Sora Yori (Yorimoi よりもい)

Happy Birthday, Yuzuki!
[is she legal, yet ?]
actual cake

Happy Birthday Yuzu-chan!

how can such a tiny girl pack so much fat?

No, she's a year younger than the other ones.

My friend Yuzuki


I want to eat Chef Yuzuki's partially frozen rice!

You heard the loli bitch.

Hug the loli

I want to eat her partially frozen miso soup.

Dear Sup Forumsnons,
Even after SoraYori (Yorimoi) has ended, we promise to be BFF (Best Friend Forever) and keep posting in yorimoi threads.
Please sign here .....
p.s. We also agree that Yuzuki is the best girl

Don't make fun of her

She is a murderer.

Non-consensual sex with Gin-san!!

Excluding non-Yuzufags is stupid.
t. Yuzufag.

Goddammit you guys, you scared her. You know she can't handle basic human interaction without turning into a sobbing blubbery mess.

best boy

Can any moon speakers translate the articles of her buddy contract

It's a cute mess, though.

>You will never gently dry her tears and brush away her soft hair as you softly place your hand on the side of her in a reassuring gesture of love as you guide her into your arms so she can sob her eyes out on your shoulder


Yuzuki needs daily hugs.

50p non-h doujinshi of Yuzuki eating strawberry icecream when?

1) Promise that I, Yuzuki, and you are friends
2) Promise that even after this trip, our friendship will not end.
3) Promise that no matter how far apart we are, you will remain friends with me
4) Promise that no matter how long the time we can't meet, we will remain friends
5) Promise that whenever we make time to be meet up, we will meet together no matter what happens.

That's it, I'm dead.

6) Sex is teambuilding not homo


Fuck. Were do I sign? ;_;


I want to taste those tears.

>retreats in on herself

Have some (you)

So cute

She's so autistic

Yuzuki bullying is against the Antarctic Treaty

> not calling everyone who likes a different anime girl a bunch of faggots with shit taste and a total IQ of 70
You must be new here.

But her birthday's not until December 10.

There shall be peace between the Soras.


> canonically ugly

But what about the pengins?

Are all girls from Hokkaido that autistic?


They will be loved

Guess I'll move to Hokkaido.

Hazuki's autistic!

And you're a bit dumb.



God shes so cute


>It's all sweets
Dammit Takako, you're a mother! Stop buying so many sweets for your kid!

She isn't buying anything any more.

Is she poor?

She's a bit indisposed.


I love Shirase.


Jesus christ.



Aw! I thought it was the Teekyu cast from the thumbnail.


What is this phenomenon?

UFO attack.

It's the sun moving in the sky.

Time passing.

Local girl not so zama miro since getting molested.

Put it this way, if the world is divided into many time zones (24 major time zones), where each time zone has a different time (GMT+1, +2, etc),
What will happen if the division line converges into a single point in Antartica ?
Will I enter a different time zone, when I walk a few meters away ?

The time zones converge at the geographical poles, but at that point the daily movement of the sun is undetectable by the naked eye. By circling around the pole you would experience the equivalent sun movement of 24 hours passing, but there that is basically nothing.

And that's the photo in showing a sun tracking over the time.

Sorry, by the way, I just notice that your statement is not correct:
> daily movement of the sun is undetectable by the naked eye
In Antarctica, since all time zone merges together, the sun will actually rotates around you during summer.

Now I'm sad

I want to eat Yuzuki's snotty birthday cake!

On the edges of Antarctica yes, but at the very pole the rotation of the Earth doesn't change your location or orientation relative to the Sun at all.

The movement of the sun through the sky is defined by a line called the ecliptic. Depending of the latitude of your hometown, you see it higher or lower, if you're in a low latitude, like the Equator, you'll see the sun pretty high in the sky the whole year, if you're in a higher latitude, like Antarctica, you'll never see the sun very high, not even in summer.

During the southern hemisphere summer solstice, this ecliptic line stands on an imaginary line called Tropic of Capricorn, which means you can see the sun at the cenit in countries like Argentina, Australia or South Africa. This sets the longest day of the year for these countries and the shortest day for the northern countries.

Back in Antarctica, if you're at the geographic South Pole in that very day, the ecliptic passes so close to the continent that you'll be able to see the sun surrounding you the whole day. It rises and falls but it will never go below the line of the horizon.

This phenomenon will last for months of you're at the South Pole but it will last less as you move away from there.

It doesn't matter, even if you are at the tip.
Due to earth rotation, you will see sun is rotating around you.

Hinata, you aren't suppose to look into the sun. It's dangerous!

That's what I get for trying to sound smart. Thanks for the correction.

I've got my goggles on, I'm okay!

The Shirase is a very special, special JK.

When will we see brown Hinata?

Aurora Borealis

Who the fuck is Shirase's dad?



The series sure went south


Shut up Carlos

*82位/*85位 (**2,574 pt) [*,*50予約] 18/03/28 宇宙よりも遠い場所 1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]

Why I oughtta

Where did I leave my pen?


Look at this guy and all his fancy book smarts.

Mai waifu.

You're not a penguin

R-Right.. I'm totally a human like you guys h-haha!

Just watched the episode, I'm happy the mail wasn't bad news.
Was that thing Yuzuki said about people celebrating Jesus's birthday just because she was sad no one celebrated hers? Or does she actually not like Christmas?

>just because she was sad no one celebrated hers


Post the other one