*develops one his universe's most researched spells in one school night in the comfort of his home*

*develops one his universe's most researched spells in one school night in the comfort of his home*

I'm on the last episode and this show is officially the stupidest shit I have ever seen. I have so many complaints I don't even know where to start. Fuck this show and anyone who likes it unironically.

Literally more of a Kirito than Kirito is...

*be a generic OP self-insert with a harem and no personality*

Prove he couldn't do this

The reason this show doesn't get the SAO treatment on Sup Forums is because it was nowhere near as popular and the characters have worse outfits

What if they had a kid together?

Your mean that Flying Magic? It already exited though, he just calibrated some shit.

shit taste detected
Tatsuya is the only OP self insert I can tolerate simply because of how over the top he is.

Magic in not the only miracle...

I hate show so fucking much. OP and VAs aside, It has no redeeming factors, characters, or motivations.

The show in a nutshell is: Ultra Autist Kirito-kun Blano is pursued by everyone.

>Time skip the anime

It was always shit.

Bet the author is obsessed with his sister.



>Sup Forums hates onii-sama now
What the fuck?

They aren't even real sibling right? Is there anything even worth saving?


onii sama and miyuki are the only parts I tolerate
every single side character makes me want to kill myself though

According to the wiki they are full siblings user. And they were engaged in volume 16.
No redeeming quality.

On a serious level, it's shit.

But it's also incredibly funny on every other level. It's like unaware satire.

I enjoyed it desu.
Very cute girls and a ridiculously OP mc made it fun. Also brocon imouto


best girl

I like it.

Sallysubs's encode is better with Doki subs

I like Mayumi.

That's because oni-sama is amazing.

Everybody who enjoys it is on at least one level of irony. I refuse to believe anyone watched this unironically.