So what exactly is the difference between edgy and grimdark?

So what exactly is the difference between edgy and grimdark?

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To oversimplify it, edgy's doing it for shock value, while grimdark is just a bleak tone and setting in general.


Edgy is fun. Grimdark is not fun.

First post gets it right
But frankly, "grimdark" has become a defensive buzzword for edgefags who don't want to admit their manga is edgy

edgy: devilman
grimdark: casshern sins

it's the other way around

The Sup Forums use of the word is used for something that's trying to be edgy, not something that's actually edgy. I blame Sup Forums, that OW THE EDGE stuff started with the Devil May Cry reboot

yeah it's kinda like DEEP and EPIC back when that was used

Edgy was an insult long before Donte. It was around as early as Shadow's game.

It’s about the IDEA of what seems taboo and “badass”. Anything for the sake of making Mom freak out. The purpose is to appeal to teenage boys who are sick of baby stuff and think violence/sex/darkness/swearing makes something mature. Like WoD.

It’s a setting type. The people are cunts and the world itself is bad. Like 40K.

I watched Hellsing again as adult.
It's possible to only enjoy it as a teenager or a kid.

So I guess it's like some people like it 'up to eleven', to pump it all the way up till it's the cosmic showdown of the century involving gods and demons, regalia of the dragons and everything (even if it's not set in a fantasy setting), while others want it more restrained, more tight, fist to fist, small scaled kinda thing?

Without Alucard Hellsing would have been pretty mediocre.

Funny how the sarcastic use of edgy is becoming (has become?) the usual usage of the word.



Without the football the super bowl woulda sucked, too.

Yes, and it was just pointless and "edgy". If you even consider blood even edgy these days ( I even forgot about that one rape scene).
There is not much fun shock value, it was just boring.
I remember enjoying it back in the day.

And I love most "edgy" stuff, like Sup Forumseddiots love to call them.
These days the word is so overused, even prime Berserk before it became shonen is edgy these days.

Edgy is self-aware and recieves insults with good humor

Grimdark is not self-aware and is thus easily trolled

grimdark is something that make you depressed
Edgy is just chuuni

no no no, edgy and grimdark usually come to the same thing in the end
the ones you have to distinguish between are dark, edgy and metal

to break it down, Berserk is dark, Elfen Lied is edgy and Hellsing is metal



Should have read the manga.

Edgy (aka bad anime that uses violence to make itself digestible):
>Made in the Abyss
>Sword Art Online
>Gundam: IBO
>Kill la Kill

Grimdark (aka good anime with deep plot and meaning):
>Elfen Lied

Know the difference, it can save your life.

There is a difference between edgy and ironically edgy. Ironically edgy shows (Jojo, Hellsing) are over the top edgy, but dont expect the viewer to take them seriously. It's just bloody fun. Now regular edgy shows (Higurashi, Narutaru, elfen lied, bokurano, re zero, Madoka, Another, now and then..., mirai nikki, akgame ga kill etc.), use things as child victimisation, rape, torture, death and suffering to trick the viewer into caring and to make teens/stupid people think that it is mature and deep.

Edgy: Devilman Crybaby
Grimdark: Devilman


>Grimdark (aka good anime with deep plot and meaning):
>Elfen Lied

Thanks for the laugh

Grimdark: W:40K
Edgy: Everything else

>kill la kill
An action comedy where nobody dies. That's edgy for you.
You are either stupid or retarded.

>>Elden Lied
>not edgy
Come on dude.

>retards WILL fall for this bait
>Evababies WILL defend this

all of my bait.

Edgy is what people say when they want to insult something, grimdark is used by someone who likes the show and wants to describe it.

They are both the same.


Alright, time to end the thread.


Nice troll post. Haven't seen one with a balance quite like that in a while.

Is Berserk grimdark?

Edgy would be Higurashi
Grimdark would be Monster

>Full of dick-shaped monsters.
You tell me.

Hellsing is so self-aware it's basically camp.

No it's edgy because the big boys decided anything dark needs to be frowned upon.

Edgy is the shit poetry you used to write as a 14 year old when you were depressed and listened exclusively to emo music about cutting yourself.

Grimdark is Warhammer 40K and where the term originates from. It's bleakness and pointlessness to the point of parody.

I honestly liked drifters more than hellsing. Watching bloodthirsty normalfags train elves for conquest was great.

Yeah maybe you but i had blast watching Hellsing Ultimate

Grimdark is well-done, edgy is cringy.
Grimdark is literally never done well though

Edgy is a personal choice; grimdark is a symptom of environment.

Grimdark comes from the subtitle to Warhammer 40,000: "In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war." Of course, 40k is so stupidly over the top that it can't be taken seriously. Think of it as a serious setting that you treat as a joke.

As an extension of this I'd say edgy also seeks to push boundaries for no literary reason.

>The purpose is to appeal to teenage boys who are sick of baby stuff and think violence/sex/darkness/swearing makes something mature

Edgy is a buzzword that gets thrown at anything dark or violent. Teenagers these days hate edgy stuff because they think that doing so makes them mature entirely because they use and are all aware of your reasoning but think that all other teenagers but them aren't. This has gone on so long that I'm not sure if the reverse has ever really been the case.

As for WoD, it's vampires are if anything less edgy than the ones that existed before Twilight happened. Go back to Dracula, Salem's Lot, or East European folklore and they're supposed to be pure evil monsters that literally eat babies. WoD vamps don't even need to kill to feed.

Here on Sup Forums?
Something I don't like

It WAS pardoy.
It introduced the word grimdark for a setting that had Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlok Clousseau had a Space Marine open a can of coke (with his helmet on of course, had pink bouncy balls as enemies and some of the suggested missions were just funny. It was basically a bit like Judge Dredd, technically a horrifying setting, but full to the brink with ridiculous and silly shit that's treated seriously by any character.
They only killed all the humour later.

Trying to label works of art as this or that is always so piggishly consumeristic. And I don't believe Hellsing is either of these things. It can't really be put into a convenient little box. Author had some thoughts brooding into his head for long years, and then time has come he put them into a form as he saw fit. That's all.

is Tokyo Ghoul both?

Tokyo Ghoul is a comedy.

The same goes for edgy. There is nothing inherently wrong with a series being edgy but nowadays people use the word as a negative trait.

>lets throw in more sex and throw in a few pointless rape scenes XD

Though, that being said, the part where Akira fucks Silene mid-air/mid-battle was awesome but it completely goes against his character.

It really doesn't in the anime tho.
Beastial instincts slumbering inside men was one of the episode themes.

grimdark is good edgy is bad grimdark