ITT: Losers

ITT: Losers

That pic has me going from laughing hysterically at worst girls to being furious because of best girls


Has a blue haired girl ever won a harem?

Sayaka is the best girl

Aqua isn't a loser though


Lovable losers, OP.


Lovable losers.

Add me to the collage.

But the guy they don't get is always a faggot so who really lost?


Hating Rem is "Am I Fitting In Yet?": The Opinion and hating Aqua is just plain shit taste. Here's the real image.

You can't lose if you don't play.

She needed a friend who could support her. She could avoid becoming a witch.

Top left. I forgot who she is.

She needed friends? She had Madoka and Kyoko trying to save her. Even homura, who had nothing to do with her tried to save her and warn her about the dangers. She's an ungrateful baka

>tell Papi that you won't be her lover
>she gets heartbroken
>20 minutes later she forgets and you have to do it over again
>weeks of crushing Papi's spirit over and over

Ami was never in the running, she said herself
It all went according to her plan

Blue haired girls win sometimes then die horribly in a car accident.

>blue haired losers
You forgot Rei

what is Megadere
what is Full Metal Panic
what is Kanon shut up, anime only fags!

Kanna is very cute. But she didn't win the user atsu bowl.

Does this still enrages Sup Forums?

Remove Hijiri as well.
I don't get why she was added in the first place.

How can aqua-sama be a loser when she isn't even aiming for the MC-bowl

This, calling Aqua a loser is the epitome of shit taste.

But rem won you dumbfuck

Everyone will win in the end you dumbass

Your wet dreams arent canon retard just like rems two kids and their shitty little house

Poor Reisen

>Shitmilia fags are this delusional



Bitch please.


>Loses the Subarubowl
>Literally a loser
>Gets on the pic because of it
Insecure Remfags.

You're right about Aqua, though.

Wait, didn't she win the Redb Owl?
Anyways, violin guy was a faggot all along.


Notice how most of these girls also have short hair

How did Sayaka lose?
Literally won best girl in the series.

ITT: Girls who didn't win simply because they weren't the main girls in their shitty-ass shows



Do you have a self-portrait?

Rei is Shinji's favorite, though.

>she isnt part of the harem

she is Kazuma bro, no a live interest, please remove.