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Spoilers in 5 minutes.

Just to confirm those were fake for people who didn't see this.

>Sanji is not kin-

Post favorite color spreads.

LuSan is the superior ship

Also fuck off with your luna bait

Why did you posted the user making the post, and not at least amplify the image?

Wouldn't that be a LuSa bait user?

I posted the wrong image, sorry.

But... Have you guys considered...
Carrot x Sanji


guys spoilers are out

Luffy is Hokage

Reminder that Sup Forums is full of shipfags but only when its a SaNa chapter do they say "there is no romance in OP"

>people generally hate the ship that brought shipping to op threads and ruined it
wow that's so surprising user

This should be in yaoi thread. wtf is with all this faggatory

>No option for Nami x Vivi


>Doesn't even deny the hypocrisy

>LuNafags are cry babies and don't know how to lose
Not surprising at all

What are they saying in that pic?

Ah yes. Your general defensive move. Keep crying about your ship user.

This. Notice how this past week there was 0 "let's not talk about shipping post"?
If this chapter is good for SaNa just watch and see every other post will be "haha let's not talk about shipping guises"

See that orange between Robin and Sanji? In old Japanese folklore having a blooming orange in between a man and woman in a painting meant they had an eternal love. Look it up.

>people dislike sana
Give me one reason not to.

Robin is not in love with Sanji. Pudding kissed Sanji.

Gee, maybe because you fucks are several times more obnoxious than the rest combined, ever thought of that?

Its not about "liking" something. Its about being hypocrites. I dont care about whether you like it or not.

Is not LuNa.

This is great banter Sanafag. Please post more.

Fucking niggerstream with their embellishments

Never said "make fun of". Can you read? See

>No SmokerHina option


The only reason I use Niggerstream caps is because they're the first link that pops up on Google

Smoker and Hina is canon so it isn't a ship.
That's why Sanji and Robin aren't on there eithet

How did Chopper get so fat growing up?

>that OP
Delete this thread

I mean, honestly. I don't want to be called a lunafag here but can I blame others for disliking you? The one or two Sanafag since or from zou ruined your images. Constant sana posting nobody liked or wanted ruined your image and appeal so much that posting sana is usually disliked here.

Rather than minimizing your sana posts you all posted more and started to flame the luna shippers eventually causing sana vs luna arguments in every thread. Which made more people dislike you. If you all posted less now im sure the others would do the same.

This is just my opinion on the matter. Not speaking against any particular ship here.

Real spoilers

Chapter title - The Great Escape!
Chapter cover - Hajrudin and Kashi standing next to each other

Pekoms says they can use brulee's powers to create clones of luffy in order to cause confusion as big mom's top fighters are outside waiting for him

Capone reaches fluffy island, he proceeds to catapult the cake onto the island, we see a glimpse of big mom going after the cake at this point she resembles skeleton.

Capone's crew start to celebrate, but capone says there's still one thing they have to do to help their friends

Sanji is confused because his instincts tell him theres no way he could have made it here all by himself, he picks his cigarette up and takes a puff he uses his observation haki to see the future in the smoke cloud and a huge smile appears on his face

Big mom's family start laughing as they think katukuri took care of luffy and they had no reason to worry, they all start laughing then dozens of people start passing out randomly as for a second time clones of luffy start jumping out the mirror, chapter ends with a mouth shot of oven saying he will end this once and for all

no chapter next week

Believe me when I say it's only 2 or 3 idiots all being shitheads with each other trying to make shippers look bad
I ship SaNa and I fucking hate these people

So did Sanji lose his memory or something? Im confused on the Sanji part.

All that effort for just that little segment of shitpost.
Thats not how Puddings power works you have to add new memories over the parts you erase.

>people here dislike SaNa
Speaking for myself here.
Good let them hate. Just another person I'll be laughing at and every smug post I make is directed to you

I get why others might dislike Sana or even be annoyed with it. That is not the point of my post. Nothing anyone says can change that fact because I am right. Its hypocrisy no matter how you say it. I am also a Sana shipper who doesn't spam so you point doesnt apply to me.

Its also clear to me that the luna thing has always been a joke. People are too serious about this shit.

>i'm going to pull shit out of my ass and tell you it's a a 10 star world wide winning meal

please put in more effort user

>Sanji seeing the future

翻译 BY 海贼王 情报 发布

扉页: 介绍 海尔丁 的 伙伴 们
娜 美 等 人为 终于 走到 了 这 一步 而 欢喜 雀跃, 甚 平 却说: 「你们 好好 看看 可可 岛 的 样子」
看着 岛上 比想象 更多 更多 的 军队, 布鲁克 惊呆 了, 说道: 「我们 现在 过去, 等 于是 把头 送给 他们 去砍 啊」
布鲁克 随后 想起 了 他 在 蛋糕 岛城 堡内 和 佩德洛 立下 的 誓约 (本篇 中 没 画 过 的 情节), 补充 道: 「我们 必须 活着 回去. 为了 引领 世界 走向 黎明」, 给 众人 打气.
一 行人 决定 在 路 飞 和 香 吉 回来 前 前, 就 在 这 片 海上 和 斯慕吉 的 舰队 战斗.
贝克慕斯 问 路 飞: 「为什么 你 离开 镜 世界 去 其他 岛 时, 没有 直接 逃跑, 避开 卡塔 库 栗?」
路 飞 还没 来得及 回答, 就 精疲力尽 地 倒下 了.
贝克慕斯 很 慌张, 不知 该 如何是好. 就 在 这时, 布蕾 一不小心 说 漏 了 嘴, 泄露 了 作战 计划.
贝克慕斯 决定 赌 上 自己 的 海贼 人生, 豪赌 一把.
香 吉 问 布琳: 「在 这 最后 的 时刻, 这么做 真的 好吗? 如果 有 什么 万一 的 话, 你 就会 ......」
布琳: 「相信 我 吧」
布琳 乘着 飞毯 来到 欧文 等 人 面前. 欧文 提醒 众人: 「不要 松懈, 尤其 是 这 几 秒钟」, 然后 开始 倒计时. 就 在 这时, 杰尔马 兄弟 解除 伪装, 出现 在 众人 面前.原来, 可可 岛上 聚集 的 战斗 人员 中, 有几人 是 杰尔马 的 人 伪装 的.
杰尔马 兄弟 们 的 特写 (看 不到 伽 治 的 身影). 伊 治 说: 「救人 这种 事, 干完 这次 就 再也 不干 了!」 尼 治 表示 同意.

>Capone's crew start to celebrate, but capone says there's still one thing they have to do to help their friends

Real Real spoilers

Chapter 6969 - Made you look


You’re gay btw

End chapter - no break next week

nothing fucking happens

Fake for sure

TItle: Pekoms' Cacao Island Escape Plan

Cover: A bearded giant member of Hajrudin's crew is shown.

The Big Mom pirates are waiting, and so is Sanji. The sunny has arrived just outside of Cacao. In the Mirro-World, Pekoms is running with Luffy and Brulee in his arms. They get to the mirror, and go through. They come out, and Pekoms' sunglasses fly off as he comes out of the mirror. He realizes the full moon is out and begins to turn into his Sulong form. Oven attacks Pekoms. Luffy comes flying out of his arms. The Big Mom pirates begin to attack Luffy, and Luffy kicks Raisin in the face. Then, Sanji grabs Luffy in mid-air and begins to sky walk with him away. Before they get too far, Yuen knocks them out of the air. Luffy and Sanji are on the ground, when Germa arrives. Germa blows up the Big Mom pirate fleet surrounding Cacao. Their fleet is shown, and Ichiji, Niji, Reiju, and Yonji come to land to assist Luffy and Sanji.

No break next week

source: how much do you trust me?

>how much do you trust me?
Oh shit guys, its REAL!!!

google translate is funny.

Published information translated BY Piece

title page: Introduction Kheireddine partners
Nami and other man has finally come to this point and rejoice, even Ping said: "You look like a good look at Cocoa Island"
looked at the island more than you think More troops, Brooke was stunned, and said: "We are now past, and it's equal to giving them their heads to cut."
Brooke then remembered his vows in Cake Island Castle and Pedro (not in this article). The plots that were drawn) added: "We must go back to life. To lead the world towards the dawn," and cheer for the crowd. The
group decided to fight the Smudhje's fleet before Luffy and Xiang Ji returned. .
Baker mousse asked Luffy: "? Why did you leave the mirror world go to other islands, there is no direct flight to avoid Cartagena library chestnut"
Luffy could answer, they fell exhausted, .
Baker mousse very scared, I do not know what to do. at this point, Breeze accidentally slip of the tongue, he leaked war plan.
Baker mousse decided to bet on their own pirate life, gamble.
0 58:
Shanji asked Brin: "At this last moment, Is it really okay to do this? If there is any
chance , you will... " Bryan: "Trust me,"
Brin came to Irving and others with a flying carpet. Irving reminded everyone: "Don't let go, especially for a few seconds." Then it starts counting down. At this point, the Jermas disarmed and appeared before the crowd. It turns out that among the fighters gathered on Cocoa Island, there were several people who were disguised by the people of Djema.
The close-up of the Jermus brothers (we couldn't see Gay figure). Yi Zhi said: "Saving people This kind of thing will never be done after this time!" Nizi agreed.

I can't make out shit from this.

Nothing happens. Oda is a fucking hack!

that's why its funny.

>Xiang Ji
>Baker Mousse
>Yi Zhi

bitch what the fuck

Who said it can't work like that? She gave Reiju fake memories because she couldn't just leave her gunshot wound unexplained.

Is "Irving" supposed to be Pudding? Holy kek.

>Xiang Ji
>Baker mousse
>Bryan: "Trust me,"
>the people of Djema
>the Jermus brothers (we couldn't see Gay figure).
>Yi Zhi
I'm fucking crying laughing

we couldnt see gay figure LOL

KoL likes sana.

Pudding is Brin/Bryan. Not sure who Irving is, probaby Oven.

>Pudding is Bryan

Then who the fuck is "Ping"?

The only reason Sana is being despised around here because the Lunafags who were enjoying posting before Zou got aggravated by it.

A ship war will never happen if one side doesn't get mad at another side's emergence. There was lunaposting before Zou but nobody got mad at it or anything. Only when Sana gained prominence did shipping somehow became bad.

The gay figure


He's a qt

He'll make a man out of you user

>Then who the fuck is "Ping"?

>You must fuck me first before you can get your cigars, Sanji!

Funny how shit translations can completely change a name.

>Pekoms is running
Eugh, Run Piece again? Hack!
Also why is Snack so useless he doesn't even get mentioned?


Based Yuen.

Pudding confirmed flat earther

Why does Nami get to show off sexy, lickable boots but Robin doesn't? This is a travesty!

>"Sanji asked Pudding "At this last moment, is it really okay to do this? If there's any chance, you'll...""
>"Pudding: "Trust me,""
>"Pudding came to Oven and the others with a flying carpet. Oven reminded everyonel "Don't let down your guards, even for a few seconds." Then it starts counting down."
I feel like Pudding's going to do something with the cigarette, like light something on fire with it, or use it in some way. I don't think they kissed anymore.

>see's my picture being used by someone on Sup Forums
i love you user

Nami is a whore, Robin is not.

Because Robin's slut years are long gone.

>I don't think they kissed anymore.

But sexy boots are Robin's thing.
I don't see a baby bump on her though.

Its probably fake user

Sweet Xusasu Busasu, I'm feeling the pain of victory

>lickable boots

She will set the oven on fire.

Can you honestly call yourself a heterosexual man if you see a woman in boots like those and don't want to get down on all fours and lick them?

She will defeat Irving

I just really want Oven and Perospero get BTFO. Is that too much to ask?

Love you too

>I don't see a baby bump
because Croc doesn't have a functioning penis

i hope the Irving and Bryan spoilers become a meme from this point

the shit is fucking hilarious

Then how does he stay so chill all the time?

>eternal shipping autism

Kindly kill yourselves out of Sup Forums

New nakama Irving and Bryan

I know I'm using the names from now on. All of them. Germa is forever known as Djerma and the Vinsmokes are now the Jermus brothers
Reiju is now the Gay figure