Shingeki No Kyojin

Full chapter out. Is Jean kill or will Armin save his stupid ass for the 4th time?

still not confirmed dead yet

Jean will live with the eternal regret that Armin saved him 3 times but he couldn't even save him once.

Reminder Jean stopped Annie from killing Armin first in the FT arc.

Armin's in the harbor anyways.

What a time to be alive

I love Pieck.

good taste

Annie wasn't going to kill him in the first place cause Armin said she was nice or some shit. But she was sure ready to make Jean into horsemince.

>people were saying THIS was best girl last chapter

It still is

>that perfect shot

And they were right.

I posted this already but the thread was almost dead

do you guys think it's possible that manlet was actually cutting Zeke out of the titan without killing him?

if not, was Zeke's motivation for whatever it was that he did just to get revenge on Levi?

How many kids do they have?

No he didn't. Annie had no intention of killing Armin. Armin saved Jean's ass.

It's been said multiple times. He cut to extract like he would for Eren. The explosives are a distraction. Zeke is with the SL. Which means to some extent Eren is working with the SL.

Why does the Survey Corps never lose?

>runs at you

Literally everyone in this chapter jobbed except for Sasha, Armin, and Connie.

bad writing

>leaving Sasha's poor dad saddled with two more tiny idiots

None at the moment
They must first return to Paradis and organize a wedding

>has no idea what's going on around him

Porco really is great

>either one of these two die any way other than of old age after they've had a happy married life surrounded by family and their children

I will lose my shit.

I would be a little surprised though, cause the cut looks pretty horizontal and he also looks like he's about to jump in the other panel I posted

I doubt anyone has kids even if any ship has sailed in the timeskip, they have to be ready to fight

And it's been said multiple times that that idea is retarded. There is no reason to fight the SL if he was on their side, it's completely pointless to do that just for pretend. If he was on their side then he'd have just fought on their side in the battle. Fighting them just so at the end of the battle he can look at the other warriors, go "psyche ;)" and walk off with the SL when it's over is fucking stupid and terrible writing for the sake of a twist.

That would be the biggest tragedy in all of SNK. Unfortunately it's not looking too good for Sasha.

they could leave them with Connie's mom

I'm guessing it's a combination of them just having more guerrilla warfare experience which is making this inner-city skirmish more in their favor(particularly with their 3DM gear) and likely they were able to gather a lot more info on Marley than Marley ever could on Paradis.

It IS weird though that there doesn't seem to be any proper defense in place though for the 3DM gear. I'd think buckshot would do wonders here, but maybe it's not invented yet?

I know user

>Gabi the little shit kills Sasha

Introduce this bitch to Zackley.

Connie's mom isn't the FT user.

Guerrilla warfare still leaves you with tons of casualties, what the SL did here is just forced writing.

she a lil thicc

I wasn't thinking that, it was just a lame joke

the battle isn't over yet, only Zeke is down for sure (or not) and I'm honestly betting Pieck will pull a Reiner

They've lost a few, but yeah so far no major players being lost is pretty bad. Then again having anyone get swatted out of the sky right after a time skip would likely be seen in poor tastes.
I feel we'll see a death next chapter, or at least more development of marley actually doing something besides getting raped.

after this chapter I started doubting the theory of Sasha being set up to die, it looks to me more like Gabi is witnessing a sequence of bad impressions of her enemies and that was one of them


But why though? Gabi already believes that Walldians are evil. If anything Falco should be in her place since he doubts the Marley propaganda.

Either way Sasha and Connie aren't allowed to die

so that her Eren training will be complete

>Gabi is neo-Eren

I can see it but the problem is Eren didn't start out hating titans like Gabi hates Walldians. He started out with a need to see the world. Gabi doesn't have that bigger dream like Eren did.

Because if they lose they all die and the story is over.

I hope this is like Bleach's last arc in the sense that it started with a full out confrontation, then retreated again, and then went into the last fight.

I hope it is not like it in the sense of dragging like hell in the middle point of the arc after a fantastic start, and after wasting so much time in the middle having to rush the final part of the arc because they needed the slot in SJ for a new manga...

they don't have to be exactly alike, it's just for a sense of perspective, and maybe cruel irony

Didn't the final arcs last YEARS and the Jump was like "ok no you're fired you have 2 chapters"

Eren did start out with a shitload of hate in his heart, though. He was going around brutally killing people by the age of 8.

>standing here
>i realize
>you were just like me
>trying to make history

>That would be the biggest tragedy in all of SNK
Not at all. Kenny's death would have far more impact.

I'd agree that scene was emotional, but Kenny was kindof a dick, I didn't feel that bad for him

Sasha or Connie dying would be infinitely sadder than Kenny's death. Yea it was sad but he was kind of a cunt.

He BANG BANG'd his way into our hearts you heathen

Nobody would care.


If Zeke’s deemed a traitor then he loses all support he has with Marley and the Marley Eldians. He wants to save the Marley Eldians and the only way to do that is by siding with Paradis.

That's just rude.

How would have been the manga if it had started with the attack on liberio, with the new warriors as protagonists (and gabi as MC) ?

why are you doing this? it isn't even funny. are you hoping to convert more people into mikasafags?


Yeah it lasted super long but I still think it was more Kubo's fault than Jump because he really dragged it in the middle, then Jump was like ok this is enough, wrap it up in 5 chapters.

I feel the whole arc could've been covered in 3/4ths of the chapters it really took (almost literally 200 for a single arc?!), and with a more detailed ending, not just 5 chapters.

The start of the arc was really good and it took only 40 weekly chapters, where lots of fighting took place, but also good placed exposition, plot advancing, even character stuff. Then it dragged for 100+ (wtf!!) doing almost nothing or going in circles over the already exposed information or having super dragged up battles (8+ chapters per occurrence, mostly of "I have outdone you" "no I have outdone you" "no I have outdone you again"), then started to pace up a bit (but not enough) for the last 40 chapters until he got the axe to cut it in 5 chapters.

Compare to Isayama, the average arc length seems to be 20 monthly chapters (at least for the last 3 arcs I think), which is almost like 80 weekly chapters, and a LOT of shit happens.

How do you endup in a situation where you have to rush the ending of a 200 weekly chapter arc?! And its not "its a very wide ensemble cast" or whatever. That didn't stop many from getting exposition and being useful in the first 40 chapters, the middle 100+ could have been done in 50 or less.

>manga starts with carnage in liberio and loops back to shiganshina

I'd still read a loop after this.

Sasha was supposed to be offed much earlier on, right? So her fan favorite armor has probably depleted by now. I like her, I'd hate for her to die, but the stakes are pretty low for the SL currently. Someone other than unnamed cannon fodders gotta go.

lolwut nothing would fucking make sense

>all those unknown / mediocre Bankai's

never forget

It was entirely Kubo's fault. I stopped reading 100 chapters in and picked it up when it ended. He had all the time in the world and chose to use it poorly.

Take Floch.

>So her fan favorite armor
She was never a fan favorite. One of Isayama's editor's just threw a bitch fit.

I'm glad, I will go buy that editor dinner someday

He likely killed himself by now.

Was that the Erwinfag editor who would get into twitter spats?

Clash of the Titans arc
34 (Annie is stoned, wall falls off and reveals titan face) - 51 (Coordinate reveal previously, humanity realizes truth about mindless titans, esp. Connie about his mother).

Politics stuff arc
52 (They start investigating shit) - 69 (Kenny's death and Historia's Crowning)

Shinganshina arc
70 (Zeke waiting at Shinganshina reveal) - 90 (Last chapter before focus turns into Marley's kids)

So on average the past 3 arcs have been 18~20 monthly chapters each.

Though technically the first arc lasted 33 (if you count from start until Annie's defeat, or you count the whole Female Titan kerfuffle as a separate arc).

We are already 13 chapters into the last arc, how much do you think that it remains? I don't see what could possible be any other big confrontation after this current one.

You say already 13 chapters, but that's already over a year, user.
I don't think we'll be getting more than one or two more chapters of fighting. Jean/Pieck/Falco will be resolved in the first page or two, and Reiner will resurface at the end of the chapter. The May issue should end it and tell us where we're going.

Floch called himself cannon fodder in an earlier chapter. So he's either never going to die or his death will be insignificant. The stake here has to be one of the original SL, not newbies.

You can't blame someone for losing his patience with fujos. Also no.

this should be it. probably one more arc after this at the most.

Oh, no, he's dying next chapter most likely. If he haven't be offscreened.

There's no stopping this chain of tragedies

god what a shit story
>hehe im going to kill off this character now even though whenever i kill off people i usually don't develop the surviving characters

Next chapter will be the 6 year annieversary

Is Falco the chain of tragedies?

>next chapter is 104

How come the quality of the scans is so bad? Last month it looked fine
Who smeared wet ink on the scanner?

Floch can’t die. He’s become the controversial voice of reason in the group

Falco looks like a Reiss bastard.

It looks like Jean is finally back to being it aalong with Mikasa.

Falco just wants to help but his actions allowed everything to happen. So yes

Falco looks like tiny Pixis. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me like him a little more before he fucked everything up.

she a thiccy



>tfw Eren is the only person allowed to place his head between her thighs

That's what I'm saying. Also if he dies, it just reinforces the idea that newbies are introduced to die (poor Marlowe) and that the original SL are plot armored. So to reverse that, Floch will survive to the end, and Sasha or Connie will die instead. If Isayama wants to be a dick, maybe both.

Manlet's squad weren't even newbies.

Look at the panel with the close up of his face
Does it look like he has chin hair? I'm not too sure but if so then that means Armin is rope-kun

>no pig nose
>ugly as fuck

He's got his little nose lines and he unironically looks better than he ever has. Probably still under 5'8 though.

The guy who pulled the scoobydoo trap is the one who don't have the nose of a big.

lmao someone colored this and thought the hand was his hair

I didn't read the text of the earlier post, my bad.
It's either Connie or Jean.

>they managed to make the scans worse

Who is the camera man in the snk universe?