Asuka is better than rei

Asuka is better than rei.

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rei a shit

Why are you lying? Lying just hurts people

I only tell truths

You made Asuka cry, apologize.

I'm sorry you're worst girl Asuka

>it's the daily evashit fight over 14-year-old girls
how does it feel to know most of the board has moved on while you're still flinging shit at each other?

are reifags beyond helping?

eva waifufags are beyond help. somehow they're still obsessed with this shit.

wtf is wrong with her body

fuck off newfag
nothing you literal retard. Have you ever seen some1 arch their back?

Ha, your jokes aren't that funny user

if you want a waifuwar go in the youjitsu threads

no need to bring up lame asuka vs rei shit

God, blonde Asuka looks so shitty

Nigga we have daily threads about a show that came out almost 20 years ago. We're never moving on.

Bitch looks like she got run over by a truck senpai

No, you have shit taste, just as all asukafags.

i came here 9 years ago, though.


>We're never moving on.
i said most of the board.


is this nsfw?


its 2018 and still Sup Forums cant accept that rei is the best girl. fuck thats so 2007


Evafags have to fight over waifus to compensate for the shitness of their show.


>left or right

reminder that asuka is 14 and therefore not legal
she's also real and fictional characters aren't legal either

Kaworu is better than both

Apparently Asuka is only 13 for a good duration of the show

Not legal in your country maybe. 14 is perfectly legal in other parts of the world.

what kind of a question is that? literally making people choose between an angel and a piece of shit. left.

Fuck off Shinji

reminder that Asuka was 14 back in 1995 and it's 2018 now

I choose Shinji.

Technically she was 14 in 2015, so she should be 16/17 now.

misato you fucking niggers

More like Shitsuka

We can at least all agree both are better than Misato

truth thread OP


Take it to your place of work, call a staff meeting, and project bring it up on the main screen for everyone to discuss. Let us know what happens.

Fuck off Kaworu

I agree, she's one of the most beautiful anime characters to me.

Yes she is... as rape material.

this. I have beem listening to this same retarded fight for more than 20 fucking years now. Fuck off, they are both great characters and awesome for fapping.

atleast she has tits. nowadays most anons fap over prepubescent, flat girls.

I highly doubt that. Most should know the value of a good chest.

you mean hugging material



I prefer the other species.

>in shape
>has a good job
>is probably into butt stuff
>has a penguin
>is legal

Misato is literally Asuka for people who
1) don't have as many problems
2) are uncomfortable with the idea of loving a teen

>2) are uncomfortable with the idea of loving a teen
Nice way to spell American

>not a pedo
>must be american

Go get strangled kaworu

>smokes so puss tastes like shit
>has taken miles and miles of dick so has loose cunt
>probably doesn't bath regularly so stinks of shit, piss and beer

but otherwise, yes you are correct.

You're not wrong.
Although Americans want teens too, but they're conditioned to hide it.

Its not gay if it's another species right?

Yeah, it’s furry.

Thats not pedophilia for fucks sakes.

its ephebolia and there is nothing wrong with it.

it is natural to want to fuck jailbaits since they can bare the largest amount of children. wether it is morally acceptable to fuck teens is another matter (is not) but there is nothing unnatural about it. lusting after a delicious (ficticious i might add)jailbait like Asuka or Rei is not wrong at all.

>smokes so puss tastes like shit
It doesn't make a huge difference, besides unless someone is fresh out of the shower their genitals aren't gonna smell or taste great
>has taken miles and miles of dick so has loose cunt
Kegels fix that, plus it really varies person-to-person how stretched they get. Also kinda of ideal if you've got a good hog.
>probably doesn't bath regularly so stinks of shit, piss and beer
just don't fuck unless she's bathed

But Asuka doesn't want children.

While I agree lusting for 2d jailbait is fine because they're drawings, finding anyone under 16 attractive IRL is pretty weird since they kinda still retain some of those childish features (unless they're one of those weird people who gets the puberty shotgun and looks 20 at 14)

>finding anyone under 16 attractive IRL is pretty weird

Survey says: wrong

>literally only "age specific" searches
bruh I search "teen" porn all the time but I've never specified an age, and most people are in this boat.
Most "age-specific" searches are gonna be pedos.

Atleast Kaworu is actually beautiful.

on that i disagree there is nothing more delicious than a cute teen with hips and tits. to me those features makes them cuter and more beautiful.

and most ppl actually believe the same,
see they just dont want to admit it because of PC bullshit. so in fact is closer to say that you are the weird one with your granny fetish.

for most of history delicious teenage maids have been considered the most beautiful type of woman. is just that society frowns upon it because someone in that age is not emotionally mature enough and in itself is taken advantage of ( which i agree is wrong )
but having that type of impulse and thoughts is not wrong or weird. [tl;dr: men rate teenaged girls lowly when they're told the girl is a teenager, and rate them highly when told they're adults]

As for why this is the case, see:

Downs syndrome incidence organized by maternal age

At age 16, 1 in 2,843
At age 20, 1 in 1,441
At age 40, 1 in 84

If only he'd stop committing suicide every thirty minutes.

>I-I'm not a pedo! it's a different word for slightly older children!
lmao just go to jail and tell it to your black cellmate Bubba

Hahaha Asukafags are fucking normalfag asexual retards, I knew it.

Sundress Asuka is pretty nice though, her best form.



I'm starting to think that you are a nigger.

>different word for slightly older children!

You mean differing people that biologically capable bare children with other younger people who biologically can't?

i think there is a fairly big distinction.
anyway can you just fuck off to reddit or whatever place you came from? You don't belong here.

>g-go back!
bet I've been here longer than you hotshot

Not him but, fuck off 'bruh'.


Doubt it kiddo, i've been here since the 18th century.

You sound like a normalfag getting triggered over someone giving you the facts and acting like a moralfag. so it really makes doubt your claim.

>I got triggered
Buddy all I did was say "pedo" and you went off digging for cherrypicked survey results and graphs of the different types of "philias"

The only one who cucked Shinji is himself when he killed the one he loved.

not the guy that gave you the source. and he gave you multiple of them proving you wrong while all you've done is engage in ad hominem. give some sauce proving him wrong then or shut the fuck up.

ad siriously hoe is it same findind a flat person with no breasts and ass the same than one that has already childbearing hips and breasts?

because they both have cute softer, non wrinkled faces?

Stop bickering! This is a thread to appreciate our queen!

you guys keep responding this is actually too easy


>Asuka is better than rei.

Both are shit and should be left in the dustbin of the 1990s where they rightfully belong.




You'll stay in the 2020's for the next 50 years pal.


Do any of you care about any Eva girls besides Asuka, Rei, and Misato? I mean Misato is definitely the best, but some of the side characters are great as well.

No. They're cute but they're not as fleshed out as I'd like them to be. Hard to connect to them.

I guess that's true, you would think with all the Eva spinoffs they would try to flesh out some more side characters, but instead we get shit like Girlfriend of Steel.

Are any of the games good? I was curious about Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 for the PS2. I hear the PSP version is better but it's not been translated.

>Neon Genesis Evangelion 2
You notice how the information available about it focuses on the in-game encyclopedia and whether its canon instead of anything about gameplay or plots of the scenarios? It's that good.

The only one I've played that I would even call semi-decent is the N64 game, and even then there's no reason to play that, the gameplay is kind of clunky and akward, and while it's fun to duke it out with the angels for the amount of effort it to me to get it running it wan't worth it..
Shinji Ikari Raising project is worth playing for the weirdness of it, but I wouldn't call it a good game.
The others are shit from what I've played.

Some user posted a screenshot of the Evangelion 2. It was some Nerv cafeteria with some sort of date going on with Ritsuko watching awkwardly from the very back. Felt it was worth a try to see that nonsense.