better than UBW I think Zero and Apo were better though

Kiritsugu is the dumbest cunt in anime for letting go of either of these two cuties.

Blame Kaleid Ruby, and by extension Zelretch.

>fuck yeah zero is going to be full power servant battle royale!
>saber gets nerfed in the arm again...
nice story

Is this an Ilya thread, or is the sexy girl from her show also welcome?

Pink goes best with black!

All Ilyish girls are welcomed

Post YFW Kuro dies in the next 4 chapters.


So why is the other shirou so much fluffier than this one?

Because Silverlink changes his design.
In the manga, Illya's Shirou looks normal as well.

If they didn't kill off beato, then they wont kill Kuro.

Beako exists to replace Kuro.
Kuro will merge with Illya, and become OG Illya.

She has nice lips everywhere.

Because Illya is pure

If they ever wrap up the series (hopefully never), that would be interesting to see.

Kuro will become Illya's stand.

So a Morrigan/Lilith situation? Kuro better be able to still hang out with everyone.

Because it's cute

Don't worry, a fully reincarnated Gil will save her at the last minute.

Even her shoes are pink, jfc
Fuck off, Illya

good advice just watch s1 avoid s2 and maybe watch s3, s1 is the best season out of the entire series covers the plot and canon of the series in the fate illya series, s2 is kind of a filler season besides few episodes, and s3 is kind of a spin off of s1.

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

It's the only stitch i have

if pedobait isn't a good enough reason to watch it, then just stick to shonen.

Kuro is too fucking sexy for this world.

Illya's personality isn't very girly, so she probably just tries to compensate by wearing pink all the time.

Where were you when ClassicIllya finally got the happy ending she deserved?


Toppest of keks

Unironically the best Fate.

fucking stop asking for kuro's death you faggots.

She needs to go away

>tfw the manga ruined the anime's lewd appeal for me
It's To-Love Ru all over again

your stupid face needs to go away

I can't miss Kuro if she doesn't fuck off.

user, please

It's legitimately good. The fanservice is just a bonus and the anime plays it up to sell shitloads of merch; read the manga first (or at least from 2wei onward) if it really bothers you.

it's pretty much fate/stay night but mahou shoujo

Gil can't reincarnate with only the card. He needs the grail formula from the Fuyuki war in order to do that (It's why he was even able to incarnate in the first place.)
Simply installing the card will only give him the rest of his treasury.

Why OPs always cock-gobbling faggots? It's annoying.

>He needs the grail formula from the Fuyuki war
Well I guess we know what 4ier is going to be about, now that I think about it.
Illyaverse Shirou confirmed to summon Saber in later chapters.

So now that they managed to save Beatrice, how will they save Sakura?

>Kuro will merge with Illya, and become OG Illya.
>Illyaverse Shirou confirmed to summon Saber in later chapters.
Post YFW pic related is the final scene in Prisma Illya.

What the fuck is with all of these retarded TM bait threads in the catalog today? Is this the true power of European civilization?

Which cup has the best butt and why is it Miyu?

Proably Shirou

Is Miyuverse Shirou absolute peak onii-chan?


Just uninstall Lancelot by force the same way they did for Beatrice, then install some purifying hero into her.

Is there anything Sakura can't do?

Be a good imouto

But her older siblings are so terrible she has no reason to be one to them.

Literally an adult body, fucking ugly.

>install Medusa with Sakura
>Medusa's presence unfucks Sakura's mind

If one of the cups were hypothetically to install Iksander, would they be able to summon a magical girl Ionian Hetairoi?

Oh my god

I want to fuck Illya.

lolis with adult curves are the best, though.

I don't especially like that but at this point it's not just some curves, this Miyu has literally the whole body of a hag.

Miyu alarm when?

That reminds me of that scene in Hollow where they tell stories of their older siblings, and when it's Sakura's turn, Rin says she can't stand another sweet story(forgetting the older sibling Sakura has) and all Sakura does is look at her, tilt her head, and say, "What sweet stories?" And Rin just hangs her head and says sorry.

Picture is worth a thousand words. Wonder if someone saved that scene.

You mean she has a pink labia?

Illya is pretty lucky to have someone like Miyu as her future wife.

The sexual or romantic appeal of Illya is lost on me, to be honest.

its all just people trying to be edgy and funny, best ignore it

>its all just people trying to be edgy and funny
Yeah wouldn't it be funny if Illya was naked
just as a joke haha

Pink is the color for virgins. Its not deep red like Tohsaka, who sold her virginity to old men. Its not pure white innocence like Shiro, who has no idea whats going on. Its a virgin symbol that symbolizes purity with coming of age. She'll be red later on in life.

She's a really cute, pretty and likable girl, not sure what's so strange about it.


In what way is Illya not girly?

Illya is as girly as they come.

Have they ever explained how they got Shirou? I mena I'm on par with the translated chapters, but still he's out of the equation.

the 4th holy grail war still took place. so kerry likely picked him up the same way he did in the other timelines.

Which Shirou? In the Illyaverse, the 4th HGW never happened, since Kerry and Iri killed all of the Einzberns and ran off with Illya before it could begin. In this universe, Shirou's parents got killed by truck-kun or something. Nobody knows how Shirou wound up with Kerry in the Miyuverse.

>Pink is the color for virgins.
Hear, hear.

No she isn't.
I'll elaborate later, my presence is demanded elsewhere.


What is Kuro's endgame? She's going to have a noble sacrifice, isn't she? She got the origin bullets for a reason.

If she dies, I hope it's soon.

No, dont listen to these pedo faggots.
Its purely shit & pedobait, and they ripped off heaven feel.