Why did Koyomi choose this irredeemable shit to be his girlfriend...

Why did Koyomi choose this irredeemable shit to be his girlfriend? She's a spiteful hateful bitch that only a cuckold could tolerate. Especially in light of all the other girls who are so much better.

Her only ONLY redeeming quality she cut off because the author has some masturbatory fascination with short hair. All these years I still can't finish this show because I became sickened by it.

Good ending theme song though.

well she was grateful for what Araragi did for her, and the only thing that she felt that she can give to him was her love, so she confessed to him.

She's ok.

because koyomi is a fucking pussy and wont fuck his sister

you're right koyomi should drop her and give her to me

i wish she died

>implying he doesn't

Well, plebs like you will never understand true love and beauty.

And her "redeeming quality" comes back, in spades.

you shitgahara is trash

All of the girls in the Monogatari series are great.
I don't see why people should go to such extremes.
Gahara isn't the fluffy, subservient girl you want her to be but there's charm in that too.

What's the matter?
Too beta for her?

no, it's just you only can roleplay an alpha male alongside the trash

Way to not understand her character
Mom gets indoctrinated into a cult so she tries to do her best to convince her mom she doesn’t need the cult which only makes it worse
Almost gets raped because of her mom so she throws away her emotions
Got conned many times for fixes with her weight
So she becomes untrusting and emotionless
When araragi saves her she tries to pay him back so she can ask him out without it seeming like she’s doing it just because he saved her
She is still cold and untrusting until her beef with Kaiki gets solved and from then on she becomes deredere
The only people who hate crab because they think she’s a shitty person are brainlets
monkey a best tho

>monkey a best tho
I don't agree since they're all best but I wholeheartedly support your sentiment.



Shinobu is the end game.

She's still a loser though.

>irredeemable shit
you do know that there are more seasons after bakemonogatari
>Especially in light of all the other girls who are so much better.
You are literally retarded if you think that anyone else is better than her.

>Why did Koyomi choose this irredeemable shit to be his girlfriend?
She asked.


>why didn't the MC choose my waifu?

Because she is one of two girls who actually does anything for him? Snail and crab are the only two girls who have a positive impact on him.

Bat = snail = crab > every other girl. Isn't that common sense?


Because she was the first to make a real move

please don't say anything bad about my wife k thanx

Nothing was greater a crimethan the author cutting bee's hair

The guy really fucking hates long hair

In Weebland, woman cutting her hair indicates some serious life-change.

Which to me, as long hair fan, makes even less sense, in bee's case.

Fuck, its shit like this that makes me feel like I would never be good enough for crab, koyomi is just too perfect for her

because shes the first to confess

What gatari is this? I dropped it but I think I'm going to pick it up again.

Indulging a domestic abuser is pure beta

Owarimonogatari 2.

I noticed this line when readin bake
>Though they're concealed behind the collar of my uniform's jacket, the traces of her deep bite still remain on my neck. I'm hoping that my hair will grow out before it gets hot out

So Thats the reason for Araragis fugly hair in Hana

Because he's retard. Also, Hachikuji best girl.

She's loving and cute.

He looks majestic, you hairlet

>he doesn't know

Isnt it obvious? She is the only one that doesn't care if he fools around with the other girls.

These, he didn't choose her, she chose him.

It showed her full commitment to letting her onii-chan ride her

he only truly loves Kiss shot kiddo

Conman is literally the best character in the whole series and also senjougahara is shit.

Didn't Cat convince him to not kill himself and risked her body to tell him the weakness of one of his opponents?

I'd say she does plenty for him too.

I always thought it was because she managed to help herself.

Sure he's the one who introduced her to Meme to talk her shit out with Crab, but Araragi did absolutely nothing to save her like he likes saving girls. She bowed herself and apologized to Crab herself.

While Bat eats people, Cat is autistic, Monkey is a dyke, Bee and Phoenix are his sisters and etc.

>Cat doesn't exist
Did you even watch the show?

Hitagi+Shinobu > all

>user really believe this


Because of episode 12. You can't fall out of love after that.

Shinobu won the moment Araragi gave his life for her. Senjougahara looks more like a dog because she is allways clinging onto Araragi's dick and he is there just watching her.

Senjougahara even knows that Shinobu is Araragi's treasure and she tries to make their relationship look like a big thing by breaking up with him for stupid reasons while Shinobu and Araragi have no problems at all.

And Senjougahara would look more like a loser than Shinobu because she allways knew that she wasn't Araragi's number one.

The day Senjougahara finally fucks off I'll shitpost on crabfags 24/7.

She's a bland cunt. Hope she gets spat on by Araragi.

Because she was the first girl.
Literally no other reason. Fucking shit writing.

>doesn't want to be a sub
>too beta

I always saw them more as competing.
Why are you guys so insecure about a little banter?

Banter is fine. Nagatoro and Takagi are good banter, even though they go quite far.
Senjougahara is just an egoistical cunt who need to get thrown off her high horse.

I don't see it that way honestly. She seems very loving both to Cat and Ararararagi

I stopped watching after the second season and didn't want any of the movies or specials.

Jesus, his head is fucking enormous in this picture.

Yeah it was a bad pic. Most of my folder is just her so I needed one with 8man

Cat didn't make an outright statement and Araragi is too much of a dumbfuck early in the story to make the connection
He couldn't even tell Senjou was seducing him for the whole first episode of Mayoi Snail

Except Araragi is a massive doormat around her. To the point that it kinda fucks over how interesting she is in the later parts of the series. It's like watching someone try to have a tennis rally with a hedge.

Also he was kinda worshipping Cat. Or at least looking up to her too much. There is more of a balance with Crab.

she isnt like that after nise

>Senjougahara is just an egoistical cunt who need to get thrown off her high horse.
jesus christ really?
She's a vulnerable girl that witnessed her family breakdown, sickness and almost rape. No wonder she's scarred, jaded and puts on a mask. She changes throughout the series.


Crab is one of the weakest girls/people in the show. She is all bark and no bite. She is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, that's why she is a crab. Araragi didn't end up with Hanekawa because he thought he wasn't good enough for her, that she is too strong for him. He had no problems with accepting Senjougahara. She even says so herself at some point she is a scared little girl with a lot of baggage and Araragi is perfect for her because of how patient and tolerable he is for her bullshit. If Araragi wasn't the way he is, full of self doubts and insecure in a lot of ways he would have told her to fuck off a long time ago. Over the course of the series they heal one another and both become better. The only reason she won is because she went for him straight away with no hints, subtext or anything else. Hanekawa wanted Araragi to be a man and take the first step, which would never happen because of how insecure he was at the time, and would probably stay that way without Senjougahara. Senjougahara recognized him as such or was maybe just that desparate for support at the time and went for it. If he wasn't so beta he would have been too strong for her, the same way Hanekawa was too strong for him.

Considering the ending of series via LN, guess you'll be waiting forever.

this bitch is even worse that crab, she literally has shit in her name

Hanekawa didnt know what she wanted, literal basket case despite her idolized demenour.

>didnt know what she wanted
She wanted an escape from her shitty family life, and fell in love with a guy who she thought could save her. Her and Arargi's story is pretty much Twillight or something along those lines, she thought she was living out a fantasy novel. Once her home situation improved and she learned got rejected by Araragi, she strenght that's been hinted at for a long time came to light. She's still a teen but is shown to be capable to play along with specialists with a lot of experience. Araragi always seems swept up in their schemes, Hanekawa seems more or less on an equal playing field. Hanekawa's odity problems began because of her problems and once they were delt, it no longer causd problems, Senjougahara's odity problems began because of her being unable to deal with the aftermarth of the her problems and her lingering regrets which haunted her for years. Senjougahara's strenght is a front and is only present as a defence mechanism when she feels threated in some way, she bluffs her way though the entire series. In a way her strenght comes forth due to being in a rough spot while Hanekawa's strenght isd her default state and her problems suppressed it for a long time. She solves problems and gets shit done, she even found Meme at the end of owari, thus giving everyone a happy ending.

Not really, the I is silent with her last name pronunciation.

So its just shta? that sounds weirdly not Japanese.

you get then point
>that sounds weirdly not Japanese
Why? Just like u in su is sometimes ommited. For example suki being pronounced s'ki.

to me Japanese always seems to add unnecessary vowels. Like an u at the end of a word if they pronounce foreign words for example. And you can't have a consonant except n without a vowel or something

I am completely ignorant though.

>not letting you're waifu have perfectly healthy lesbian sex every once in a while

Just finished Hanamonogatari. Why did they have to go and make Araragi's hair look like shit? I was praying that Kanbaru would cut it at the end, but that didn't happen.

>couldn't view Hanekawa as an equal
>Nadeko wasn't on the table
>Kanbaru was a lesbian
>in the middle of a lovers' spat with Shinobu
>Hachikuji is fucking dead
>wasn't fucking his sister yet
>Hitagi loved him for petty reasons which meshes well with his low self-esteem
>also technically the most normal one
Araragi really didn't have as many options as people think.

Oh shit, I should have read the whole thread

Victory tastes better when it comes late.

>you walk home to your commieblock and see this
wat do

all girls are pretty good. but kanbaru is gooder


Canon answer: because of Araragi's severe Inferiority complex towards Hanekawa,

that's it user


I'd like to introduce you to my religion

where do I sign up

Cat just needed to ask him: "Hey wanna be my boyfriend?" and she would've won the Araragi bowl easily.
If Senjougahara didn't make the first move they would've never become a couple.

Yeah its weird no one told me that during years of following Monogatari threads.

>she would've won the Araragi bowl easily.
Nah. Koyomi holds Cat up on a pedestal. He doesn't think he's good enough for her, and still has this mindset. In Musubi, he didn't even think that she would take time out of her schedule to visit him and thought she sent some clone instead. He has a huge complex towards her.

yeah and that alone could tell you that even if they did happen to date it would be an extremely unhealthy relationship

When did I say it would be a healthy relationship though? I'm not the user you responded to. I do think however that if Koyomi didn't have that complex towards her, that Cat x Koyomi would have been 100% better than Crab x Koyomi.

Cockteasing dykes deserve hell

>watch Bake
>like crab and hate cat
>watch Kizu
>like cat and hate crab now
wtf bros

He hadn't met a lot of the other chicks before he met Gahara. He probably would've ended up with Kanbaru if they met earlier (the two even joke about it in the LN version of Nadeko Snake) and he unironically is a decent fit for Nadeko, pathological lying and all, despite everything that happens later on.

Hachikuji best girl

>he probably would've ended up with a lesbian

Because she confessed to him, and he only started dating her because he thought he could reform her into having a normal life because just getting rid of the crab didn't do that.
Then he came to actually love her.

He's a cuter girl than Kanbaru is by Hana to be fair.

That is just because it is Monkey's POV. Just like how he is a super hero in Cat's POV.