No Game No Life: Zero

Did he just propose to a robot?
Are you doing the Chobits thing again?
Also, robots don't cry, what the hell?

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She's not a robot though.

Of course.

cute butt

I want to make love to my wife/NBR sister, Shiro.

Is there a reason why they swap their hair colors?

To die in another life

Someone please dump your Shiro screenshots thanks

chobits was about moving out of home for the first time

>not a robot
Does not compute



Still waiting on competent subs

More like robutt

> name is Jibril (جبريل)
> the Arabic name of archangel Gabriel, who gave Muhammad the Qur'an
> Catholic crosses in the eyes
Japs still don't know shit about the outside world, do they?

who could win against Jibril?

The main characters, duh.

Jibril is the best

It's all the same god, dude.

But not the same religion.
The crucifix symbolizes the special status of Jesus as the son of God, which is denied by Muslims.

she is a magical robot built by a god
dont try to look into it that much

Probably better to avoid it. If it's anything like Noragami, they used a prayer song as background music and some sand nigger got butt hurt. So they removed it for the release and ost.

Man I wanna rewatch because the BD looks really good but I heard the subs are terrible. It actually sucks how hard it is to get good subs for movies these days lads.

> they used a prayer song as background music and some sand nigger got butt hurt. So they removed it for the release and ost.
Wait a minute, since when do nips care about sand niggers and their opinion?

I'm waiting for better subs to come out so I can rewatch it

Why not watch it raw?


either way they removed it and issued an apology. But since nobody gets mad about crosses, put them shits everywhere. no prob.

Jibril a shit.

People who get mad at crosses hate math because that can't do addition.

That cannot be true.

either you don't understand and need subs or understand and don't need subs. you can also understand partially, so you know when subs are wrong.
i see no problem here.

I know. How can a lowly human trash propose to ex-machina, a race higher than human.

>Every robot is built the same way
This is how you sound OP. Especially considering that they are magic robots.

You don't see the problem with needing translations and those translations being inaccurate? You don't care about the misunderstandings that would cause and everything else?

thinking like that is why you lose the game

>who gave Muhammad the Qur'an

Well, more accurately "through whom Allah revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad", but that's just details.

I don't see the issue, sure the name is from Islam but that's it. It doesn't mean that the character is muslim or anything.

>Also, robots don't cry,
We have a whole BOARD for crying robots.

Any dipshit could go from "gabriel" to "gib ril" without knowing the sandkips did the same thing.

I just pointed out the typical half-assedness of referencing Abrahamic religions in anime.
If you want to make it KOOL and foreign, do it properly. It's not that fucking hard.

The writer is a brazilian.
>While the name Jibril has been noted to be an Arabic reading of Gabriel, the author stated that Jibril was not related to the figure.

A Brazilian jap, what difference does it make? He was raised in Japan anyway.

>A Brazilian jap,
A brazap?
A brap?


And how is it not proper? The only reference is the cross in her eyes while the name is just an inspiration. Also where is the issue in referencing/being inspired by different cultures to create a fictional character?
Fiction would get stale really fast if every characters had to perfectly mirror any culture they referenced/were inspired by.

Horou a cute

That's a thot bruh.

Jibril is inspired by two contradictory cultures, that have been at war for centuries.
But yeah, I don't think the Japs care about any of that, you're probably right.

I know right, she is just a tool, you can grab her and do whatever you want with her anyway.

>Also, robots don't cry, what the hell?
There are baby dolls on the market today that can cry, either by playing a sound file, ejecting fluid from tear ducts, or both. Those dolls are, by a loose enough definition, robots.
Therefore, you are wrong.

> robots don't cry
Alot of robots cry in anime. You must be new.

Those robots are usually special in some way, designed to be more like humans.
Full metal Shiro was a regular information collector.

You are making up issues dude. Two cultures being at war with each other doesn't make it not okay to create a character that reference them both. There are literally real people that have muslim names but celebrate Christmas.

>brazilian writer
>japanese anime

Shut up steph.

God I want to bully steph

Can't she just jerk him off or something?

He would still be a virgin.

He should've gotten a blowjob at least.

>Also, robots don't cry, what the hell?
You should read Pluto

That's like shoving your dick into a meat grinder.

Doesn't count.

Because that's not a robot, that's Shiro. Of course, that's not the real Shiro because that would break canon, so they made a notShiro for people to fap to. Which is what this movie is all about. None of the outthinking outsmarting the opponents within interesting game rules that made the series interesting. It was just an entire movie dedicated to cater to Shirofags. The fact that many said this movie was great, tells you much about the NGNL fandom.

> "procreation shall occur"
> can't reproduce
> doesn't even have a hole
She wouldn't have used the word "procreation" if she didn't know the definition.
Which means she just made a logical mistake and/or set a task impossible to complete.
No wonder she was kicked out, she's a walking malfunction.

The Important Question is Why She Can Cry but Can't have Sex??? What logic did they think when they design Ex Machinas????

>Because that's not a robot, that's Shiro. Of course, that's not the real Shiro

>None of the outthinking outsmarting the opponents within interesting game rules that made the series interesting
>all out war isn't an interesting game
shit taste

she broke the last surviving ex machinas for 6000 years

Would have been better if they made the two totally different from Sora and Shiro.

That would defeat the purpose of the movie.

no it wouldn't lol


Question of the day, who stole the idea from whom.

Ex-Machina are a race even if their base is machine, and even work as a whole conscious with shadows of ego, ShuVi´s model doesnt even matter as its just like a fulltime work suited for her

They don't. Until the shitstorm starts.

i was wondering about this too

I thought of something.
What if Tet created (temporary) copies of Riku and Schwi to play for him as one of Sora and Shiro's final challenges?