Who is your favourite DBZ character?

Who is your favourite DBZ character?

Piccolo. A shame he's been irrelevant since the late Frieza saga.

El grande padre



Manlet killer

Big Green


dbz blew me away as a kid. people died, blood, clothing tore, they didnt wear same thing every episode, hair fuckign blowing in wind like vegeta's there, background/environment got destroyed, battle damage throughout. coming from heman, tmnt, batman tas, etc, it was insane. shame it looks like a 5 year old animated it with super.

bardock, before they ruined him

Interesting character
Interesting techniques

Goku. Duh.

Vegeta is a better character though.

the prince
he said dbz, not db

Tien's throwdown with cocksucking cell was neat.

Farmer with a gun

Red Shaggy

>hair fuckign blowing in wind
Boy, do I miss this. I've always hated how stiff the characters' hair became after the Frieza saga.

Because sleep is best


he was like the lead protagonist for the early cell arc

The lean, green, dangalang machine of course.

He had a good fight against Android 17 and 1st form Cell though. Shame it was the last time he ever did anything badass.


Ah yes, the most well-written character in all of DBZ. Great choice. Bravo.

Hard to pick, but I feel like the best character is Vegeta because he was very well written and given a great story.

My personal favorite, on the other hand, is Dameon Clarke as Cell in the dub of Kai. Dameon mastered the role, in my opinion, and it was great to see.

There can only be one.

Piccolo, unironically.

Thanks, Doc.



Future Trunks if he was a main part of the series.
I also really like Bardock a lot.
But for my choice I would be going with Vegeta.
I also really liked Tapion's design.
And Android 17 I really liked him during the current arc on Super.

space lizard

the choosen one

My boy doesn't fuck around.

Nobody going to say Master Roshi? Odds are half the people that roam Sup Forums are going to turn out like him. Lecherous old men.

You posted him.


Piccolo got a lot of focus in the Android arc during the Imperfect Cell part of the story, and took on a role more akin to Kami for the Buu saga when training the brats.

He's like the one character besides Vegeta and Goku that Toriyama made sure was always relevant in some form. Even Bulma and Kuririn fell into obscurity fell into obscurity.