"PlusUltra" Fuji TV Animation Lineup Presentation 2018

Starts in 1hr.

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>Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
Date Arisa and Ito Kento
>Banana Fish
Uchida Yuma and Nojima Ken

Psycho pass 3 when?

So if Banana Fish airs in the summer does that mean Kabaneri S2 has to air in Fall or it's dead? Last I heard the continuation was confirmed for 2018.

Kabaneri S2

Banana Fish is 2 cours so it will take the Fall slot too unless Fuji TV switch back to two shows.


noitaminA needs to stop it with the retarded 11 episode rule bs. From here on out they should just do 12-24 like everyone else.

They just release a mobage so the sequel anime should still be in the plans.


Who is the one on the left?

Hero Academia reference?



10mins to Kabaneri S2: The return of Biba.


So are they going to announce anything actually new or what

That faglord better stay dead.


Just give the news already.

>kabaneri in the new moving logo

Ingress 2018 Oct

Are they making an anime of Ingress?


And mobage? They keep taking about Pokemon Go.

What's the point of just talking? Showing some visuels in a presentation would be less boring.

No Kabaneri this year.

Revisions Jan 2019

>CG anime

>that one character designer

Geez this feels like [C] all over again.

Goro Taniguchi series with WUGfaces.

What's with all this fuckig CGshit

What, you didn't enjoy Inuyashiki?

Director: Gorou Taniguchi
Series Composition: Makoto Fukami, Taichi Hashimoto
Character Designer: Sunao Chikaoka
Studio: Shirogumi, Inc.

Did the whole city got isekai'd or something?

Carol and Tuesday

If it's Taniguchi, I will watch it.

What kind of sauce material is Ingress?

There were in planning stage in 2014.


It's a game similar to pokemon GO.


The end of noitaminA?

is watanabe the director of carol and tuesday ?

Its predecessor, to be more accurate.

General Director: Shinichirou Watanabe
Script: Aya Watanabe
Original Character Designer: Eisaku Kubonouchi
Produced by Bones


They rename the time slot to "+Ultra"?

April 2019


>Aya Watanabe
Is it Watanabe's daughter?

This one just looks like an AU of Terror in Resonance's last episode.

That's a separate timeslot.

Whew there's still a chance for Kabaneri.

>expect the trailer to start either with piano notes or a young girl's monologue
>it does


Good shit I am down for all 3
Carol & Tuesday looks more like OVA than anything tho

It's obvious kabaneri2 happens, it's in their new logo.

>Makoto Fukami
>Psycho Pass + Gakkogurashi
I hope this one's hit and not miss.
>Taichi Hashimoto

>Shinichirou Watanabe
I'm not getting my heart broken again, fuck off.

He is not here in the series, just the WUG character designer.

Shinichirou Watanabe

That's all that matters.

Katsuhiro Otomo is connected to the new anime block.


Give me Psycho Pass 3 motherfuckers.

Banana Fish is 2 cour. Has it mentioned before?


Uchida Sisterfucker Yuma
According to summary, seems it's mecha show.
The whole city not jumped to isekai, they jumped to 300 years later future.

Hopefully not, 2nd season was a disaster

Get the first season's staff on board and it'll be okay.

>Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
OP by sumika
ED by halca.
April 12th

Is this year of the mecha drama? First FranXX and now this.

Based A-1 about to deliver AOTY

>Eisaku Kubonouchi


>putting WUG on your resume

How long has it been since anyone's said "Into the trash is goes" because in this instance I think it's long overdue.

Tldr of what have been announced?
Too lazy to click inside the link.

They are looking for females who can sing in English.

Read the thread.

Original movie?

"Movie". What the fuck? Where are my other series?

/ss/ movie?
August 2018

Kabaneri at last

Director: Hiroyasu Ishida
Script: Makoto Ueda
Music: Umitarō Abe
Original creator: Tomihiko Morimi
Character Design: Yōjirō Arai

Kana Kita as Aoyama
Yuu Aoi as Woman

Holy /ss/ Batman

>kabaneri movie
Araki you faggot

This looks surprisingly high quality

Written by Araki himself. Oh my fucking god. I expect over the top action and goodness.

>that part with the collar


Hero Academia reference?

No Boku no Hero Academia movie news?