Violet Evergarden

Ishidate & Takemoto went all out this episode.

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I thought it was just another good story up until that song and letters
Then they got me, I cried like a bitch really

I feel you bro. I always cry when this asshole shows up. The letter violet wrote for him just hit me like a ton of bricks.

>Luculia will never look at you like that.

Why even live?

did they fuck?

Indeed, As a feet fetishist I'm truly glad

Went out as in deliver the worst direction in the show so far? The only semi-decent part was the ending of the episode.

Is it normal to want to protect Violet?

Yamada would be proud.

Wew lad, how do we stop this studio?

You can't. Literally every studio that tried to stop them has been buried.

>Ishidate & Takemoto
who the hell are they?

>that terrible quality
Fucking hell mate

This episode was 10/10

Why was Benedict wearing women's boots?
I'm going to post this every time I see it now.


Maybe her legs hurt?

From what?


i'm Serious,who the hell are they?

it's just me or china really,really love drama?i bet they watch K-Drama show everyday

The director and the storyboard/episode director , user.

I love episode titles that are characters' names

reminder that violet wants to know what is love


this show sucks

No u.

Violet BTFO
How will she ever recover?

but they have male names,why are they working at kyoani then?

Asians love their drama just like those latinos

Most of the top brass is male, though it may change 5-10 years later.

What were Kumiko, Aoi, and Yuuko-senpai doing there?

Shilling for the Blue Bird movie cause the real PV can't make it in time

Looking for Taki-sensei.

Oh fuck you Kyoani, How did I not notice this.
I was too busy looking at the princess.

Where the hell are the ads for that movie anyway?

oh btw
>anti-peace group
soon bby,soon.


Where's that Seinfeld mashup for this scene. I haven't seen that in a while.

After VEG. Why would you want it take the spotlight?

What a cute seiyuu.

I liked it. I like that they have Violet getting over Gilbert's death before he shows up again. The way the novel handle this was really stupid.

KyoAni gets the cutest seiyuus

Yamada gets what she wants.

If this movie sounds indie, Yamada wills it.

I mean, VEG finishes airing just a couple of days before that movie comes out. They need to advertise that shit.

still a month at least.

Maybe next week then. We still got a month. Seeing as there is footage already, it won't be too long till they get it out on their youtube channel.

My point is that those ads and PV should've been out for a while now.
You can't shill a movie in less than a month.

It's still within a month. Also this movie is still part of Hibike Euphonium so I don't think they're going to expend much into it like Koe no Katachi.

Anyone here know the song played at the end of the episode?

Does this say they can't show something because it's airing on tv?

Nah, it just says to back off from your TV and watch stuff in well lit rooms.

He wear the same heels she wear, this is ridiculous. I would have avoided this shot desu.


At one point I thought she was calling him gay or something, but then I remembered him hitting on the girls.

I remember a couple weeks ago people were complaining about how the episodic story arcs weren't really contributing to the overall plot.

Not so much the case now.

>protecting a smile that never happens

I still don't understand the relationship between Benedict and Cattleya. I get they act like tsundere, but I don't understand if Cattleya is supposed to like Claudia or Benedict or both.

I have a number of things I didn't like about this episode, but I think the biggest is that we saw again Luculia's brother and again Kyoani missed all the potential conversation between two veterans that came out with different ideas from the war.

Veteran talk is being saved for Edward, assuming he'll show up.

He was named this episode. So he will show up.

He wasn't, they just mentioned the resistance. Yeah one of their goals is to free him but still, no name.

So why does he wear those again?

He wish he was taller, I guess. The real question is why he wears those pants.

So he can be taller than his gf, Cattleya.

She can't be his gf, he evidently can't handle her sex banter.

HS release when?


Violet says enough is fucking enough.


Keep getting I/O errors for this torrent

>480p has bigger filesize than 720p
Netflix please.


I feel like half of episode 7 and episode 6 were fucking fillers.

The only good parts in those episodes where the times Violet had survivor guilt and thought about if she deserved to work as a AMD. Orphan and dead daughter parts were not very enjoyable.

>I cried
I still can't tell whether these sorts of posts are ironic or not. Are you depressed or something? Why would anyone start crying over something so hackneyed? Do you also choke up on tears every time you hear some sad music while shopping in the mall? This is so baffling.

The only time this show has made me cry was with the author, but that's because my brother died when he was 8 of cancer.

I can't read cursive, is this English or their made up language?

I think most people have lost or know someone who has lost someone else to cancer, the premise for episode 7 was a cheap shot to be honest, it wasn't even developed, the conflict ended just as fast as it was presented but because it's something most can relate to they can make such a weak script.

tough guy user coming through

> because my brother died when he was 8 of cancer.
Ok, I can somewhat understand that. Somewhat.
But every episode there are people here who claim they bawled their eyes out. Is this show a magnet for emotionally incontinent histrionics/bipolar/depressed people?

Not even the dumpster fire that was Angel Beats was so on the nose with its contrived "drama".

What would be non-contrived drama?

The problem with this show isn't the scripts, which are very bland, but the overall premise is pretty damn contrived. I honestly didn't know about the LN just saw the Kyoani hype/webms and checked it out.

Not sure when I figured out Violet was human, but it was a lot more interesting when I thought she was some robot. Made more sense, too. I get she's an orphan in some sort of made up fantasy past, but why are they treated like literal possessions where they're kept in crates and shit

I also want to know this. The only time I cried was when Christopher Robin was missing when I was 5 or something. I cant believe there are so many manbabies who cry watching mexican melodrama like this

Will they ever learn?

>but why are they treated like literal possessions where they're kept in crates and shit

I'm a pathetic mentally unstable loser who cries at just about anything, but like I said only that one episode did anything for me, and it was obviously a cheap shot.

It feels too blatantly manipulative with its storytelling, and it's just not original in the slightest. You know she's going to find out he's dead, you know she's going to be okay with the power of friendship, and you know the guy is still alive because there's no proof of his death. It's just a paint by numbers experience with the only thing keeping it 'original' is its Kyoani artwork which has really run its course for me at this point

Nothing is original anymore, if that's your reason for not liking something you should just stop consuming any sort of entertainment at all.

I don't know why, but as I have gotten older and I constantly remember that one day the phone rings and i will be told my dad or my mom died, I have been very easily brought to tears whenever there is very sad music and the feelings of loss are evoked.
I would never cry with someone else there, but when I am alone, it is very hard for me to hold back tears.

Drama that develops in a natural way from the characterisation of its participants. If you can put yourself in a character's shoes even if you have not went through what they're shown to have went through, that's good drama. Here on the other hand, the characters seem to be going through the motions and the dramatic development is phoney and theatrical in a bad way. It's overly reliant on cheesy music, making characters say something sad or making them cry or have sad expressions, or cheesy montages.

A good drama can pull at your heart strings even if no character is crying on screen and the soundtrack is entirely silent. VEG is not at all like this. This is the most hackneyed soap opera imaginable.

Originality doesn't have to be completely new. You could tell this story in a less obvious way, but it's just shallow and over produced to make up for its below average characters and story.

I have cried at plenty of stories myself. Being tough has nothing to do with it.

What's not natural about the way VEG drama is being presented, and what parts of it have not developed through the characters?

The Akari who Leapt Through Time made me cry more than anything in this show

this felt like a final episode

What would be a less obvious way?

Everything. All the side characters in VEG are flat and the dramatic peak every time has relied on cheesing it up.

Provide examples.