Episode 1 and I'm already confused as fuck. What is the joke here...

Episode 1 and I'm already confused as fuck. What is the joke here? Is she trying to teach bookworm a lesson about why she should carry her own gun? Is this a lesson on how hunger can turn a person into an animal that'll do anything to satisfy that hunger?

Or is blondie just a cunt who likes to point loaded weapons at her "friend"?

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She just wanted more food man

A bit of everything really. Yuu is not a very sophisticated person.

I once threatened to stab my brother to death with a steak knife because I wanted the bigger piece of steak.

Did you not imagine that if you had been successful in stabbing your brother to death that you would never again have steak?

Yuu is a sociopath motivated by hunger. Don't look too much into this.

>Is she trying to teach bookworm a lesson about why she should carry her own gun?


Learn to use a gun, it could save your life one day.

All of those.

t. burger

>Or is blondie just a cunt who likes to point loaded weapons at her "friend"?

Even that one?

To an extent. She does do mean things on occasion.

Yuuri is actually very nice.
She knows alot about the world and she wouldn't hurt Chito in anyway.

The show is about the two girls learning about their world from what little remains of it. Yuuri was initially just being playful, but in doing so stumbled upon an understanding of what might drive people to war: greed.

>Live in the post apocalypse.
>Get shot.

Also get this anti Yuuri shit outta here.
Yuuri is really great and she should be cherished.


t. you've already lost as your are but a slave with no way to free yourself

We should all take a lesson out of Yuuri's book and acquire our own firearms.
Don't forget about your ammo.
1.She probably smells good
2.She is brave and selfless
3.Her attitude keeps spirits up
4.Her body is wonderfully proportioned
5.She has pretty eyes
6.Scientifically proven high adaptability
7.She gives off a sense of warmth and softness
8.She is beautiful.
9.Hair tastes good.
10.Great sense of rhythm.
11.She would keep you warm and share food with you.
12.She is good at pressing buttons.
13.She would be a good mother.
14.Right amount of crazy.
15.Knows how to operate all weapons.
16. Fat teats.
17.She is protective of those she loves.
18.She has no inhibitions.
19.She could make a great meal.
20.She is probably god.
21.She is the coolest person in the world.
22.She inspires creativity.
23.She is very strong.
24.She is difficult to digest.
25.She makes her friend happy.
26.She knows how not to embarrass her friend in heartfelt moments.
27.She always knows the way.
28.Not afraid to experiment with the unknown.
29.Well balanced.
30.Does not get hangovers.
31.Defends the weak.
32.Athletic, could have competed on an international level if the world hadn't ended.
33. Always helpful, regardless of circumstances.
34.Not ashamed by nudity, finds it to be liberating and beautiful.
35.Greatest philosopher of her time.
36.Can harness the power of the moon.
37.Stretchy and cute face.
38.Fears no man or beast, can defeat foes despite obvious physical advantages.
39.High intelligence.
40.Can discern between the inedible and edible.
41.Her body is warm and would be nice to cuddle with.
42.She is a survivor of impossible circumstances.
43.World's greatest riflewoman.
44.Quick reflexes.
45.Great at holding hands.
46.Greatest artist of her time.
47.Not too picky about things.
48.Great with pets.
49.Talented singer.
50.Can hold her liquor.

And don't forget to keep them clean!
51.Possible descendant of Aryans.
52.God emperor of Dune.
53.Know how to FUSION.
54.Understands the complexity of human nature.
55.Cute giggle.
56.Understands the concept of death.
57.Probably fertile.
58.She would never abandon a friend.
59.Very hygienic.
60.She is extremely genki.
61.Very cute when intoxicated.
62.Defines life itself.
63.Can survive long periods without proper nutrition.
64.Understands how valuable food really is.
65.Very resourceful.
66.Highly empathetic.
67. Therapeutic, helped her friends cling to life.
68.She is very photogenic.
69.She is an excellent tactician.
70.Cute navel.

>true freedom is when an alt-right incel shoots your daughter in school
burger philosophy

>Sending your kids to public school
There was your first mistake

You can have steak again in prison and on death row.

You can literally get anything in prison.
You just have to blow a lot of dudes.
A lot.

There is no lesson here considering Chito never carries a weapon and Yuu never threatens her over food like this again. I can only imagine they were trying to create a suspenseful moment to make you question the tone of this anime but in reality Yuu is just weird and random.

Speaking from experience Jerome?

The point is they are both socially stunted. I wonder if Yuu even knows if guns can kill people since both have no clue what war is. Yuu is pretty much using the info Chi told her a couple minutes before about how people used weapons to fight over limited resources like food.

It's not gay so long as you say "no homo."
A nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do.
Prison wine don't make itself.

True freedom is your daughter shooting him back. This is why everyone should have weapons

And what is the secret to being rich enough to afford private school if you weren't already born into money?

>Private School
Second mistake.

It's called home-schooling, my fag.

Real talk my nugga

Yuu cares only to amuse herself. If Yuu, who might account for more than a double-digit percentage of the human race, is not happy then something is wrong. If Yuu can also amuse her travel buddy Chi-chan then she becomes more happy, as she has appeased what might be half the population.

>She's making that face again
>Right behind me, she's making that stupid face again, isn't she

kill yourself you disgusting redneck

>What is the joke here

lol, right after I kill you from 300 yards away with my PTR

>he doesen't understand why people like to point loaded weapons at each other

>ameritards everyone
I swear you will blow your country yourselves like the fucking retards you are.

Those with a slave mindset always wish to be back in Egypt, even on the march to the promised land.

>say the guy living in a country that will enslave him given 10 more years
Quite the irony no?

It makes me very happy that you're still around YuuAnon

That's what the aforementioned PTR is for man.

There's a reason I've got a VC flag on my wall instead of an American flag.

Mind blown.
Did you get the joke?

I'm still hoping I can get my drawing to an acceptable level so I can draw out every reason on the list.
It's going to be a while, especially if I keep procrastinating.

It's funnier in person, I'm sure.

I have a few questions regarding the helmet.

Bamboo, with plastic rain cover.

Yuu's just a dumb cunt that endangers Chis life for shit and giggles all the time. In a later episode she almost feeds her to a industrial grinder because it amuses her.

You weren't bored to tears?

I take you prefer shows with lots of running and yelling?

It's like with baby animals, one stands at the top and makes it clear to the others.


Sounds good to me :3

You'll only be able to use the shonenfag card for so long before we all stop caring.

Sadly, you still don't fit in.

What’s the name of this anime?

That has been a while since I saw it posted so there you go newfriend



Boku no Pico

fit into what? Is it so surprising that a post-apocalyptic character study wouldn't interest absolutely everyone?

The Last of Potatoes.

yet here you are.

>damage control modo this soon
pull all the smug anime girls you want.

Episode 9 was good tho.

It was a joke. A pretty shitty one admittedly.

Maidens final sojourn

iirc in the manga she doesn't have her finger on the trigger so it's much clearer she did it just for shit n giggles